K 142 HD
High Definition Headphones
➔On-ear, semi-open design
➔Self-adjusting headband
comfortably conforms to
your head
➔Gimbal-suspended HEADphones settle against ears
without pinching
➔Ultra-soft velvet ear pads
➔High-efficiency output
with wide dynamic range,
perfect for mobile
➔Single-sided, 99.99% oxygenfree cable for pure sound
➔Hard gold-plated contacts
and plug with 3.5 – 6.3mm
Based on the legendary AKG K 141 Studio headphones favored by
many of the world’s best-selling musicians, and featuring many
of the same advanced technologies, the new K 142 HD semi-open
headphones deliver powerful, undistorted sound even at the highest listening levels. Rugged enough for professional environments
and comfortable enough for hours of continuous use, the K 142 HD
features extra-large speakers with Varimotion diaphragms for higher
sensitivity and a wider dynamic range. Chances are, AKG headphones
are how your favorite artists first heard their most famous tracks.
Now it’s your turn.
Key Specifications
➔ System: Dynamic
➔ Design: Semi-open headphones
➔ Color:
➔ Frequency range: 18Hz to 24kHz
➔ Input impedance: 55 Ohms
➔ Net weight (without cable): 225g
➔ Max. input power: 200mW
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