Hewlett Packard Enterprise ProLiant DL385 G7

HP ProLiant DL385 G7 Server
Data sheet
Ideal for virtualisation, the HP ProLiant DL385 G7
Server enables you to deploy more virtual machines
with complete confidence – giving you greater value
for every IT dollar.
Designed with virtualisation in mind, the DL385 G7
server features the latest 12- or 8-core 6100
Series AMD OpteronTM processors and is ideal for
demanding workloads that require high levels of
performance. The DL385 G7 server comes with a
new larger memory footprint and DDR3 Memory
DIMMs, embedded network interface cards
(NIC), internal USB and secure digital (SD) card
reader, plenty of PCI expansion slots and internal
storage, making it well suited for a wide range of
applications and environments.
The DL385 G7 server is expandable and flexible.
Multiple drive cage options provide internal storage
of up to 9.6 TB with 16 small form factor (SFF) drives
or up to 12 TB with six large form factor (LFF) hard
drives, 10 Gigabit NIC support, and a choice of
two out of four PCI riser boards for I/O flexibility.
The Embedded Modular Smart Array Controllers
deliver superior performance with the flexibility to
seamlessly add cache and battery-backed write
cache (BBWC) or flash-backed write cache (FBWC).
As always, you can rely on ProLiant for the best in
industry-standard management, including HP Insight
Control, new HP Integrated Lights‑Out 3 (iLO 3),
and Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support – all
designed to give you the confidence in your business
and the ability to squeeze every bit of productivity
out of your server infrastructure. HP also helps you
achieve power efficiencies within your environment,
using technologies such as HP Power Regulator,
and Insight Control power management with
Dynamic Power Capping. With over 11,000 ProLiant
design and quality tests, you can increase server
productivity for the long haul.
So although the DL385 G7 server is ideal for
virtualisation, its flexibility makes it the right fit
for any business need, from small businesses to
complex dynamic enterprise environments. The
perfect balance of price/performance, flexibility,
expandability, reliability, and energy efficiency,
makes the DL385 G7 server cost-effective.
Key features and benefits
Enhanced performance
The DL385 G7 server now supports high-performing
12- or 8-core AMD Opteron processors with 12 MB L3
cache. The new processor includes AMD Core Select,
a feature that enables IT managers to turn off one
or more software visible cores, helping to fine‑tune
hardware for specific operating conditions and
workloads. As a result, applications can benefit from
increased memory bandwidth and cache per core.
•Up to two (2) AMD OpteronTM 6100 Series 12- or
8-core ‘Magny-Cours’ processors with 12 MB L3
cache enable you to work faster for demanding
scale-out applications
•Two HP NC382i Integrated Dual Port Multifunction
Gigabit Server Adapters (four ports total) free up
PCI slots and support more virtual machines
•24 DIMMs sockets for up to 256 GB of DDR3
Memory delivers a large memory footprint – ideal
for memory‑intensive applications
•Support for up to 16 SFF or six LFF drives gives
your system architecture room to grow
•Up to six PCI slots (PCIe Gen2) with optional
PCI-X, x16, or dual port 10GbE risers provide
I/O flexibility
Virtual perfection
If you are looking for a reliable server platform for
your virtualisation projects, the DL385 G7 server is
designed for you.
•Robust memory and NIC features support virtual
machines and compute-intensive business needs
•HP Insight Control tools allow you to manage both
virtual and physical IT through a single console
•Integrated VMware and XenServer virtualisation
technology and internal USB and SD Card Reader
help you to deploy virtual machines easily and
more securely
Essential management
When you select the DL385 G7 server as the core
of your infrastructure, you are choosing to run
your business with confidence. Bringing to you
comprehensive management capabilities, it can help
you take total control of your infrastructure allowing
you to respond quickly to business needs. Insight
Control featuring iLO 3 helps you reduce downtime
and improve productivity.
•HP Insight Control is essential server management
that allows you to deploy ProLiant servers
quickly, proactively monitor server health and
performance, streamline power confidently and
take complete remote control from anywhere.
•HP Insight Control with Dynamic Power Capping
technology enables you to improve your server
capacity up to 3x by allowing you to fit more
servers into your current power envelope
•Front-accessible Systems Insight Display helps
locate hardware errors quickly and enables walkup system diagnostics – saving administrators’ time
Versatility and availability
The DL385 G7 server is engineered for reliability
and ease of ownership, giving you flexible
deployment options.
•The highly versatile 2U rack design offers flexibility
and easy serviceability
•Choice of four modular configurations – including
high wattage x16, legacy PCI-X, and dual port
10‑GbE riser options – allow you to build your
own I/O
•Expandable storage with support for up to 16 SFF
or six LFF drives enables you to meet your storage
requirements with ease
•For your internal storage needs, you can rely
on any of the modular Smart Array storage
controllers – the P410i comes standard in all
models – and seamless upgradability from zero
memory to 1 GB FBWC.
•The common power slot strategy drives
high‑efficiency solutions to a regular size and
connection – resulting in reduced spares
•Hot-plug redundant power supplies and fans
provide for greater uptime
•The TPM option reduces data security concerns
through its support for data encryption
Energy efficiency
The DL385 G7 server high-efficiency power options
allow you to ‘right-size’ based on your configuration
requirements and save on energy costs. In addition,
you can make use of HP Thermal Logic to take charge
of power and cooling across your data centre.
•Choice of four power supplies (460W AC,
750W AC, 1200W AC, or 1200W DC) gives you
the ability to match your specific workload and
significantly reduce power wastage
•Dynamic Power Capping – an example of Thermal
Logic technology – reallocates power and cooling
resources by dynamically ‘capping’ the power
drawn by servers, helping you reclaim over
provisioned energy
•Power Regulator and Power Meter for ProLiant
deliver integrated power monitoring and
server‑level, policy‑based power management with
energy efficiency and savings on system power
and cooling costs
•Power supply high-efficiency mode enables
power supplies to operate at greater efficiency
under all conditions
Ease of ownership
The DL385 G7 server is easy to own and manage,
with industry-standard tools and components.
•Common ProLiant options and accessories enable
you to better manage your IT and time
•A cable management arm and a quick deploy rail
solution make racking a snap
•Tool-free chassis design enhances reliability and
allows easy accessibility
Ideal environment
Environments of all types and sizes
While the DL385 G7 server is ideal for virtualisation,
it is flexible to support any business need in many
environments – from corporate data centres to
sophisticated small and medium businesses (SMBs).
•With its large internal storage capacity of up
to 12 TB, the DL385 G7 server is well suited for
everything from Web applications to databases
•It can be easily connected to storage networks
and managed from one place – reducing
manageability time
Space-constrained corporate data centres and
service providers
•The DL385 G7 server packs the storage, memory,
and I/O you need into only 2U of rack space
•Availability features such as hot plug redundant
power, advanced ECC memory, and hot plug
redundant fans keep environments up and running
and users productive
Sophisticated SMB locations
•The DL385 G7 server is not just for enterprises.
SMBs with rack environments that can benefit from
remote server management or network backup
should consider the DL385 G7 server
The DL385 G7 server is well-suited for:
•Virtualised environments
•Server-based computing
•Medium scale mail and messaging
•Web and application server
•Small to medium databases
•Terminal services (Citrix)
•File and print
•Data centre utility
•Computer-aided design (CAD), digital content
creation (DCC), and visualisation applications
HP Financial Services
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When technology works, business works
The challenge of virtually every IT organisation is similar – to
develop and maintain an agile, efficient server infrastructure that
delivers the service levels your business needs.
HP Technology Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of
HP Care Pack Services to help design, deploy, manage and
support your IT environment, enabling cost-effective upgrades
to standard warranty with easy-to-buy and easy-to-use
support packages.
Minimum recommended HP Care Pack offerings
• 3-year, same business day, 4-hour response onsite, 24-hour,
7-day coverage, hardware support.
• Hardware installation plus operating system installation
and startup.
Enhanced service level Care Pack offerings
• Three-year Support Plus 24: Integrated 24x7 hardware and
software operating support.
• Proactive Select: Access to HP technical consultants. Purchase
service credits and obtain expertise when needed.
Benefit from HP Care Pack Services that help you
• Reduce deployment time and manage ProLiant server solutions
smoothly and efficiently.
• Increase uptime and performance of server availability to
your business.
• Detect, diagnose and repair problems quickly to save time,
money and resources.
For more information, visit
www.hp.com/services/proliantservices or
HP ProLiant DL385 G7 Server
Technical specifications
Processor type
AMD Opteron™ 6100 Series
Available processors
12-Core Processors
AMD Opteron™ Processor Model 6176SE (2.3 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 105W)
AMD Opteron™ Processor Model 6174 (2.2 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 80W)
AMD Opteron™ Processor Model 6172 (2.1 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 80W)
8-Core Processors
6136 (2.4 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 80W)
6134 (2.3 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 80W)
6128 (2.0 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 80W)
6128HE (2.0 GHz, 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 65W)
Processor core
12- or 8-Core
Cache Memory
12 MB Level 3 Cache
Max Processor Speed
2.4 GHz 8-core; 2.3 12-core
Memory Type
DDR3 Registered and Unbuffered
Standard Memory
4 GB (2 x 2 GB UDIMM) HE; 4 GB (2 x 2 GB RDIMM) Entry; 8 GB (4 x 2 GB RDIMM) Base; 16 GB (8 x 2 GB RDIMM) Performance
Max Memory
256 GB Registered; 64 GB Unbuffered
Advanced Memory Protection
Advanced ECC
Storage Type
Hot plug 2.5-inch SAS/SATA
Hot plug 3.5-inch SAS/SATA
Number of Hard Drives
16 SFF (with optional second drive cage) or 6 LFF (with optional drive cage)
Removable Media Bays
Expansion Slot
Six (6) PCI slots – (PCIe Gen2) optional PCI-X/PCI-Express, x16 PCI, or dual port 10GbE risers
Storage Controller
Embedded Smart Array Controller: P410i/1 GB FBWC (Performance); P410i/256 (Base); P410i (Entry/HE)
Form Factor
Rack Height
Two HP NC382i Integrated Dual Port Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters (four ports total)
Infrastructure Management
HP Insight Control (standard on performance models)
Server Management
HP Insight Control featuring Integrated Lights-Out Advanced
Redundant Power Supply
Redundant standard on performance models, optional on entry and base models
Redundant Fans
Redundant standard
3-year parts/3-year labour/3-year onsite
If you are looking for a reliable server platform for your virtualisation projects, the DL385 G7 server is the ideal choice. To learn how
the HP ProLiant DL385 G7 server helps you deploy more virtual machines with greater confidence and provides value for your money,
visit: www.hp.com/servers/dl385-g7
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