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PUC 2308 80 cm pole
The PUC 2308 is an 80 cm pole and is a part of the modular Connect-it system with which you can create your own
ceiling solution for small- to medium-sized displays.
Max. weight of TV (kg)
PUC 2308 80 cm pole
The PUC 2308 is equipped with a double CIS® cable duct system with which you can quickly and simply ensure
that all cables are concealed. The pole is made of aluminium and, therefore, it can be easily cut at the required
length. The Connect-it poles can be easily customised by the user. By sticking on the plastic cover strip on the
Connect-it pole or by replacing it by your own strip, it can be adjusted to the house style of the interior. Multiple
displays can be installed on top of each other or back-to-back by using the PFI 3040 interface. Combine this pole
with one of the Connect-it ceiling plates (PUC 1011, PUC 1030 or PUC 1040) or the truss adapter (PUC 1050) and
a Connect-it interface (PFI 3010, PFI 3020, PFI 3030 or PFI 3040) for a complete ceiling solution.
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