Microsoft SQL Server Web 2008 R2, Sngl, OLP-NL, 1CPU

Highly Scalable Data Platform for Cost-Effective Web Application Solutions
Designed for web hosting companies and large web
properties, Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Web
delivers a manageable, low monthly cost,
enterprise-class database solution that helps
enable: availability and scalability, low total cost of
ownership and developer productivity
Hosters and large web properties
need a manageable enterpriseclass database solution to
Effective monitoring and
management of web
Maximum server utilization for
low-cost operations
Flexible platform options for
Consistently increasing scaleout needs.
Efficient management of large
groups of servers
Scale your business with virtually no
limits on memory or database size
and support for up to four CPUs.
Help keep your customer data safer
through tools like log shipping.
Help increase overall profit margins
through low monthly licensing costs,
enhanced publishing tools for fast
customer deployment, and
manageability tools for reduced
Scale out with unlimited memory
and database size which helps
hosting companies offer support for
multi-tenancy and customers with
growing data needs.
Scale out with support for up to 4
CPUs to maximize the utilization of
hardware resources.
Help ensure availability by using log
shipping to automatically back up
data on separate server s or keep
multiple read servers online to better
handle large amounts of web traffic.
One-way merge and transactional
replication allows businesses to
utilize the low cost of SQL Server
Web with their core Enterprise
installations for the highest data
Automate tasks and policies
Use Policy-Based Management to
define configuration policies and
apply them to servers, databases,
tables, and other targets. Enforce
these policies proactively, on a
scheduled basis, immediately
following changes, or explicitly in
real time. This simplifies
management tasks to save time
while helping ensure standards and
compliance across your
Use performance data collector to
identify problematic customer
applications and pinpoint causes for
performance degradation – utilize
this information to minimize impact
on the environment or offer support
services to customers and help
realize additional revenue.
Use SQL Agent to reduce the
amount of time spent on
SQL Server 2008 Web Highly Scalable Data Platform for Cost-Effective Web Application Solutions
administrative tasks by scheduling
and executing events like server
Streamlined administration
Use service broker to distribute
applications across your servers to
help balance the load while the
application seamlessly functions as
a whole for easier scale out.
Automate server administration and
application development more easily
through Windows PowerShell,
giving administrators a common
scripting language across Windows,
IIS, and SQL Server to save time.
Built-in Business Intelligence
Utilize basic SQL Server 2008
Reporting Services features to
create unique layout and the new
visualization enhancements further
enrich the reports and gain insights.
Expand your service offering by
delivering SQL Server 2008
developer productivity features like
.NET integration, PHP driver, and
advanced programmability.
Improved productivity
Developers can leverage their skills
through .NET integration support to
quickly write, extend, and publish
programs for the web, saving time
on development.
Use FTS (full text search) for fast
and flexible indexing for keywordbased query of text stored in SQL
Server for enterprise search
Streamline the publishing process
by utilizing database publishing
tools to seamlessly move files from
the desktop to the web.
Advanced programmability
Utilize advanced data types to
support applications that require a
variety of data types like spatial,
date/time, word docs, videos, and
images. This helps enable hosters
meet a variety of customer
application requirements.
Includes support for Language
Integrated Queries (LINQ) allowing
C# and Visual Basic developers to
help facilitate development of datadriven apps by allowing developers
to use native syntax language for
 SQL Server 2008 Web page:
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Platform flexibility
Help increase your service offering
by supporting customers who run
applications in PHP and on
Windows, all backed with your SQL
Server database environment.
Utilize ADO.NET Data Services
support to expose data through web
services using existing tools and
processes. This helps hosters
support customers with mixed
applications like ASP and PHP.
 Visit the PHP Driver Blog:
Based on your specific needs, SQL
Server offers a variety of editions
targeted at supporting hosters and
large web properties. Mix and match
the right editions to help your goals:
Express: Simple, low-end hosting
 Free solution for relatively
simple databases in dedicated
environments. Ideal for
developers to build apps.
Web: Scalability and reliability at a
low cost
 Offer competitive prices with
business-class reliability to
customers on shared servers.
Manageability tools offer
additional TCO benefits.
Enterprise: Offer value-added
 Helps enable advanced
business scenarios such as PCI
compliance and BI solutions.
 Achieve higher utilization and
scale in a multi-tenancy
environment through advanced
features such as Resource
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