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LDAP Scanning Configuration Guides
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LDAP Scanning
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What is LDAP?
LDAP, (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), is an Internet protocol that email and other
programs use to look up information from a server.
When the LDAP server or Active Directory is used for user management, an E-mail address
can be searched or specified via the server.
NOTE To use the LDAP server to specify a destination, you must first register the server IP
address and other settings on the MFD.
How to configure the MFD for LDAP.
How to send email attachments after searching the LDAP server for email recipients.
Configuring basic settings for the LDAP
Configure settings so that you can search for a destination from the LDAP server. In addition,
register your LDAP server; configure settings for connecting to the LDAP and search method.
Log into PSWC as Administrator
Select [Network] - [LDAP Setting]
Set Enabling LDAP to ON
Select [Setting Up LDAP]
Select the [EDIT] button for the first available slot in the list.
Configure the following settings:
[LDAP Server Name]: Register a name for the LDAP server (using up to 32 characters).
Use a name that helps you easily identify the server.
[Server Address]: Input the IP address of the LDAP server.
[Authentication Method]. Select an appropriate authentication method for the LDAP
server (usually NTLM v1 or NTLM v2).
[Search Base]: Specify the starting point to search for a destination (using up to 255
characters). The range from the entered origin point, including the following tree
structure, is searched. Example of entry: "cn=users,dc=example,dc=com"
[Login Name]: Input a log-in name with administrative rights to the LDAP server.
[Password]: Input the password for the Log-in user.
Click on [OK] to save the settings
Basic set up is complete
All other settings can be left at the defaults unless specific configuration settings are
How to send
Load the original(s)
Tap [Scan/Fax]
Tap [Search]
Type in search credentials then tap [Search]
10 All of the names found (based on your search credentials) in the LDAP server will be listed.
Select the names of the people you want to send an email to.
11 Additional scan settings can be selected before initiating the scan
12 Press the Start button to initiate the scan
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