MyLink Consumer Brochure

MyLink Consumer Brochure


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Easy. Universal. Affordable.

What is


The important Benefits of better Speech Understanding through Wireless


A direct wireless link between speaker and hearing impaired listener guarantees an optimum speech understanding, even in the most difficult listening situations. Improved communication in noise is the number one desire of adult, experienced hearing instrument users. A rapidly growing number of hearing impaired adults discovering and enjoying the tremendous benefits of wireless technology.

For them, the SmartLink FM transmitter has revolutionized the wireless era with its advanced features like multifrequency adaptive beamforming and Bluetooth technology for cell phone use. The recently launched EasyLink FM transmitter and the iLink integrated system made wireless communication simple yet effective. MyLink is the next breakthrough. Thanks to MyLink, more people can now enjoy family gatherings, discussions at the dinner table, conversations in noisy places, and watching television.

MyLink is Part of a Wireless System

A wireless system consists of an FM transmitter and an FM receiver. The transmitter picks up the desired sound at the source (1.), sends it wirelessly to the receiver (2.), which relays the signal to the hearing instruments. MyLink is an

FM receiver with neck-loop. It picks up the FM signal and relays it to the hearing instruments through induction. MyLink is small, thin, and has a high tech design.



MyLink is Easy.


Switch on the FM transmitter, 2.

switch on the MyLink, and select T or MT on the hearing instruments.

MyLink is Universal.

MyLink can be used with any hearing instrument that has a T-coil, including custom products.

Just as important: MyLink is compatible with all

Phonak FM transmitters: EasyLink, ZoomLink

SmartLink SX, TelCom, and Campus SX.

MyLink is Affordable.

MyLink offers an outstanding entry-level wireless solution based on proven Phonak FM technology, because one MyLink can serve two hearing instruments.

Key Benefits:

• MyLink offers excellent sound quality

• MyLink is compatible with all hearing instruments with T-coils, including custom products

• MyLink is compatible with all Phonak transmitters

• MyLink has a long battery life and can be charged quickly

• MyLink has a headphone output for listeners with normal hearing

NEW: Phonak FM for

Custom Products!

Digital Synthesizer Multifrequency

FM Receiver inside

• Default frequency programmable

• Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)

• Automatic and Manual Frequency Synchronization

• Soft squelch

• Sleep mode

Acoustic Signals indicate

• Low battery and empty battery

• Volume position

A) Green/Orange Status LED displays operating status

B) Toggle Volume Control

• Allows adjustment to personal volume preferences

• Allows compensation for differences in volume as a result of differences in distance between neck-loop and the T-coils

• Clear tactile feedback

• Cannot be activated accidentally

C) On/off Switch

• The on/off switch allows to switch off MyLink.

For convenience and to save energy, MyLink goes into sleep mode when there is no active FM transmitter present.




Wireless Technology for

Senior Citizens?

In today's world, we are all active and would like to remain so for as long as possible. Even older people are able to use wireless technology successfully, contrary to what we may believe.

A recent American study by the Veterans Administration indicated that elderly hearing instrument users were using their wireless communication system just over 6 hours per day only one year after the initial fitting. The group studied felt less stigmatized when using their wireless system than when using their hearing instruments only, presumably because the wireless system improved their communication and their selfconfidence. The average age in this group was 79 years!

Universal. Easy. Affordable.




Automatic Scan

Phonak's high-end transmitter SmartLink is capable of giving a scan command. Once MyLink receives this command, it starts scanning for different FM transmitters in use.

D) Neck-Loop

• Transmits the signal to the T-coils in the hearing instruments

• Flat and broad response and low internal noise floor for the best achievable sound quality

E) Quick Guide

• This quick reference guide explains the green and orange LED signals

F) Socket for Headphones

• For users with normal hearing, headphones

(with a 2.5 mm stereo jack) can be used

• The neck-loop will no longer transmit the signal when headphones are plugged in

G) Socket for Power Supply

• State-of-the-art Li-ion rechargeable battery

• Charged to 80 % in one hour and to 100 % in two hours

• More than 12 hours operating time on a full charge

• Battery status control:

• Automatic switch-off when charger is plugged in

• Charging status indicated by LED

• Warning signals if battery runs low

MyLink: the Universal Wireless Receiver

MyLink is especially suitable for hearing impaired adults. MyLink can be worn visibly around the neck or completely invisible under clothing.

For Easy Usage:

MyLink and EasyLink

If ‘easy’ is what the user needs, this is the perfect match. EasyLink is an effective wireless microphone.

The MyLink – EasyLink combination allows easy communication in common noisy situations of everyday life.

For Comfortable Use at Home:

MyLink and TelCom

The TelCom stationary FM transmitter is connected to the TV and the telephone. It selects the right source automatically. After finishing a phone call, the sound of the TV comes back automatically.

For Comfortable Use at School:

MyLink and Campus SX

Campus SX is the ideal transmitter for professors.

College students or adults receiving some form of education might opt for this convenient solution.

For all Communication Options:

MyLink and SmartLink

For high communication needs, SmartLink is the ideal FM transmitter. Its variable microphone modes allow the user to adjust the reception angle. The remote control for Phonak hearing instruments gives full access to all functions. The Bluetooth link provides wireless access to mobile phones.

Special Solution: MyLink with

Headphones and Transmitter

When headphones are connected, MyLink becomes a wireless headset for people with normal hearing, i.e. partners of hearing instrument users who want to experience the benefits of an FM system. Museum tours, zoos, and other public places are examples of where it can be used. Depending on the application, one can select the appropriate transmitter.

Easy. Universal. Affordable.

The speaker’s voice is picked up by…

…a microphone in a transmitter and sent…

…to the MyLink FM receiver which relays the signal to…

…the T-coils in the hearing instruments.


Transmitter Overview

SmartLink SX ZoomLink EasyLink Campus SX TelCom

Bluetooth for use with mobile phones

Choice of microphone settings (Omni, Zoom, SuperZoom 2 )

(Enables user to select the focus of reception)

Automatic scan

(Used to detect another transmitter in use)

Flexible multifunctional transmitter

Convenient transmitter with three for active users microphone settings

Easy-to-use transmitter

Remote control for Phonak hearing instruments

Direct frequency synchronization

(For individual teaching situations)

✘ ✘ ✘

Easy change of frequency

Keypad lock

(To prevent inadvertent channel switching)

Fast battery charging

Choice of external microphones

(Lapel microphone, MicroBoom microphone)

Link-up to TV, radio, computer

(Audio input)

Link-up to analog telephone network

The transmitter for schools

Transmitter for telephone and audio

Online Support

To find setup tips and user guides for any combination of Phonak transmitter and receiver with any hearing instrument

or cochlear implant, please visit:

Please visit for online support on FM in schools.

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