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ModellOLYMPIA Vario 5000
Double sided cutting board (Dual paper
cutting panel)
5 functions in 1 Unit
Guillotine/Trimmer (straight cut, skip
cut, wave cut)/Corner rounder
First side: Guillotine
Working area: 334 x 253 mm (A4)
Capacity: 10 sheets (80g/m²m)
Finger protection
Paper base with distances and scales
Pull-out handle with rubber surface
Second side: Rollenschneider
Working area: 334 x 240 mm (A4)
User-friendly cutting head with 3 blades for straight cut, skip cut and wave cut.
Blades are protected in a housing
Paper base with distances and scales
1. Straight cut for 3 sheets
2. Skip cut for 3 sheets
3. Wave cut for 3 sheets
4. Corner rounder for 1 sheet
Dimensions: 510 (615) x 275 x 70 mm
Weight: 2,34 kg
2010-08-24 11:11
Olympia reserves the right to change - improve the design, features or specification details without prior notice.
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