Sleeve Tool Instructions

Sleeve Tool Instructions
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Injector Sleeve Removal and Install Tool instructions
1. Drain the coolant from engine. See engine service manual for proper procedure.
2. It is recommended that ALL 8 Injector Sleeves be replaced even if you only have an
issue with just one Sleeve.
3. Remove the fuel injectors. See engine service manual for proper procedure.
4. Place a small piece of a rag in the bottom of the Injector Sleeve to block the hole where
the nozzle protrudes into the combustion chamber.
5. Make sure the nut on the Sleeve Removal Tool is at least ½ way up the threads on the
threaded section. Insert the tool into the Injector Bore and into the old Sleeve, and slide
the alignment bushing down to make contact with the cylinder head. Using a 9/16”
socket, turn the Removal Tool clockwise and begin threading the Tool into the Injector
Sleeve. It will be quite difficult to turn as you are cutting threads into the old Sleeve.
6. Continue to turn the Tool for approximately 5 complete turns.
7. Back the Tool out about 1/2 turn. This will aid in removing the Sleeve from the end of
the Tool once it is removed.
8. Using a 15/16” Deep Well socket screw the nut down the thread until it contacts the
alignment bushing. Continue to turn the nut until the Sleeve comes loose.
9. Lift up on the Tool and remove it from the Injector Bore and the Sleeve will be attached
to the bottom of the Tool. Carefully unscrew the old Sleeve from the Tool. If you have
difficulty turning the Sleeve off of the Tool, place the Tool into a vise with the sleeve
facing upward, gently grab the sleeve with pliers and begin to unscrew. You may use a
torch on the sleeve for about 10 seconds to soften up the sleeve to break it free from the
tool. You do NOT want to grip the Sleeve with pliers anywhere that the Tool is
threaded into the Sleeve. This may crush the sleeve around the Tool and you will need
to cut the Sleeve off and possibly damage the Tool in the process.
10. Clean the Injector Bore where the Sleeve seats to remove the old retaining compound
(Loctite) with a long screw driver, vacuum, etc. Be careful not to damage the cylinder
head in the process, you just want to scrape the old compound loose and remove it from
the bore. Be careful to not allow any debris to fall into the combustion chamber via the
nozzle hole in the Injector Bore.
11. Lube the o-ring on the bottom of the Insertion tool with motor oil then slide the new
Brass Sleeve over the end of the Insertion Tool making sure the alignment dowel
protrudes through the hole in the bottom of the new Brass Sleeve. The o-ring should
then keep the Sleeve secured to the tool.
12. It is recommend to apply Green Loctite to the very bottom flat surface, and lower lip,
and very upper lips of the new Sleeve to properly seal it in the head. You can look at
the old Sleeve that you removed for reference. The shiny areas at the very bottom and
very top are where the Sleeve makes contact in the Bore and this is where the sealant
needs to be placed.
13. Carefully set the Tool with the Sleeve into the Injector Bore and set it in place, visually
aligning as accurately as possible. Several hits with a dead blow hammer will set the
Sleeve into place. Tap it until it won’t go down any more, about 3/8” or so before it
fully seats and bottoms out in the Bore.
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