Hemispheric IP Video Door Station
The HiRes Video Company
T24M Hemispheric camera
Complete Panorama view
Recording with sound
Two-way video worldwide
Keyless entry
Integrated messaging features
Keyless entry
Complete Panorama view from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling
Original MOBOTIX T24 Image – 1280 x 480
Simple installation
HiRes Video Innovations
The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its
decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.
MOBOTIX AG • 67722 Langmeil • Tel: +49 6302 9816-103 • Fax: +49 6302 9816-190 • sales@mobotix.com
T24M Hemispheric camera
Hemispheric camera with LEDs
• Real intercom feature
• Lip-synchronous sound
• Event-controlled recording
• Outdoor light and doorbell buttons
Keyless entry
Keypad backlit
• Keyless entry with transponder or PIN
• Check/leave messages
• Open/lock door
• Modules can also be installed individually
Hemispheric IP Video Door Station
Info module backlit
• With Mx2wire unit (optional, see page 14)
• Data transfer and power supply via
• Instead of network cable
• For two-wire cables up to 200 m
A Module System Made in Germany
The camera module can be used as a compact basic video door station thanks to the integrated doorbell and light buttons. Modules can be combined in different ways upon request.
MOBOTIX offers solutions for one, two or three modules as flush-mounted or on-wall models.
The HiRes Video Company
BETTER Overview. INCREASED Security. MORE Possibilities.
The new T24 IP Video Door Station from MOBOTIX offers an innovative, powerful solution
that is easy to install and that has never been available to the market until now. The T24
is based on the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP and H.264 - the latest
telephony standard after ISDN and analog.
All of the modules offered for outdoor use are weatherproof, maintenance-free and
can be used in temperatures ranging from -30 to +60 °C (-22 to 140 °F). The most
important system advantages at a glance:
Allround View With No Blind Spots
With 3.1 megapixels and internal memory, this Hemispheric door camera records
the entire entrance area. No blind spots, from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.
Two-Way Video Around The World
When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a
standard computer via the network. For two-way video and for opening the door.
Recording With Sound
The camera in the door station can record events automatically. For example, when
someone rings the doorbell or if something moves in front of the door.
Keyless Entry
Who has access when? The door opener can be controlled, simply and securely,
using the keypad module with a PIN code or using an RFID transponder.
Integrated Message Function
Digital voice messages can be left at the door station and played back by pressing
the doorbell or after entering individual authentication.
Complete Panorama view from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling
Original MOBOTIX T24 Image – 1280 x 480
Very Simple Installation
The station is connected to the door via an Ethernet cable or via two bell wires thanks to
Mx2wire technology. The T24 modules can also be upgraded with Siedle Vario systems.
Allround View With No Blind Spots
Hemispheric HiRes Camera
Standard 90°
Entire scene in one
view with the T24
Thanks to the Fisheye lens with its 180° image
angle, the camera records the entire entrance area
without mechanical panning or tilting – without
any blind spots, from wall to wall, floor to ceiling.­
It is not possible to "sneak past" this camera.
The current image section can be switched in
seconds on the monitor located at the remote
station: from a close-up of the visitor all the way
to an overview panorama.
The T24 has an integrated high-performance
computer, just like the MOBOTIX security cameras
used in banks and airports. This enables the IP Video Door Station to start recording
video and sound automatically when motion is detected while sending a message to
the property owner or security company via text message or email.
Superior Overview Increases Security
T24 360° Full Image
HiRes 180° Panorama
already in the live view so that it can deliver user-friendly images at the remote video
station. The images can now be digitally tilted, panned and zoomed into from the
comfort of the remote station.
Perfect Overview
The T24 enables a hemispheric 360° Panorama view. The camera records the entire entrance
area in wide range and without any blind spots. The fisheye effect, which is typical for this
lens, can be switched off digitally in the live image.
Original MOBOTIX T24 Image – 1280 x 480
The Fisheye lens of the camera records the entire hemisphere of the scene in front of
the lens without any blind spots and displays this image in the first step as a 360° full
image. For technical reasons, the geometric shape of the objects is heavily distorted,
particularly at the edges of the image, making them difficult for the human eye to
evaluate. For this reason, the camera uses its integrated software to correct the images
The HiRes Video Company
180° Image Angle Coverage With No Blind Spots
Right: Original MOBOTIX T24 image
Conventional door cameras have a standard 90° lens, meaning that they are only able
to record visitors if they stand directly in front of the lens. However, often times the door
station cannot be mounted directly next to the door and is therefore offset to the visitor
at the door (see drawing below). But even in this case, thanks to its 180° image angle,
the T24 delivers perfect images.
Standard 90°
Door Intercom
(offset next to the door)
HiRes 180° Panorama
The Hemispheric camera can do much,
much more: it can record the area on the
floor in front of the door, the often overlooked
area directly underneath the door station.
The T24 does all of this using only its software – without any mechanical moving
parts or motors, silently, discreetly and
without making the visitor feel "observed
from bottom to top."
Original MOBOTIX T24 vPTZ images
Direct Views Up And Down
Virtual PTZ (vPTZ)
The image sections displayed here are corrected by the integrated image correction software. The virtual PTZ feature allows you to enlarge or move the image section just like a PTZ
camera,­but without the need for mechanical moving parts.
Also, this quick look down is incredibly practical when checking, for example, whether the
daily paper is already in front of the door. Of course, it is also possible to look upwards
up to under the ceiling as well.
Download MOBOTIX MxEasy free of charge at www.mobotix.com
Two-Way Video Around The World
Easy operation
• Answer calls
• Open the door
• Switch light on/off
• Monitor recordings
Based On Internet Technology
Simultaneous live view (top) and vPTZ view (bottom) – MxEasy
The T24 door station from MOBOTIX uses standard network technology and has a
microphone and speaker. When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with
an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. Not only can you access
the video and sound from the door station from every room in the house, you can also
access the camera from anywhere in the world. And most importantly, visitors and
property owners can both speak at the same time with the best
possible sound quality thanks to the echo elimination and digital
signal processing.
As Many Remote Stations Needed
Thanks to the use of network technology, the T24 is not bound to
just one expensive, manufacturer-dependent remote station. Upon
request and depending on your particular needs, the door station
can be operated and controlled using a standard computer, an
IP video phone or a tablet computer.
Simple Use With MxEasy
The convenient MxEasy software was customized by MOBOTIX
especially for simple and user-friendly operation of the T24. This
free-of-charge program, which is available for download on the
Overview And vPTZ Simultaneously (Live And Search)
The user interface software MxEasy delivers a live video image with two windows as a
standard. While the top window remains unchanged and continues to focus on the visitor,
the image section in the bottom window can be changed as desired.
The HiRes Video Company
MOBOTIX website, turns any computer (Macintosh or Windows) into a multifunctional
T24 remote station with a graphical, intuitive user interface in no time at all.
A Practical Example
With the T24, the Wiseman family from Frankfurt am Main, Germany,
always have a clear picture of who is at their door. They installed a
modern IP video phone on the ground floor of their house as a remote
video station. Using the buttons on the phone, they can quickly and
easily control the camera, change the image section through
digital panning, tilting and zooming functions, open the door,
switch on the light and call up recorded images.
Mr. Wiseman has also set up an additional remote station on the computer at
his office in Wiesbaden, Germany. A connection, which includes live video, is established
automatically via the Internet whenever someone rings the doorbell and no one
is at home. This way, Mr. Wiseman can see the visitor even from his office and speak
with him or her, click a button to open the door to let the person inside, for example, if
his children have come home from school earlier than expected.
For more information
about operating a video
phone, see pages 18/19
Private home in Frankfurt
Worldwide access
e.g., tablet PC
New York
Multi-Purpose Video Phone (video: H.264, sound: G.711)
The T24 can be connected to any suitable video phone in the world. In addition to
supporting the intercom feature with video and sound, these devices support additional
features such as door/light control, image search, quick recording and PTZ functions.
In addition, the family uses a tablet PC, which they leave on the table next to the couch
in the evening, allowing family members to speak with the visitors at the door from the
comfort of their living room. The family also brings the tablet PC along on vacations
so that even from New York, they can communicate live with the visitors at their house
in Frankfurt.
Recording With Sound
Camera-Internal Memory Up To 32 GB
A 32 GB MicroSD card can record up to 400,000 Panorama images
or 33 hours of video. Flash storage is a mature semiconductor
memory technology without any moving parts (and without a
mechanical hard drive), and its reliability, simple operation and
low costs have made it the storage medium of the future.
The MOBOTIX FlashFile system (MxFFS) prevents unauthorized
persons from reading or transferring the internally stored data,
even if the card is stolen.
Full Image Recording Independent Of Live Image
The Hemispheric T24 has a virtual PTZ feature (pan/tilt/zoom). The live image from the
Hemispheric camera can be smoothly enlarged, and you can simultaneous zoom in on
any section of the image using a joystick, for example. This is similar to a mechanical
PTZ camera, but without the maintenance and wear.
Live image
Stored full image
Analysis in the stored full image
While the live image is zoomed in on a particular area of the image, the camera will
continue to record the full image at the same time. This is not possible with any motorized PTZ camera in the world. But it is extremely important for a later research in the
recorded events ("Look, there was someone below by the door as well!")
Choose Your Storage Location
Each T24 can be configured so that the camera records either to the internal MicroSD card or to
an external network using secure encryption. You can also select the normal hard drive of the PC
as the storage location for the camera.
Factory-installed 4 GB MicroSD card
The T24 saves high-resolution video with lip-synchronous sound
directly to the integrated MicroSD flash card, without requiring an
external storage device or PC, therefore using no additional network
load. Old recordings can be overwritten or deleted automatically
after a specified period of time.
The HiRes Video Company
Automatic Event Recording
As the leading manufacturer of high-resolution IP security cameras, MOBOTIX has integrated all of the necessary features also into the T24 door camera. The recording function must be switched on and off manually for standard cameras, whereas MOBOTIX
cameras work with intelligent sensor technology and store data efficiently. An automatic
recording is started only when, for example
... someone rings the doorbell
This way, the property owner knows who was at the door in his or her
absence. Of course, the exact time of the visit will be recorded as well.
... someone was at the door
Who put the package in front of the door and when? A look at the list of
recorded events is all that is needed. The motion detector in the camera
starts the recording automatically.
... when the outdoor light goes on
The recording is triggered by external switch contacts or light sensors or
by illumination sensors and IR motion detectors. The coupling to the light
enables the camera to deliver high-quality images – even in the dark.
Playing Back Recorded Events
IR motion detector
Keeping Track Of All Alarms
The alarm search feature combines a host of functions that make it much easier to find
specific­ events. You can also conduct searches using automatically synchronized time
tracking. The event that triggered an alarm can be analyzed in more detail in the event view.
MxEasy user interface (computer)
Video phone operating interface
You can use an IP video phone or a computer to call up the events from the camera
memory. It is not necessary to install any additional software on the video phone itself.
The camera displays a basic operating menu created specifically for telephone keypads directly in the camera image. When using a PC as a remote station, MOBOTIX
offers the free-of-charge MxEasy software for convenient setup and operation of the
complete T24 system.
Keyless Entry (RFID & PIN)
Door switch
12 V, 12 W
Door latch
MxBus (Two-wire)
Battery supply & access codes
Contactless RFID Technology With Transponder
RFID facilitates the automatic identification of visitors and makes it easier to record and save data.
An RFID system consists of a transponder (for example, card or key tag) as well as a device for
reading the transponder ID (T24 keypad).
The HiRes Video Company
Keypad With RFID Technology
Who is authorized into the building and when?
The MOBOTIX key module can be used in many
different ways. The module is weatherproof in
accordance with IP65, meaning that it can be
used along with the T24 for professional access
control in outdoor areas. The key module enables
access via key codes or keyless access using a
transponder (for example, as a check card or integrated
into a mobile phone). The module communicates directly with the security door opener
via MxBus and can be programmed with a time control in MxEasy using the calendar
function. It can also be used as an individual module for securing adjoining rooms such
as warehouses or VIP areas.
Indoor Security Door Opener
The T24 door station should always be coupled with the
MOBOTIX security door opener with decentralized access
code memory because they make it impossible to open the
door by forcibly removing it and bypassing the connection
cable of the T24. The integrated battery (kept fully charged
by the T24 using an MxBus cable) ensures that the door can be securely locked and
unlocked, even in the case of a power failure. Indoors, the door opener can be on-wall or
flush-mounted and thanks to the integrated speaker, it can also be used as a doorbell.
Green/red LED displays the doorbell
status and faults (for example, battery,
MxBus cable)
The blue LED displays the door status
when a visitor has rung the doorbell
or left a message
The keypad is also
available for purchase­
Double security with
transponder and
PIN code input
Battery for backup power
supply: power for door
opener and keypad at the
outdoor station; door can
be opened/locked using
PIN/transponder, even
during total power failure
The access code
is encrypted and
transferred­from the
keypad to the door
opener and only then
read out and confirmed
once in the secure
inside area before
the door is opened.
Opening the door
Securely Locked Doors
The door openers are normally supplied with power by the outdoor station. By sending signals
directly to the electromagnetic door lock, they are not tamper proof. With the MOBOTIX door
opener, it is not possible to bypass the connection cable.
The device is equipped with two colored LEDs for displaying the doorbell and door status
(door contact, lock). It can be operated using two buttons: mute button for the doorbell
(e.g., during vacations) and release button for the door lock.
Integrated Message Function
Notices Of Absence
The MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station makes your day-to-day activities
easier with its integrated message function. The property owner
can leave an audio message that is played back automatically
when a visitor rings the doorbell. This works just like a telephone answering machine
that only plays the audio announcement and does not enable recording.
An example: Mr. Wiseman works as a freelancer, so he meets with clients on a regular
basis, also in his office. On busy days, he uses the message function on his MOBOTIX
door station so that he doesn't lose clients – especially unannounced and potential
new clients – right away. Each visitor who rings the doorbell receives the message
that Mr. Wiseman is currently out of the office but that he will be available again on the
following day at 9 a.m.
Answering Machine
Alternatively, the property owner can choose to give his or her
visitors the option of leaving a video message with sound at
the door station. This function also works like a telephone answering machine but you can record a message. In addition, it also plays back a short
message automatically when a visitor rings the doorbell. The message will indicate
that the visitor can leave a video message with sound by pressing the button with the
symbol of a letter.
An example: Now the delivery person or mail carrier can easily let the Wiseman family
know that someone stopped by and that the package was left with the neighbors.
An additional, especially intelligent message function offers visitors
the opportunity to leave a personal message for a particular
person. This message is played back once that person enters
their authorization via access module of the T24.
Message Box
An example: Sometimes Mr. Wiseman would like to leave a message for his cleaning
staff before someone cleans his offices. No problem: the T24 can play a message specifically for the card holder when the door is opened using the transponder code card.
Multifunctional Keypad
The convenient message function does not have to be ordered separately. This feature comes
with each keypad as a standard. The speaker, microphone, camera and memory of the T24
door camera are cleverly used as part of this system.
The HiRes Video Company
Hemispheric IP Video Door Station in silver. Additional colors (white, dark gray and amber are available)
The T24 key module with contactless
RFID technology has an integrated
message function (blue letter button).
The messages are recorded and
played back via the camera's integrated microphone and speaker.
The data is stored on the camera's
Playing Back Messages
If a visitor has left a message for the property owner, it will be indicated by a flashing LED on the
T24. The message can be played back at the door station after the appropriate person has entered
the security code. Video messages can be played back at any of the remote video stations.
MicroSD card.
Simple Installation – System Overview
T24: Build A Network Quickly, Easily And Cost Effectively
First-time installation: CAT cable
Renovation/reconstruction: bell wire + Mx2wire
What does a typical system look like and what kind of cabling is needed? The system
image shows the schematic structure of an access control system with the T24 including
the Hemispheric camera, keyless entry, info module and an additional security door opener
from MOBOTIX for inside installation next to the door. The T24 network connection and
power supply are supplied via an Ethernet cable (PoE technology) or alternatively using
the Mx2wire expansion set via a two-wire bell wire. This way, the existing doorbell or
simple door intercom system can be replaced by a versatile access control system with
a high-resolution MOBOTIX door camera with little extra effort or cost.
Door switch
Security door opener
Hemispheric camera
Doorbell, battery & codes
Speaker & microphone
12 V, 12 W
Door lock
Code and RFID module
Keyless entry
Open door
MxBus (two wires)
Battery supply & access codes
Mx2wire module
Two-wire connection
Data & power
– OR –
Data & power (PoE)
CAT cable (e.g., CAT7)
Info module & Mx2wire
Two wires (e.g., bell wire)
Data & power (PoE)
Fast, Simple Installation
In new constructions, MOBOTIX recommends connecting a CAT7 cable directly to the door station.
In renovations of older buildings, the existing bell wires can be used further together with the
Mx2wire technology (also with Siedle Vario).
The HiRes Video Company
Simple Connection Of Individual MOBOTIX Modules
The T24 outdoor station requires just one cable for data and
power (via a CAT cable or two wires with Mx2wire) to connect to
a PoE switch and thereby to any expandable Ethernet network.
In addition to the outdoor station, you can also install additional
modules indoors that can connect to the T24 over the network
via a switch or MxBus. In this way, the keypad is also the perfect
access module for adjacent spaces or rooms. Or you can use
a transponder card to switch the alarm system in the building on and off. Additional
MOBOTIX modules are currently in development.
Info Module With Mx2wire Technology (Renovation/Older Buildings)
The MOBOTIX info module for the T24 outdoor station is not only a weatherproof module
with a backlit house number field lit by economical, long-lasting LEDs. It can also be
ordered with an optional Mx2wire unit. This unit is needed if the T24 is to be connected
to the PoE switch with an existing bell wire via a second Mx2wire unit instead of directly
using an Ethernet cable.
Use of existing
bell wire saves on
additional cabling
for door station
The Mx2wire technology was developed by MOBOTIX and is characterized by the fact
that it is able to transfer data and power simultaneously using two-wire cables such
as bell wire, coaxial cable, etc.
Module 2
Two-wire cable
system image
Data & power
PoE switch/injector
IEEE 802.3af
Module 1
Data & power
Hemispheric Video For Siedle Vario
Affordable upgrading for Siedle Vario
owners (also with
Mx2wire technology)
T24 Camera Fits Into The Siedle System
The camera module of the T24 IP Video Door Station physically fits into the Siedle Vario module
system and can be used with most modules such as doorbell keypads, motion detectors or lights
via a special terminal board.
The T24 modules were engineered by MOBOTIX to be retrofitted
into the Siedle Vario module system at little additional effort and
cost. The individual Siedle modules are integrated into the system
using a specially-developed MOBOTIX IO terminal board that can
be clicked directly into the Siedle module located directly below
the MOBOTIX camera module. MOBOTIX offers the modules in
four Siedle colors.
Product Models And Purchasing Options
Custom Modular System
331x131 mm
327x126 mm
Available colors:
white, silver, dark
gray and amber
The T24 is based on a modular system that can be adapted to suit the customer’s
individual desires as required. Because of this, the T24 system is suited for both private
and commercial use. This highly robust and weatherproof outdoor station (IP65, suited
for -30 to +60 °C, or -22 to +140 °F) is available in four attractive colors: white, silver,
dark gray and amber.
85 mm
327x126 mm
131 mm
The Hemispheric T24 camera module with
compatible installation frame is an affordable,
ready-to-use starter door station, thanks to
its integrated doorbell and light buttons, the
high-quality microphone and the powerful
MOBOTIX offers solutions for one, two or three modules in flushmounted or on-wall models. The sturdy frame can be ordered
with an optional integrated anti-theft device that prevents the
modules from being removed easily.
Standardized Network Technology
Connection to the T24 is established using a normal computer network and not using a video
cable. This has the advantage that access can be granted from anywhere in the world using af-
fordable standard fiber optic, copper and wireless IT components.
The HiRes Video Company
Planning And Ordering
The path to your fully-installed MOBOTIX T24 IP Video Door Station leads from the
electronics wholesaler to the electronics specialists and technicians all the way to you,
the end customer.
You can use the T24 web configurator tool on the MOBOTIX website to plan your individual­
T24 door station. You can choose the individual components step-by-step so that no
individual component is forgotten. After you have finished the configuration, the system
creates a preview image of the system as well as a parts list so that a concrete offer
request can be sent to the electronics specialist contracted to install the system.
Software Included
MOBOTIX customers always receive custom software for system setup and operation, completely­
free of charge. The T24 can be easily operated using any standard PC or SIP video phone and it
functions worldwide via an Internet connection.
The web configurator can be found at www.mobotix.com under Products > Video
IP Door Station > Configurator.
Video Phone Remote Station
MOBOTIX Recommends Grandstream
MOBOTIX recommends the GXV3140 from Grandstream as an effective remote video
station for the T24 door station. The powerful IP video phone features high quality images
delivered on a large color LCD display. The telephone is equipped with a wide range
of features including numerous multimedia functions. The full duplex speaker phone
is equipped with an acoustic echo canceller for noise suppression.
The Grandstream GXV3140 can be ordered directly from MOBOTIX.
Customized Software
Apart from the brilliant video with
audio, the Grandstream GXV3140
offers preset T24-specific functions
for convenient operation using
its keypad menu.
Video Phone Start View
Once communication has been
established between the camera
and Grandstream (for example,
using the doorbell), the camera
image appears automatically
along with the basic functions
(submenu top right).
Digital PTZ Feature
Using the magnifying glass and
arrow symbols, you can digitally
increase/decrease the size of
the current image section and
move it in any direction so that
no detail is overlooked.
Status Display In The Image
The T24 status display is at the top left. The symbols display, for example, whether the door is locked,
whether the external light is on and whether the record function of the camera is activated.
The HiRes Video Company
T24 User Menu Directly In The Image
The video phone used for the T24 displays an intuitive MOBOTIX-specific user menu
that can be controlled using the telephone's keypad, making it easy to configure and
operate the T24 Door Station right in the palm of your hand. The menu is controlled
using the 12 buttons of the phone (0, 1, 2 – 9, * and #). The current key assignments
can be shown on the display, so that the user does not have to memorize any keys.
Please note that due to software updates, some of the images in the following examples
may be subject to change.
Event Playback
A menu is displayed for intuitive
operation of the player function
for playing recorded video clips
with sound or scrolling back and
forth through single images.
Event Search
You can do a specific search
through the recorded events
using the list provided. The list
shows who rang the doorbell
(bell), left a message (message)
and/or opened the door (door).
Operation Made Easy
Practical Help Function
The # opens the help function for the main menu that is currently selected. The help text gives a
short description of the exact meaning of the key symbols located in the submenu.
No manuals required, no learning
curves involved. Simply press the
hash key # to open the online
help system that explains all the
useful function keys for each menu.
DVR: Abbreviation for Digital Video Recorder.
Events: An event refers to a situation when something happens or changes. In terms of video
surveillance, this means a change in the status of an area that is being monitored. This may be
movement of a person, a change in brightness, a drop in ambient temperature, the detection of a
noise via a microphone, an electrical signal at a signal input, the manual operation of a button, etc.
Ethernet: The most common technology for communication within a wired network. It facilitates
data exchange between all devices (computers, printers, IP cameras, video phones etc.) connected­
in a local network (LAN).
Flash memory: See MicroSD card.
Frame rate: The frame rate specifies how many frames per second (fps) are generated and sent
by the camera. From 16 fps smooth video sequences recognizable by the human eye.
G.711: G.711 refers to the process by which analog audio signals are encoded and decoded. This
codec (= enCOder-DECoder) is used in classic telephone systems and IP telephony.
H.264: H.264 is the process by which the video image is encoded/compressed and decoded.
HiRes: Abbreviation for High Resolution. Refers to high-resolution images (above 1 megapixel).
IP network: Data network based on the Internet protocol (TCP/IP).
IP telephone: See VoIP.
LED: Abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. An electronic semiconductor component built into
MOBOTIX cameras and add-on modules that emits light when a current flows through the
component in the correct direction.
Megapixel: Images that have more than 1 million pixels.
MicroSD card: SD Memory Card (Secure Digital Memory Card). A digital storage medium based
on flash storage modules.
Motion detection: Detecting a movement within a particular area. MOBOTIX cameras use algorithmic methods to detect changes from image to image in predefined areas, while taking preset
conditions into account. If a camera detects a movement, it signals an event and triggers an alarm.
MxEasy: Free-of-charge MOBOTIX video management software for small and compact camera
networks of up to 16 cameras/door stations.
The HiRes Video Company
MxPEG: Method developed by MOBOTIX to compress and store image and video data with low
network load and high image quality. The MxPEG ActiveX control element allows video and audio
data from MOBOTIX cameras to be displayed in other applications (including Internet Explorer).
Network: A group of devices such as computers, printers that are connected via various cables
and share access to data and devices such as printers and IP cameras.
PIR: Passive infrared sensor for motion detection.
PoE: Power over Ethernet. A technology for supplying network-enabled devices (for example, IP
cameras) with power via the Ethernet cable.
PTZ: Abbreviation for Pan/Tilt/Zoom. Refers to the movement of a video camera to the left and
right, up and down, and to the camera's ability to enlarge an image.
Resolution: Indicates the number of pixels used to produce an image. The more pixels an image
has, the more recognizable the details remain when the image is enlarged. The resolution is
expressed as the number of pixel columns by pixel rows or as a total number of pixels. A VGA
image has 640 columns and 480 rows (640 x 480 pixels), which equals 307,200 pixels or approximately 0.3 megapixels. The T24 has 3.1 megapixels.
RFID: Radio frequency identification.
Router: Network device that connects multiple networks with one another. The router establishes
a physical connection between the devices in different networks (like a hub), analyzes the relevant
data packets and forwards ("routes") these packets to the correct target network.
Search: Monitoring of recordings or searching for a particular event.
SIP: Session Initiation Protocol. Network protocol for setting up, controlling and terminating a
communication connection via a computer network. SIP is frequently used in conjunction with
IP telephony.
Switch: Hardware used to connect multiple network devices (computers, cameras, printers, etc.)
within a network. A PoE switch can also supply the door cameras with power over an Ethernet cable.
Transponder: A transponder is a device used for wireless communication (for example, as a key
tag or a check card). The device detects the incoming signal and automatically responds to it or
forwards it. The term "transponder" is made up of the terms "transmitter" and "responder." Passive
transponders do not require their own power source, but they only work over short distances.
VoIP: Voice over IP. Telephony using computer networks.
WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network connections.
MOBOTIX AG ... Made in Germany
HiRes Video Innovations
Complete HiRes Video Solutions
high-resolution, digital & cost-effective recording
The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the
leading pioneer in network camera technology since
its founding in 1999, and its decentralized concept has
made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.
Whether in embassies, airports, railway stations, ports,
gas stations, hotels or highways, MOBOTIX video systems
have been in operation on every continent for years.
Pioneer In Network Camera Technology
In just a short time, MOBOTIX has climbed to the second­
place in European market share and fourth place worldwide in terms of market share. MOBOTIX has been exclusively manufacturing megapixel
cameras for many years now and with a market share of over 60 %, is regarded as the
global market leader in high-resolution video systems. In the decentralized MOBOTIX
concept, every camera has an integrated high-speed processor and, if needed, a digital
memory (MicroSD/SD card) for long-term recording.
MOBOTIX cameras can make event-driven
recordings even without a central PC or DVR
and can digitally store videos long term with
sound. This is why MOBOTIX solutions represent an unbeatably good value with their
excellent image quality, even for small-scale
Revenue In Fiscal Year (June 30)
Free Consulting Service
Simply call us or send us an e-mail. We will
get in touch with you promptly.
You can also consult
your electrician or
IT technician
With MOBOTIX, you're in the best hands right
from the start. Both our internal project­managers­
and our experienced, highly specialized­partners
make sure that every system is planned and
installed optimally. Our support specialists
can help you with any technical questions
you may have.
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MOBOTIX Training Programs and Seminars
MOBOTIX has its own training center with an extensive offering for all interested parties,
customers,­partners and security companies. MOBOTIX offers seminars for basic and advanced
users. For more information: www.mobotix.com
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The HiRes Video Company
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Kaiserslautern Ost
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Security Vision Systems
32 GB
Flash Memory
recording in the camera itself: up to 32 GB provide ample space for approximately
Fax: +49-6302-9816-190
(4 days with 30 fps) or 2,000 video clips with sound each lasting one minute.
E-mail: sales@mobotix.com
Old recordings may be automatically overwritten or deleted after a specified period of time.
Hemispheric IP Video Door Station
The HiRes Video Company
T24M Hemispheric camera
Complete Panorama view
Recording with sound
Two-way video worldwide
Keyless entry
Integrated messaging features
Keyless entry
Complete Panorama view from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling
Original MOBOTIX T24 Image – 1280 x 480
Simple installation
HiRes Video Innovations
The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its
decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.
MOBOTIX AG • 67722 Langmeil • Tel: +49 6302 9816-103 • Fax: +49 6302 9816-190 • sales@mobotix.com