Remote Control
Special Hospitality Remote Control
With dedicated hospitality features
Our System Remote Control is fully in line with the 08-09 Hospitality TV design. With a
stylish design, low battery detection and anti-theft lock provision, this Remote Control
supports your hotel staff for efficient operation.
Designed for hotel use
• Easy to clean
Advanced hotel features and future proof
• Digital functionality
Differentiating guest experience
• Powerful sound from unique invisible speakers
• Easy-to-use Hospitality Remote Control
• Modern design
Best total cost of ownership
• Low battery detection
• Anti-theft lock provision for batteries
Remote Control
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 185 x 48 x 26 mm
• Included accessories: Remote Control
Anti-theft for batteries
Batteries can be locked with a screw so they cannot
be taken out by the guests.
Digital functionality
In general there is a move towards more digital
systems for TVs, therefore our Remote control
already has buttons for digital TV.
Easy to clean
Functional stylish design instead of high gloss which
means that you won't see fingerprints on the
Low battery detection
A message will appear on screen when the battery is
almost empty. Battery can be changed in time by
hotel staff. No hassle or irritation for your guests.
Modern design
Stylish design in line with our Philips 2008-2009
Hospitality TVs.
Hospitality Remote Control
This TV comes with a stylish remote control that is
specially designed for hospitality usage. For an easyto-use experience for the guest, only the most
essential buttons and functions are offered. In
addition, low battery check and anti-theft battery
provisions are features that can contribute to
efficient hotel operations.
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