Intermec Compatible
Integrated Printing System
features at a glance
• Compatible with Intermec mobile
computers - CN3, CN4, CN3e, and CN4e
• Optional Bluetooth® wireless
connectivity enables the printing of
receipts and invoices wherever they are
ptional DEX communication enables
seamless communicate with the store’s
DEX system by plugging directly into
the PrintPAD’s external DEX port
• S wipe-style card reader allows users to
print receipts and process payments
easily in the field
raphics: Supports the printing of
graphics, 1D barcodes, 2D symbologies,
and signature capture
• Intelligent power management
and programmable sleep mode for
extended battery life
harging options include external
charge contacts, AC adapter or 12V
vehicle cigarette lighter adapter.
Charge both the printer and mobile
computer at the same time from a
single device.
ugged and reliable, the PrintPAD CN3/
CN4 and PrintPAD CN3e/CN4e were
engineered throughout to withstand
even the most punishing portable
applications. This series is the industry’s
only PrintPAD- type device to publish a
6 ft. drop specification.
arranty: Comes with the industry’s
only two-year standard warranty – twice
that of the competition
The PrintPAD CN3/CN4 and PrintPAD CN3e/CN4e integrated printing systems offer
mobile workers the convenience of a portable thermal printer and mobile computer
united in a compact and ergonomic, rugged and reliable unit. This PrintPAD series was
designed for use with Intermec’s CN3, CN4, CN3e and CN4e mobile computers.
The sleek design of the PrintPAD allows users to conveniently and securely carry their
mobile computer, communicate with the printer, as well as charge both the mobile
computer and the printer, all in a single integrated package. This innovative one
piece printer system combines an enhanced 4” wide thermal printer, the 4te, with
an embedded communications charging cradle designed for use in a number of
applications including route accounting, direct store delivery and field service.
popular applications
Field Service
Beverage and Food
• Service Receipts
• Pickups/Deliveries
• Delivery Receipts
• Signature Proofs
• Inventory Reports
• Credit Transaction
• Route/Labor Scheduling
• Credit Card Transactions
Route Accounting/
Direct Store Delivery
Mobile POS
Delivery Receipts
• Inventory Reports
• Route/Labor Scheduling
• Credit Card Transactions
• Rain Checks
• Transaction Receipts
your benefits
I ncreased productivity – Using a reliable
printer means your operation will run
smoothly without downtime. The PrintPAD
offers an integrated solution that will
increase the efficiency of field workers.
Safe and secure – In the storefront, at
the office, in the warehouse, and on the
road, wireless technology is a critical tool
for conducting business. To help ensure
your wireless transactions are secure,
the PrintPAD offers a broad range of
security and encryption protocols that are
compatible with today’s high-tech security
requirements. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) – Save
money on unnecessary charging accessories
and expensive extended warranties.
Datamax-O’Neil is the only company to
stand behind its mobile thermal printers
with a two-year standard warranty.
• Coupons
• Queue Busting
Did you know?
Using quality labels and paper can
significantly prolong the life of your
printhead. Datamax-O’Neil offers a
wide variety of high quality media for
its printers including custom and stock
labels and receipts, ticketing media, and
cleaning products. When you choose
Datamax-O’Neil, you receive a proven
commitment to superior quality. Quality
that results in performance and
PrintPAD advantage
Simplify Daily Operations: Carry, Charge, Communicate
The PrintPAD is designed to simplify your daily operations. With the PrintPAD, users carry both their
handheld computer and printer in one convenient well-designed unit. Using a single integrated
product eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple devices and decreases the chance of dropping
or misplacing a device in the field. The PrintPAD also provides another layer of protection to your
handheld computer.
The PrintPAD provides a smart recharging solution by charging both the handheld and the printer
at the same time from a single AC or car adaptor. That means you have half the adaptors to buy and
keep track of on the road. This is not only convenient for workers in the field but also reduces the cost
associated with purchasing and maintaining multiple charging devices.
The PrintPAD provides seamless communication between the handheld computer and printer. When
the handheld is in the cradle, it communicates directly with the printer. An integral Bluetooth option
gives mobile workers the ability to communicate with the printer wirelessly when the handheld
device is not residing in the PrintPAD. The optional DEX port makes DEX connections to central
distributors easy without the need for special software or mechanical switches.
Cost Effective . . .
In today’s cost conscious market, the purchase cost and the cost to maintain a
solution are critically important.
Fewer accessories - In a typical solution using a separate printer and mobile
computer, you need accessories for both devices. But with the PrintPAD you don’t
need all those cables. Since the PrintPAD charges both devices at the same time, all
you need is a cigarette light adaptor and an AC Adaptor. That means you save up to
90% on the initial purchase plus the hidden cost to maintain all those devices.
Reliable - Reliability is an important attribute in keeping your mobile workforce
productive and profitable. The PrintPAD offers a proven design with 11 years
of product refinement and an uncompromising standard for reliability. In fact,
Datamax-O’Neil offers the only “PrintPAD” type device with a published 6-foot drop
specification. With this type of durability it’s easy to see why Datamax-O’Neil is also
the only company to include a two year standard warranty.
No hidden cost - Another way to keep cost down is to look for hidden cost. Unlike
some other products on the market, the PrintPAD batteries are included in the
purchase price. And when its time to replace them, the PrintPAD uses economical
replacement batteries. This can add up to big savings for your company.
Accessories used to charge both the
PrintPAD and mobile computer
Accessories used in a typical application
involving a separate printer and mobile
Looking for a desktop label printer?
Datamax-O’Neil manufactures an extensive selection of desktop label printers that are ideal for manufacturing, warehouse,
healthcare, ticketing, postal services and RFID labeling requirements. Competitive custom and standard media
products are also available for all your label, receipt and ticketing needs.
product specifications
physical characteristic
• Dimensions:
– 7.5” H x 11.8” W x 2.4” D
(190.5mm H x 299.7mm W x 60.9mm D)
• Weight (with batteries, paper and handheld):
– With CN3 handheld: 60.88 oz (1.73 kg)
– With CN3e handheld: 63.39 oz (1.8 kg)
– With CN4 handheld: 62.72 oz (1.78 kg)
– With CN4e handheld: 64.87 oz (1.84 kg)
• Drop specification:
– 6 ft. (1.83 m) tested with handheld
user environment
• Operating temperature:
-4° F to 122° F (-20° C to 50° C)
• Storage temperature:
-40° F to 158° F (-40° C to 70° C)
• Charging temperature:
41° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C)
• Relative humidity:
10% to 90% non-condensing
• ESD protection:
8 kV Air, 4 kV contact
print technology
– Direct thermal
– 203 dots per inch (8 dots per mm)
Print width:
– 4.10” (104.1mm)
Print mechanism speed:
– 2” per second (51 mm per second)
– RS-232; up to 460.8 kbps
– 2.0 (full speed)
– Standard CN3/CN3e/CN4/CN4e interface
– Supported versions: v1.2 (compatible with
v1.1 devices)
DEX port (optional):
– DEX/UCS standard
• Media type:
– Direct thermal receipt paper (standard,
premium, heavy duty, long-life, image protect,
hi-temp, and all weather), synthetic media,
UV coated media
– Limited label support
• Maximum roll capacity:
– 2.25” (57.15mm) O.D.
– 0.4” (10.16mm) I.D. core
• Roll width:
– 4.41” (112.01mm)
• For optimum print quality and printer
performance, use Certified Datamax-O’Neil
agency approval
Contact sales representative for the most
current approval list
power source
• Batteries:
– (2) 7.2V Lithium-ion (Li-ion), 2200 mAh (for a
total of 4400 mAh)
• DC inputs (for charging only):
– External DC jack, 12-15V, built-in spike and
surge protection
• Endurance:
– Bluetooth: prints approx. 1,320 – 6.2”
(157.5mm) receipts or 8,184” on a single
battery charge
• Printer recharging:
– 7 - 9 hours from AC adapter or cigarette
• Handheld recharging:
– 5 hours from AC adapter or cigarette adapter
• 2 years (including platen roller, printhead,
and installed options) when used with
approved supplies
• Contact sales representative for extended
warranty options
– 2MB RAM / 4MB Flash
Standard fonts:
– 5.5CPI, 7.2CPI, 10.2 CPI, 10.7CPI,
18.5CPI 20.4CPI, 22.6CPI & 34.0CPI
(additional fonts available)
Optional characters:
– Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, OCRA, OCRB,
Unicode subset including Latin & Thai
– Asian (including Big 5, Simplified Chinese,
Korean and Shift JIS) - additional
international characters available
(not available on the 4t)
– Linear: Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code
128, EAN-8, EAN13, Interleaved 2 of
5, MSI/Plessey, UCC/EAN-128, UPC-A,
– 2D symbologies: PDF417, AZTEC, QR,
GS1, Datamatrix (available on wireless only)
– Supports storage of graphics/logos in
Flash memory and transient “print once”
– Line Printer Mode, Easy Print®
– Windows® CE and Desktop
Compatible label design software:
– NiceLabel, BarTender®, DP Designer
Software development kit:
– C++, Visual Basic, Java, Microsoft
Dynamics, Blackberry
• Device interface:
• Wireless Bluetooth communication
• Magnetic stripe card reader
• External charge contacts
*Download USB driver from the Support section of
our website
Thermal Transfer on the Go
Learn more at:
With DTransfer media exclusively from Datamax-O’Neil, you can print durable, weatherresistant thermal transfer labels directly from your PrintPAD portable printer. DTransfer
incorporates a long-life, abrasion and scratch-resistant polypropylene thermal transfer label
stock with a thermal transfer ribbon onto a single roll. Now, printing thermal transfer labels
on-the-go is as easy as loading a roll of DTransfer media into your PrintPAD.
Included with each PrintPAD:
(2) batteries, (1) hand strap and (1) paper roll
AC Adapter
AC Adapter available with US, UK, Australia, or Euro plugs
USB Cable
Cigarette Lighter Adapter
Allows you to charge the printer from the vehicle cigarette lighter
DB9 F Serial/Configuration Cable
7’ DB9 F coiled right angle cable for connecting to a laptop or desktop computer
DEX Cable
For use with models with optional DEX port
USB Cable
DB9 right angle USB download cable
Cleaning Cards & Kits
Use of cleaning cards is recommended to extend the life of the printhead
(visit for more information)
DEX Cable
Vehicle Mount
Charging Bracket
Vehicle Mounting Bracket
Metal bracket mounts in the vehicle and holds the PrintPAD securely in place.
Bracket can also be wall mounted in the settlement room
Vehicle Mounting Charging Bracket
Allows you to mount and charge (1) PrintPAD equipped with optional external
e-charge contacts; US, UK, Australia, Swiss, and Euro versions available
Settlement Room Charging Bracket
Allows you to charge (5) PrintPADs equipped with optional external e-charge
contacts; US, UK, Australia, Swiss, and Euro versions available
Fuse Box Power Cable Kit, 10’
Charge your printer from a vehicle’s fuse box
Extension cables available in 3’, 6’, and 10’ lengths for existing installations
Spare Battery
Lithium-Ion, 7.2V, 2200mAh (PrintPADs require 2 batteries per printer)
Double Bay Battery Charger
2-bay battery charger keeps additional batteries charged and ready for use
75” Shoulder Strap
Adjustable strap allows the user to comfortably carry the PrintPAD from the shoulder
Hand Strap Kit
Replacement kit for handstrap
3” Spindle Bracket
Turns the PrintPAD into a 3-inch printer
Settlement Room
Charging Bracket
Fuse Box Power Cable Kit
3” Spindle Bracket
to learn more, visit
Specifications subject to change without notice. Copyright 2010, Datamax-O’Neil (rev. 20100505)