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Messenger notebook bag
The CNR-NB17 is a trendy messenger bag which combines practicality, durability and style. The design is slim
and lightweight and trendy, making the bag comfortable
to carry around. It offers a protective cushion for your
notebook and several pockets to for your notebook,
mobile phone, papers, books and more. The bag also
has an audio port for your MP3 player’s earphones, for
your convenience. The CNR-NB17 is suitable for notebooks up to 15.4”. It is available in black with trendy
green detailing.
Key Features
• Light weight and slim design
• Messenger notebook bag
• Suitable for notebooks up to 15.4”
(Max. size: 37 x 28 x 5 cm)
Multi pockets for storage
Audio port for earphone outlet
Notebook protective cushion
Product Code: CNR-NB17
EAN Code: 8717371849702
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