spirit professional
Product Specification Sheet
The Spirit Professional headphone is a direct result of the renowned expertise of Focal: the design of high performance transducers. In keeping with
the monitor loudspeakers of this French manufacturer, the Spirit Professional headphone ensures precise control of quality without compromise.
The utmost attention paid to the design of the Mylar/Titanium alloy drivers results in sound reproduction that respects the original dynamics of the
audio signal, while providing a remarkable degree of definition and neutrality. Finally, the highly accurate reproduction of bass frequencies will reveal
the smallest defects in the mix, while avoiding acoustic constraints of the workspace.
4m OFC coiled cable
with low impedance
Mylar/Titanium membrane
Ear cushions in memory foam
Circumaural closed headphone
Textured black finish
Key points
• Acoustic transparency and ease of use
• Precise and detailed sound reproduction, without distortion
• Excellent isolation and acoustic coupling to the ear
• Total control of the audio band
• Optimal comfort
Closed back, circumaural headphones
32 Ohms
102dB SPL / 1mW
@ 1kHz
<0,3% / 1 kHz /
100 dB SPL
Frequency response
5Hz - 22kHz
matching 40mm (19/16") ;
Net weight
0.6lb (280g)
Focal® is a trademark of Focal-JMLab® - www.focal.com - SCEB130924/2
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