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IDE Flash Module 44Pin
4GB vertical
The Delock 4GB 44pin IDE Flash
memory module with its dimensions of
50,3 x 5,8 x 27,3mm very small and
ideal for usage under rough environmental circumstances and for the application in computers, Set-Top boxes
and other devices in industry. A safe
data transfer is provided by the integrated Error Correction Code (ECC).
Power-save mode and automatical
shut-down enhance the energy efficiency.
Art. 54156
EAN 4043619541560
Storage capacity 4GB
IDE 44pin interface
Operating voltage 3.3V or 5V
Operating temperature: -10°C to +70°C
Endurance 2.000.000 Program / Erase cycles
Static wear leveling
Auto Sleep & Power-Down mode
Integrated ECC function for high reliability of data transfer rate
PIO Modus 0-6, MWDMA Modus 0-2, UDMA Modus 0-4
40MB/s Read, 20MB/s Write
Power consumption max. 150mA
Power supply via 22th Pin
Burst Transfer Rate: 66,6MB/sek.
MTBF : > 3.000.000 Std.
Master and Slave switch
Vibration: 5G ( 7~200Hz)
Shock: 50G/10ms
Size: 50,3 x 5,8 x 27,3mm (WxLxH)
Package content
• 4GB IDE Flash module
• antistatic cover
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