flameless candles - Restoration Hardware

flameless candles - Restoration Hardware
Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Candles (Shown)
Wax Flameless Candles
3¼" x 6" Pillar
3¼" x 9" Pillar
3¼" x 12" Pillar
4" x 6" Pillar
4" x 9" Pillar
4" x 12" Pillar
3" x 6" Wax Pillar
3" x 8" Wax Pillar
4" x 6" Wax Pillar
4" x 8" Wax Pillar
4" x 10" Wax Pillar
4" x 12" Wax Pillar
6" x 6" Wax Pillar
6" x 6" Pillar
6" x 9" Pillar
6" x 12" Pillar
6" x 18" Pillar
Set of 4 Votive Candles
3" x 10" Wax Pillar
3" x 12" Wax Pillar
6" x 8" Wax Pillar
6" x 10" Wax Pillar
6" x 12" Wax Pillar
Set of 4 Wax Votive Candles
Candles arrive in 3 to 7 business days in most US metropolitan areas. Rush delivery is available for most items. See website for delivery to Canada, pricing and
additional views.
•Pillars require 2 D batteries (not included)
Enjoy the warm, inviting ambience of candlelight with battery-operated
flameless candles that flicker and glow.
•Votives require 1 coin battery (included)
•Choose from flameless resin or paraffin wax candles
•Mechanical housing made of rustproof stainless steel
•Free of soot and smoke
•Available in 11 sizes
•Votives feature removable weatherproof base for outdoor use
•Child-friendly and pet safe
•Pillars (sold individually) each have 1000 hours of battery life
•In ivory; votives available in white or ivory
•Votives (sold as set of four) each have 100 hours of battery life
•For indoor use
•Batteries sold separately at all Restoration Hardware stores
•Enclosed in a thick layer of paraffin wax
•In white
•Easy-to-use timer on pillars turns the candle on automatically at a preset time
each day, or lets you manually turn on and off; votives do not include timer
•Can be used on any outdoor or indoor surface
•Pillars require 2 C batteries (sold separately)
•Made of resin, which does not melt
•Votives require 1 coin battery (included)
•Automatic 5 or 10-hour timer mode on Pillars repeats every 24 hours;
votives do not include timer
•Available in 13 sizes
•Avoid placing wax candles near any heat source that could cause wax to soften
or melt. Place on a protective base to avoid wax or oil deposits.
•Select indoor/outdoor styles available with remote control capabilities;
see website for details
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