The 1st USB key with candy perfumes!
Perfumed and coloured
Shock resistant
Water and high temperature resistant
The Sweet line offers up to 8 GB storage capacity and combines the useful and the pleasant with an
innovative concept. Sweet is thus the antithesis of the sad flash drive that we all know.
With its elegant design, its vivid colours, its fruited fragrances, it is decorative and functional and
shakes up preconceived ideas on digital entertainment. But on top of all, unlike gadgets that uselessly
encumber the market, Sweet does not forget that it is, in the first place, a flash storage drive: USB 2.0,
Plug and Play, Mac and PC compatible. The drive is also secured via a password lock system.
Its extremely convenient cap-fastener makes it impossible to lose it!!
Key dimensions : 43x18x9mm
Blister dimensions : 164x134x18mm
Net weight : 8g / Gross weight : 34g
Available capacities : 1, 2, 4 & 8GB
Transfer rate: USB 2.0 High Speed
Ready speed : 13Mb/sec
Writing speed : 5Mb/sec
USB 2.0 & USB 1.1 compatible
Windows Vista compatible
PC/MAC compatible
1GB : 3700020505529
2GB : 3700020505536
4GB : 3700020505543
8GB : 3700020505550
Candy perfumes : Strawberry,,Mint, Lemon, Orange
Coloured range : red, blue, yellow, orange
Mini size
Nice design and light
Original rubber material : Shock resistant,
Water and high temperature resistant
Secured, password activated lock-system
Cap holder
Integrated led indicator
Attractive and dynamic blister (multilingual)
2 years warranty
"Keep out of reach from children ! No nutrition !"
Photo & Music
Working files
Data Security
Photo & Musique
Protection des données