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SMART Response™ PE
interactive response system
“With SMART Response, teachers
have a new and interesting learning
tool to help develop tests, surveys,
games, lessons and presentations.”
Frank Moeller, Teacher,
Bowcroft Elementary School,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Gain accurate and immediate insight into student learning with the SMART Response
PE interactive response system, designed for K–12 classrooms. The system combines
wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver and powerful assessment software, so you
can create planned or spontaneous questions and instantly tally responses. And with
SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, you can add interactive and
multimedia content to your assessments, making them more engaging.
Create assessments with ease
It’s easy to spontaneously add questions to lessons and prepare quizzes, tests and
exams. Using SMART Response PE with SMART Notebook software, you can create
questions that are easily integrated into any lesson or assessment activity. You can
also choose from hundreds of ready-made SMART Response question sets available
from the SMART Exchange™ website.
Deliver questions efficiently
When you deliver a question to your class, students can use their remotes to instantly
respond. It’s an ideal way to assess knowledge, since even the shyest student can
feel comfortable answering questions. And you can tag questions by educational
standards and cognitive levels, giving you deeper insight into student learning.
Manage data effortlessly
Teacher Tools is a management feature that allows you to create class lists, conduct
assessments, track student test results and view performance reports – all from one
location. Assessment results are automatically added to the built-in gradebook and
saved in a single file, which helps you conveniently organize data.
Evaluate results quickly
Now you can create assessment reports as simple or as detailed as you need –
from personalized reports on individual students to high-level comparisons of class
performance. Plus, test summaries are displayed in easy-to-read pie charts and bar
graphs, allowing you to quickly evaluate performance and test results.
Power button
Descriptive icons indicating battery power
and network status
Student question button
Question scroll buttons
Yes-or-no, true-or-false answer buttons
Numeric, text and multiple choice
response buttons
Control buttons for fractions, decimals,
and positive and negative numbers
Create and deliver questions in SMART Notebook software
Manage data using Teacher Tools
Automatically view student responses in a pie chart or bar graph
Key features
Assessment software
SMART Response PE includes a receiver, remotes
and software. The system is available in 24-,
32- or 40-unit packages and is compatible with
Microsoft® Windows® and Mac operating systems.
Teacher Tools
Ergonomic design
Use Teacher Tools to access reports that are
automatically collected and saved to one easyto-access file. You can also use the built-in
gradebook to track student performance and
record test results throughout the year.
The handheld remote is specifically designed
to be comfortable for students to hold.
Flexible marking
Easy connection and installation
Extended battery life
Each remote uses two AA batteries.
Integration with SMART Notebook
Deliver dynamic questions that feature images
and other multimedia content.
Importing questions
Import question sets from SMART Exchange,
Microsoft® Word® (Windows only), PDFs (Macintosh
only) or ExamView® (xml format or HTML format
for ExamView versions 5.2.1 and 6.2.1) Assessment
Suite, versions 5.2.1 and 6.2.1.
Create assessments that assign different
values to questions, and adjust student scores
in the gradebook.
The receiver uses a USB connection and can
support 60 remotes. Additional receivers can be
added for larger class sizes.
Keyword tagging
Tag student names and assessment questions
with keywords.
Convenient maintenance
LED lights indicate power status and whether
information has been sent or received.
Educational standards tagging
Exporting results
You can export results to gradebook file formats,
including Microsoft Excel® (Windows only), HTML
pages, .csv file, Pearson PowerTeacher™, Schoolnet®
GradeSpeed, eSembler™ or a custom format.
You can select tags from a comprehensive list of
educational standards and cognitive level tags for
the questions you create in SMART Notebook
software or you can create custom tags.
Receiver size
Cognitive level tagging
Receiver weight
Question variety
Tag questions with cognitive levels.
Design questions using six question types – true or
false, yes or no, multiple choice, multiple answer,
numeric and text response.
Language Support
Lessons with integrated questions
Compile questions for formative and summative
assessment, prepare quizzes or exams in advance
and ask spontaneous questions.
Content pages
Insert content pages between questions to
enhance any quiz, test or exam.
Authorized reseller:
SMART Response PE supports English and French
Radio frequency technology
The system provides a reliable wireless connection
with a range of up to 100' (30 m).
4 3/4" W x 7/8" H x 2 1/4" D
(12.1 x 2.2 x 5.7 cm)
5 3/4 oz. (156 g)
Remote size
2 1/4" W x 5 5/8" H x 1 1/8" D
(5.7 x 14.3 x 2.9 cm)
Remote weight
7 1/4 oz. (100 g) without batteries
System requirements
Large LCD screen
The screen displays three lines of text, battery
power and network connection information.
For full system requirements,
please visit
SMART Technologies
Toll Free 1.866.518.6791 (U.S./Canada)
or +1.403.228.5940
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