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Input Voltage:
5.85 VDC
Input Current:
Output Power: 4.2W shared between
both outputs
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power splitter
For use with:
Package Contents
• Power splitter unit
• User Guide
User Guide
Congratulations on your iGo® power purchase!
Universally compatible with today's popular
brands, the iGo power splitter accessory allows
you to use select iGo chargers to charge two
gadgets simultaneously such as a mobile phone
and MP3 player or a smartphone and Bluetooth®
headset, GPS devices and more (iGo chargers and
power tips sold separately). It's simple! Just plug
into a compatible iGo charger and use the
appropriate power tips for each of your gadgets.
No other solutions are as powerful or as versatile
as the iGo line of power products.
For additional compatibility information and to
purchase iGo power tips, visit www.iGo.com.
Tel: 1-480-596-0061, 1-888-205-0093
© 2002-2007 Mobility Electronics, Inc. Mobility Electronics,
iGo and iGo dualpower are registered trademarks and one
charger. all your gadgets. simply switch the tip. is a
trademark of Mobility Electronics, Inc. All other brand
names and logosare trademarks of their respective owners.
Specifications are subject to changewithout notice.
Protected under one or more of the following patents:
5,347,211; 6,064,177; 6,643,158; 6,650,560; 6,700,808;
6,751,109; 6,775,163; 6,791,853; 6,920,056; 6,937,490 and
6,976,885. Other United States and foreign patents pending.
Made in China. P/N 8040350-01 Rev. C
A/W 8330350-01 REV. C
Material: 80g art paper
Works with select iGo chargers including:
iGo® everywhere
iGo® auto
iGo® wall
iGo® everywhere15
iGo® auto15 elite
iGo dualpower® accessory
(sold separately)
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Quick Connect Guide
Please read the following carefully before using
the iGo® power splitter.
When using iGo power splitter to charge two
devices, the maximum power output of your iGo
charger is shared between both devices. Most
individual devices and combinations of devices
should charge. However, if a device attached to
iGo power splitter is not charging or is displaying
an abnormal charging indication, it may need
more power than can be delivered at that
particular time. If this occurs, try one or more of
the following:
iGo® chargers
(sold separately)
1. Turn off the device(s)
2. Detach one of the devices
3. If the problem persists, remove the splitter
and connect your device and the appropriate
tip directly to your iGo charger.
Note: The iGo power splitter may not support
devices that have completely dead batteries.
These types of devices may need to charge alone
before attempting to share power or may need
to charge in the “off” state while sharing power.
The following iGo power tips will not work
with iGo power splitter: A06, A07, A08, A15, A17;
A01 Rev. 01 and A61 Rev. 01. Check the label
on your tip to verify.
iGo® power tips
(sold separately)