Gecko | GG600020 | Datasheet | Gecko Pro Sleeve 15
premium ballistic nylon sleeve for MacBook/Pro.
Gecko Pro-sleeve, protective and functional
sleeve for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.
On-the-go protection for your laptop.
Features a padded ballistic nylon outer with
bump absorption strips, a soft scratch-free
lining, and an internal document pocket for
your important daily documents or to-do list.
The Gecko Pro-sleeve, the ultimate home for
your MacBook or MacBook Pro.
Ballistic nylon outer.
Originally designed to protect the military from bullets,
hence the name ballistic. This material creates a heavy
duty padded shell that protects your laptop from its
day to day travels.
Bump absorption strips.
Included on the exterior of the pro-sleeve is our shock
resistant bump absorption strips. These strips are
designed to absorb the impact in the event of a knock.
Document storage pocket.
Take more than your laptop to your next meeting.
Pro-sleeve has an internal document storage pocket
with enough room to store your important documents
or daily to-do list.
Retail pack dimensions:
13 - 34.5cm x 25.5cm x 4.5cm (LxWxH) - Weight: .14kg
15 - 37.9cm x 27cm x 4.5cm (LxWxH) - Weight: .14kg
17 - 41.2cm x 29.3cm x 4.5cm (LxWxH) - Weight: .14kg
Master carton (qty 16) pack dimensions:
68cm x 41cm x 30 (LxWxH) - Weight: 5kg
pro sleeve $59.95 RRP
Fits 13/”15”/17”
Product Codes
13” GG600020 - UPC 879667001022
15” GG600021 - UPC 879667001039
17” GG700PRO17 - UPC 879667000315
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