SoftSkin 13
13.0" - 13.0"
Perfect protective casing - designed for your Apple Notebook
up to 12.1"/13 "
SoftSkin 13 " from DICOTA is the ideal transportation solution
for all Apple users that want to transport their Notebook in a
simple yet flexible way. SoftSkin 13 " is manufactured from
sturdy, especially elastic Neoprene and lays it-self around your
Apple Notebook like a second skin. Due to the memory foam
pad-ding on the inside, your Apple Notebook is perfectly safe
from scratches and minor damage during transport.
Additional bonus: The zipper is equipped with additional
padding on the inside to protect your Apple Notebook from
SoftSkin is available in dark grey for the Apple MacBook 13.3
" as well as the Apple iBook G4 12.1"(SoftSkin 13 ") and the
Apple MacBook Pro 15.4" (SoftSkin 15 ").
SoftSkin 15"
SoftSkin 17"
Art. Nr.: N25988N (black)
N25998N (grey)
Weight: 0.35 kg / 0.77 lbs
Dimensions: 350 x 255 x 30 mm / 13.8 x 10 x 1.2 inch
For Notebooks up to: 331 x 232 x 28.0 mm / 13 x 9.1 x 1.1