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iPhone guard
premium iPhone 3G protection film.
A simple, yet effective protector for your iPhone
3G screen’s surface. The all new premium-coated
iPhone 3G guard has a scratch-resistant surface,
offering more durable and longer lasting
protection. Covers entire front screen of your
iPhone 3G. Guard can be left on even if an
additional case is fitted. Installation instructions
included. Easy to remove without leaving any
residue behind.
Includes 2 x iPhone screen guards per pack.
Invisible protection.
The iPhone 3G guard fits seamlessly onto the front of
your iPhone 3G screen forming an invisible, protective
layer. Your iPhone 3G guard can be left on even if an
additional case is fitted.
Easy to fit.
iPhone 3G guard comes with comprehensive,
photographed installation instructions to help you get the
perfect fit for your iPhone’s screen.
Scratch resistant.
iPhone’s touch screen interface is constantly being
touched and used, making iPhone 3G guards a must
have for all iPhone 3G users. Made from premium
scratch resistant film, the guard will protect and allow a
long life of clear viewing for your iPhone’s screen.
Retail pack dimensions:
20.5cm x 10.5cm x 1.4cm (LxWxH) - Weight: .05kg
Master carton (qty 32) pack dimensions:
Product Code
GG7000015 - UPC 879667000483
34.6cm x 22.5cm x 19.7cm (LxWxH) - Weight: 2.3kg
Gecko iPhone guard $14.95 RRP
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