gecko iPod to stereo mini-jack cable
professional stereo 3.5 mini-jack to 3.5 mini-jack cable
High quality 1.8 metre iPod to stereo mini-jack
cable, connects your iPod, IPhone or MP3 player
to car stereos, speaker systems or any stereo
mini-jack connector. Gold plated connectors and
shielded wiring ensure trouble-free, pristine audio.
Protective outer mesh gives you kink-free cabling,
gecko professional equipment
Gecko's PRO series comprises equipment
manufactured to the highest standards and
tailored for people who demand ultimate
quality, design innovation and unique style
every day.
robust grip, extra durability and guarding against
wear and tear.
24K gold plated connectors
Gold plated connectors provide the perfect contact point
for your high-end audio system. Split connector ends
tighten and grip as they are pushed on, creating a larger
contact area, allowing audio signals to flow freely giving
you a better sound.
Custom-designed Easy-Grip molding makes it easy to
grasp and install cables. Colour identifiers allow for easy
tagging when installing into a stereo reciever. Internal
cable-joints are incased in ABS plastic to protect the
joints from parting or cracking.
Quality and protection
Large diameter 24AWG wiring facilitates a clean, crisp
audio signal. Internal sheilding protects audio signals
from unwanted noise and RF interference.
Retail pack dimensions:
20cm x 13cm x 2.5cm (HxLxW) - Weight: .15kg
Master carton (qty 32) pack dimensions:
50cm x 26cm x 38cm (LxWxH) - Weight: 7kg
gecko iPod to stereo mini-jack cable $49.95 RRP
Product Code
GG100016 - UPC 879667000612