Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p SSF

Lenovo® recommends Windows Vista® Business.
Lenovo ThinkCentre® M58/M58p Desktop
Secure and manage your ideas with one eco-friendly package.
•Platform and image stability for up to 15 months
•Global models for easy worldwide deployment
•Latest Intel® iAMT 5.0 vPro™ technology available on all
form factors
•Lenovo’s unique Hardware Password Manager(1) provides
advanced password management. In addition to a variety
of encryption possibilities, this solution features a unique
hardware ID. If someone hacks your PC or makes a copy of
your hard drive, they won’t be able to crack the program
because it works only with your PC – and no other.
(1): available in Q2, 2009
•ThinkVantage® Technologies offer Client Security Solution
and an optional fingerprint reader
•I/O ports have individual disable/enable capability Individually manage all I/O ports (including USB ports)
through BIOS
•TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2 data encryption Stolen data cannot be read on any other computer
•Ready for Computrace - Locate your stolen PC when it
connects to the Internet
•Chassis Intrusion Switch - Sends an alert to the
management console when chassis is opened
•PS/2® (2) port available on all form factors - Use PS/2® ports
to avoid unauthorized data transfer and provide virus
protection from USB peripheral devices
(2): optional on Eco USFF
• ThinkVantage Power Manager for advanced power
management reduces your energy footprint with control
and monitoring functionality - Remote deployment and control of client power usage
profiles is also possible, along with a time-based control
to enable PC shut offs on evenings and weekends
• Energy-efficient – save up to $31 annually per system(3)
•Green certified:
- ENERGY STAR® 4.0 (select models)
- EPEAT™ Gold on all form factors (select models)
- GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
• Total green solution:
- Innovative Green ThinkVision monitors - The ThinkVision
L2440x Wide model consumes up to 60% less energy than
previous ThinkVision monitors and is Mercury, Arsenicfree and Low Halogen. The packaging materials on select
models are 65% recycled and 100% recyclable
- New Green Fingerprint Keyboard – 35% recycled material
- 100% recycled/recyclable thermoplastic packaging on
Eco USFF and SFF(4)
- Lenovo Asset Recovery Service (in select countries)
• Innovative ventilation and fan layout provides industryleading acoustics
• Innovative small form factor design provides great easeof-use, serviceability and thermal efficiency, all in a svelte
10L footprint
• New Eco USFF provides a PCI slot, tool-less motherboard
and optional PS/2 port
• Robust tower design provides unprecedented
expandability and power in a 25L chassis
(3): ThinkCentre M58 SFF with ThinkVision L197 Wide vs.
ThinkCentre M52 SFF with ThinkVision L194 Wide, mainstream
(4): Packaging on SFF available in select countries
Lenovo® recommends Windows Vista® Business.
Lenovo THINKCENTRE M58/M58p Desktop
ThinkCentre M58 and M58p desktops are engineered exclusively for the way you work. Equipped
with the latest Intel® dual and quad-core technology, DDR3 memory and Solid State Drives(5),
desktop productivity and performance are truly maximized. Lenovo’s leadership in thermals,
acoustics and energy efficiency give the M58 and M58p a true edge over the competition.
Added to these stand-out qualities are our ThinkVantage Technologies and licensed Intel®
vPro™ technologies, intelligently combined to give you the ultimate degree of manageability.
Just as impressive is the ThinkCentre’s low power consumption, ensuring that the ThinkCentre
M58/M58p delivers a low TCO. Using ThinkCentre M58p in conjunction with Lenovo’s Secure
Managed Client solution provides even greater TCO benefits.
The costs savings associated with Lenovo’s Secure Managed Client are substantial – between
30 and 40% over a well-managed PC over a typical three-year lifecycle. This robust software
stack and storage array simplifies your desktop solution with less cost and comes with Lenovounique tools enhanced by LANDesk®. It delivers true PC and windows fidelity, using off-theshelf Windows applications, IT applications and PC add-ons to co-exist and integrate directly
with existing IT, asset, process management and financial systems. It’s also now dramatically
easier for employees to set up – desk-side support tickets become a thing of the past. Built-in,
IT-oriented business reports are delivered weekly across the company on end-user experience,
client, network and printing performance. SMC allows for image management and control, and
easy maintenance is offered via the SAN. Above and beyond what SMC does for you, it’s riskfree because it operates as a fully functional ThinkCentre client.
(5): available on Tower and SFF models
Lenovo’s Secure Managed Client(6) is a low
deployment-cost solution that offers:
•Support for a standard PC option and Windows®
•Support for standard management tools and IT
•Minimal changes to an existing PC infrastructure
•Consistent imaging between the laptop and
standard PC
•Full Windows capability
•Full graphic support for aero glass, full motion
video, etc.
•A safer investment, as it delivers a client that
can be converted into a standard PC and reused
in other parts of organization if needed
•A storage-based solution that does not require
costly server back-end
•Industry standard protocols and standard
Windows function resulting in low software cost
with no requirement for expensive per client
display protocol software and Citrix® clients
(6): M58 only, available in Q1, 2009 in AG and Q2, 2009
ThinkCentre M58/M58p is thoughtfully designed
with a NEW Eco uSFF design that takes up
very little space but still allows for easy PCI
expandability as well as being one of the most
environmentally responsible desktops available:
•PCI slot for simple expansion and connectivity
•Dual Independent Display (DID) support by onboard DisplayPort and VGA
•Tool-less design – remove motherboard, HDD
without tools
•8 external USB ports
•PS/2® port support - Customers can disable each
USB port individually
- Avoid unauthorized data copy
- Avoid virus from USB peripheral devices
ThinkCentre M58/M58p features exciting new
technologies for a best-in-class user experience:
•DDR3 memory: 10% faster transfer rate and 25%
power savings compared to DDR2
•On-board DisplayPort, the next generation
digital display interface standard, is designed to
replace DVI, LVDS, and eventually VGA providing
higher performance and improved digital display
•New optional Solid State Drives (SSD)(7) give users
six times the reliability improvement and a 37%
increase in performance over HDD
•Optional Blu-ray™ ODD(8) enables storing large
amounts of data, ten times the capacity of
a standard DVD and recording, rewriting and
playback of high-definition video (HD)
(7) available on Tower and SFF
(8) available on Tower Vista model
Lenovo® recommends Windows Vista® Business.
Processor (speed, L2 cache, FSB)
*Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q9x50 (12MB
L2,1333MHz FSB)
*Intel® CoreTM2 Quad processor Q9x00
(6MB, 1333MHz FSB)
Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q8x00 (4MB
L2,1333MHz FSB)
*Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E8x00 (6MB
L2,1333MHz FSB)
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E7x00 (3MB
L2,1066MHz FSB)
Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E4x00 (2MB
L2,800MHz FSB)
Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor E5x00 (2MB
L2,800MHz FSB)
Intel® Pentium® dual-core processor E2x00 (1MB
L2,800MHz FSB)
Intel® Celeron® dual-core processor E1x00 (512KB
L2,800MHz FSB)
Intel® Celeron® processor 450 (512KB L2,800MHz
Preloaded Operating System
Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate 32
Genuine Windows Vista® Business 32
Genuine Windows Vista® Business 64
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic 32
Genuine Windows® XP Professional
Machine Type
Tower: 9960, 7244, 7355, 7373, 7628, 7639, 6239,
SFF: 6258, 8910, 7174, 7354, 7360, 7627, 7638, 6303
Eco USFF: 6139, 6175, 8820,7187, 7348, 7359, 7626,
Tower: 9965, 7347, 7358, 7484, 7635, 6138, 7188,
6209, 8854**
SFF: 7220, 6234, 9964, 7346, 7357, 7483, 7630,
6137, 3379**
Eco USFF: 9961, 7345, 7356, 7479, 7629, 6136, 8338**
Intel® Q45 Chipset
Serial ATA Hard Drives
160GB,250GB,320GB,500GB,1TB/7200 rpm
64GB Flash SDD (Solid State Drive)
TWR / SFF: 1GB/2GB PC3-8500 (1066MHz) DDR3
Eco USFF: 1GB/2GB PC3-8500 (1066MHz) DDR3
Optical Drive
DVD-ROM, DVD-Recordable.
Blu-ray™ Recordable/ DVD-Recordable (on Tower
Vista® model)
Integrated Communications
Intel® 82567DM,10M/100M/1000M Gigabit Ethernet
(10) USB Ports (2 Front, 6 Rear, 2 Internal), (1) Parallel (optional),
(2) Serial (1 standard, 1 optional),
(2) PS/2®, (1) eSATA (optional),
(1) VGA, (1) DisplayPort, (1) RJ-45, audio in/out
(10) USB Ports (2 Front,6 Rear,2 Internal), (1) Parallel
(2) Serial (1 standard, 1 optional), (2) PS/2®,
(1) eSATA, (1) VGA, (1) DisplayPort,
(1) RJ-45, audio in/out
(10) USB Ports (2 Front,6 Rear,2 Internal), (1) Parallel (optional), (1) Serial (optional), (2) PS/2® (optional), (1) eSATA (optional),
(1) VGA, (1) DisplayPort, (1) RJ-45, audio in/out
Tower: (2) FH PCI, (1) FH PCIe 16x, (1) FH PCIe x1
SFF: (1) LP PCI, (1) LP PCIe 16x
Eco USFF: (1) LP PCI
Internal: (2) 3.5 inch
External: (2) 5.25 inch HH and (1) 3.5 inch
Internal: (1) 3.5 inch
External: (1) 5.25 inch HH and (1) 3.5 inch Slim - for
media card reader
Internal: (1) 3.5 inch
External: (1) 5.25 inch HH
Power Supply
280W standard, 280W 80% Efficiency Active PFC,
450W 80% Efficiency Active PFC
280W Active PFC, 280W 85% Efficiency Active PFC
130W External 85% Efficiency AC/DC Power Adapter
Dimensions (DxWxH)
Tower: 440x175x402 (mm)
SFF: 355x317x99 (mm)
Eco USFF: 238x275x80 (mm)
Weight (Maximum Configuration)
Tower: 11kg (24.25lbs)
SFF: 7.5kg (16.53lbs)
Eco USFF: 4.18kg (9.22lbs)
Lenovo Preferred Pro Full-size Keyboard
Preferred Pro Fingerprint Keyboard
Preferred Pro Full-size PS/2® Keyboard
Intel® GMA4500
NVIDIA® 9500 GT 512MB with DP/DVI-I (on Tower Model)
ATI® Radeon HD 3470 XT 256MB with DP/VGA
TPM 1.2 chip, BIOS individually enable/disable of I/O
ports (including all USB ports)
Limited Warranty
Up to 4 years
Included Software10
Adobe® Acrobat Reader®;
Microsoft® Office 2007 (Hybrid-Pro);
Roxio® Creator™ Business Edition;
Intervideo® WinDVD® (DVD models only);
PC-Doctor for WINPE/Windows;
McAfee® VirusScan® Plus (OEM Edition) with 30 days of
virus definition updates;
Sun™ JRE™;
ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software™;
ThinkVantage Productivity Center™;
ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery®;
ThinkVantage System Update™;
ThinkVantage System Migration Assistant™;
ThinkVantage Client Security Solution™;
* M58p can only support Q9XXX & E8XXX series processors.
** Note: SMC model, available in Q1, 2009 in AG and Q2, 2009 worldwide.
The M58/M58p is the highest EPEAT Gold Certified ThinkCentre for low energy use and minimal impact on the
environment, exceeding the requirements of the world's most widely known eco labels. All form factors are also
ENERGY STAR 4.0 Certified and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®. The M58/M58p has ThinkVantage Power
Manager, the most advanced power management tool, providing power management control and monitoring.
Companies can now. Lenovo's ThinkCentre M58 has improved thermals over its predecessor product, and combined
with Lenovo's energy-saving ThinkVision® monitors and keyboards provides the lowest energy consumption solution
in the industry.
Lenovo® recommends Windows Vista® Business.
Additional Memory: 2GB PC3-8500
1066MHz DDR3 UDIMM Memory (43J5435)
– SFF, Tower only 2GB PC3-8500 1066MHZ
DDR3 SODIMM Memory (43R1988) - Eco
USFF only
Lowest-cost method to boost system
Lenovo 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
DisplayPort + DVI Graphics Card (45K1635)
– Tower
Lenovo 256MB ATI Radeon™ HD3470
DisplayPort + VGA Graphics Card
(45K1636) - SFF or Tower
Boost graphics performance
DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D Monitor
Cable (45J7915)
Attach existing DVI-D (digital) monitor to
ThinkCentre or DisplayPort Graphic Card
Lenovo ThinkVision L2440x Wide Flat
Panel LCD Monitor - (4421-HB2)
Lenovo ThinkVision L197 Wide Flat Panel
LCD Monitor - (4434-HE1)
Lenovo ThinkVision USB Soundbar
Lenovo ThinkVision Soundbar (45K1263)
Lenovo Fingerprint USB Keyboard - U.S.
English (73P4730)
High performance, fully programmable,
superior comfort laser mouse
Additional Configurable Options Include:
• Serial Port • DisplayPort-to-DVI Dongle • USB Expansion Port • Wide Array of Discrete Graphics Cards
800 938 838
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Footnotes: [1] Available in Q2, 2009. [2] Optional on Eco USFF. [3] ThinkCentre M58 SFF with ThinkVision L197 Wide vs. ThinkCentre M52 SFF with ThinkVision L194 Wide, mainstream configuration. [4] Packaging on SFF available
in select countries. [5] Available on Tower and SFF models. [6] M58p only, available in Q1 2009 in AG and Q2 2009 in WW. [7] Available on Tower and SFF. [8] Available on Tower Vista model. [9] Models with 4GB Memory: Total
accessible memory will be less and will vary depending on the system configuration. [Maximum capacity may require purchase of optional component]. [10] Included Software: May differ from its retail version (if available) and may not
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