Plockmatic PBM500/350 - Plockmatic International AB

Plockmatic PBM500/350 - Plockmatic International AB
Plockmatic PBM500/350
Booklet Makers
Introducing two booklet makers with specifications unmatched in the mid-range.
Plockmatic International
Plockmatic International develops, manufactures and markets an extensive
range of document finishing systems sold under the Plockmatic and Morgana
brand names. These products work inline or offline in concert with the world’s
best digital printing systems. We make booklets. We also mail, fold, crease,
perforate and bind documents with extraordinary precision. Quite simply, we
turn stacks of printed paper into the beautifully finished documents you use
every day.
The Plockmatic PBM500/350
The Plockmatic 500/350 is a modular in-line booklet making solution for centralized reproduction
departments and commercial print providers - large and small. Customers can choose from a range of costeffective options to support their application requirements. The system is packed with a host of unique
technologies that deliver finished books with quality to match today’s printing systems.
Customers are demanding more media versatility from digital print. The Plockmatic 500/350 is designed
from the ground up to work with today’s coated, uncoated and textured paper stocks.
Plockmatic works closely with print engine manufacturers and workflow partners to ensure the closest
possible integration of the booklet making system. This supports ease of use and allows operators of
different skill levels to get the most out of the entire printing system.
Modular Design
Booklet Maker - The standard configuration includes the Booklet Maker and output
tray to provide set compiling, stapling, folding and stacking.
Face Trimmer - Removes the shingled effect on the face of the folded document
and provides a clean document edge.
Book Folder - Adds square folding to booklets for a professional look and printable
Rotate Crease and Bleed Trimmer - Adds rotation, creasing and bleed trimming to
folded booklets for a professional look
Hand feeding - Output from any other print device can be manually fed through
the booklet maker, face trim and square fold modules.
The latest generation in digital booklet making
New Color Graphical Interface
Operators are now guided through job setup with detailed graphics that
can provide step-by-step guidance. Getting professional results using all
the system’s features has never been easier.
PBM500/PBM350 Production Booklet Makers
The PBM500 can staple and fold up to 50 sheets
which creates booklets of up to 200 pages. The
PBM350 is capable of 35 sheets creating 140
page booklets.
Cover feeder (optional)
The cover feeder provides another pick point
for pre-printed covers. Allows easy blending of
color covers with monochrome content.
Book Fold module (optional)
The Book Fold module adds the finishing touch
with a square folded edge and printable spine.
Gives booklets the professional look of a perfect
bound book.
RCT - Rotate Crease Trim module (optional)
The Plockmatic RCT Rotate Crease Trim unit
provides professional looking, full bleed
trimmed and creased booklets on the
Face Trimmer module (optional)
The Face Trimmer module trims the side
opposite to the spine eliminating the “shingle”
effect that occurs with thicker booklets.
Hand feed capability
This standard feature allows output produced
on other printing systems to be turned into high
quality booklets.
Fold mechanism
A newly designed fold mechanism gives a sharp
fold for every application, resulting in
professional looking documents every time.
Maintenance free staple heads
High-wearing parts are built into the easy to
replace staple cartridge itself. You’ll spend less
time worrying about maintenance and more
time making great looking books.
The PBM500/350 is a fully integrated booklet
making system with automated workflow and
job recovery. Features include:
Production of high quality booklets at
print engine rated speed.
The larger display makes set up easier so
you can process more short run jobs in
less time
Booklet Maker Specification
Trimmer Specification (Optional)
Minimum trimming
1 mm / (0.0394”)*
Maintain engine
Maximum trimming
25 mm / (0.984”)
Standard Paper Sizes
A4, A3, B4, 8.5x11”,
8.5x14”, 9x12”, 11x17”,
12x18”, SRA4, SRA3
Custom size possible
Power Source
From PBM500/350
Standard Paper Sizes
Same as PBM500/350
Paper Size (Min)
Width 206 mm/8.1”
Length 275 mm/10.8”
Up to 25 jobs can be stored in memory for Paper Size (Max)
easy recall
Width 320 mm/12.6”
Length 457.2 mm/18”
The system can produce booklets with up
to 200 (140) pages.
Paper Weight
uncoated (Min)
coated (Min)
64 gsm/16 lb Bond
105 gsm/28 lb Bond
Patented folding mechanism provides a
sharp and professional looking book
Paper Weight (Max)
Face Trimmer Module option will trim the
shingle off the front of the book
Cover Feeder option adds pre-printed
covers of up to 140 lb Index / 250gsm
cover to the book
Book Fold Module option creates a more
professional, flatter square fold booklet
from saddle stitched booklets created on
the Booklet Maker
The Trimmer support “multi-cut” operation. This
allows customers to create a 105 mm/4.35” long
booklet cut down from a larger sheet size.
* When trimming SRA3 (450 mm) Booklets minimum
trimming is 5 mm, when trimming 18” Booklets
minimum trimming is 9 mm.
Book Fold Specification (Optional)
Paper Size (Min)
Same as PBM500/350
300 gsm/110 lb Cover
Paper Size (Max)
Same as PBM500/350
Set size (stapled
2-50 Sheets PBM500
2-35 Sheets PBM350
(80 gsm/20 lb Bond)
Set size (stapled folding) Same as PBM500/350
Set size (non stapled
1-2 sheets
Cover feeder Specification (Optional)
Off-line Use
Power Source
100-230V 50-60Hz
Power consumption
Noise emission
Rotate, Crease Bleed Trimmer
Specification (Optional)
Ricoh Pro™ 8100/8110/8120
Minimum trimming
Ricoh Pro™ C7100/C7110
Ricoh Pro™ C9100/C9110
5 + 5 = 10 mm /
Power Source
From PBM500/350
Paper Weight (Min)
64 gsm/18 lb Bond
Paper Weight (Max)
250 gsm/14 lb Index
Cover Feeder Capacity 20 mm (approx 200
sheets of 80 gsm
13/16” (approx 200
sheets 20 lb Bond
Power Source
From PBM500/350
The Cover Feeder dimensions are included in the
Booklet maker dimensions and will not add
anything more to the space.
Maximum trimming
30 + 30 = 60 mm /
Power Source
100-230V 50-60Hz
High capacity Belt stacker (Optional)
Standard Paper Sizes
Same as PBM500/350
Stacks up to 1000 A4 / 8.5x11” sized
booklets of 4 pages
Asymmetrical trimming Yes
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