Release yourself of
flying insects.
• Stylish contempory design for fishing, camping and
traveling use
• For in & outdoor using
• Two kinds LED light with long working life of 50.000
hours. UV-A LED light lure mosquito and white LED
light for emergency lighting
• Suction fan is located on the top for ideal
• With ON-OFF switch button for easy operating
• Uses only 4 watt
• Rechargable
• No medicine--better for your health and enviroment
• Easy to clean
• Fire-resistant construction
• Selectable colors
Weight 1,8 Kg
225mm x 330mm x 225mm (L x H x B )
Portable mosquito killer ST-MK01 is the patent design with best effective in the current market, why it is the
best product? Because it has not only good appearance on the surface, chemical-free and friendly to people
and pets but high quality of all of its components are safety approved by CE standard and staff in the R&D with
more than ten years experience.
It uses biotechnology, air-current and optics technical to rid areas of flying insects. Flying insects are attracted to
UV light. A built in sucking fan sucks in the insects which are killed upon contact with the electric grids.
It is chemical-free and environmentally friendly to people and pets. Ideal for indoor use, such as bed-room,
kitchen, small shops, etc.
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Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.