MasterConsole CAT - Features and Benefits
and Benefits
MasterConsole® CAT
Space-Saving Design
All MasterConsole CAT (MCCAT) units are only 1U in height, taking up
little space in the server room.
Video Display
Supports the highest video resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz at
100 feet and 1280 x 1024 at 150 feet.
MasterConsole Computer
Interface Module (MCIM)
MCIMs with “keep-alive” technology allow users to add, remove and
hot-swap components without interruption to the live servers.
Multiplatform MCIMs
MCIMs are available in USB and PS/2 for support of various servers
and devices in your data center.
The single-user models (MCCAT18/116) support MS-DOS, Windows®
2000/2003/NT/XP/Vista®, Linux® (Red Hat, Novell® Suse) and SCO
UNIX®. The two-user models (MCCAT28/216) support the above
platforms as well as Macintosh® OS9, OSX and Sun® SolarisTM.
New MCUTP Cabling
MCUTP cable is a brand new option for the MCCAT product line. It
integrates Raritan’s Computer Interface Module (CIM) and UTP cable
for easier cabling management. Cables provide PS/2, USB and Sun
USB support and come in lengths of 2, 6, 13 and 20 feet.
Also, Raritan’s CIM, with PS/2, USB, Sun and serial support, provides
up to 150 feet between the target server or serial devices and the
switch with the current server room’s cabling infrastructure.
These two cabling options assign and retain unique server names for
each attached server automatically. They make installation and reconfiguration simple and easy.
AC Power: 110/220V
An integrated power supply ensures proper power provision and
system reliability.
Single and Dual-User Models
MasterConsole CAT is available in one and two-user models, so up to
two users can have simultaneous KVM sessions without blocking.
Simple Installation
Plug-and-play installation, auto-configuration along with easy-to-use,
on-screen displays.
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V1078 R3 April 2009
MasterConsole® CAT - Features and Benefits
Cross-Platform and
Hardware Independent
Works with a mixture of servers that have PS/2 and USB interfaces,
including Sun USBs.
Cat5 Simplicity™
Utilizes Cat5e cabling to carry KVM signals from the modules (MCIMs)
to a single-user console.
Long-Distance Video Quality
With the two-user MasterConsole CAT (MCCAT28/216) and a User
Station, the second user can be up to 650 ft (198m) from the switch for
“lights-out” server room access.
The MasterConsole CAT User Station (MCCAT-UST) can be placed
up to 100 feet away from the switch.
The Paragon® II User Station (P2-EUST) can be placed up to 650
feet away from the switch.
Target Labeling
Targets can be labeled with device names. This allows easier server
selection from the on-screen menu.
Users can control up to eight or 16 servers. With the MCCAT116 and
MCCAT216 models, users can control up to 256 servers by cascading
the units.
Password Authentication
Support of one administrator and 127 user profiles for basic
AutoScan and AutoSkip
AutoScan allows users to scan servers at variable rates. AutoSkip
bypasses inactive channels.
Screen Saver
A screen saver feature is provided in addition to the already supported
Green Mode feature.
Backward Compatibility
MCCAT is compatible with existing MasterConsole equipment,
allowing for investment protection and continued ROI.
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V1078 R3 April 2009