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MousePen M508
5”x 8” Touch Pad Tablet for professionals
Genius introduces a new generation touch pad tablet - MousePen M508. This 5”x 8”
working area tablet provides a unique touch pad and offers a simpler, more natural way
to control your working area using the zoom in/zoom out and brush control features.
The 4000 LPI high resolution and 1024 level pressure sensitivity pen meet your most
professional grahpic demands. MousePen M508 also has four express keys to help your
working efficincy: just press a button and you get instant access to the eraser and undo
function, open a new layer, or choose the brush type. This tablet is great for both
Windows and Mac users to write, draw, sketch and sign emails through the bundled
software. Use the special pen clip design for easy storage so you can carry the tablet
MousePen M508 is the best choice for artists and designers. Just ask your salesperson
how you can pick this device up.
▼Key Features
▼Dates available:
● Sample Delivery: Feb.2010
● Mass Production: March. 2010
5” x 8” switchable working area for wide/4:3 screen user’s needs.
Creative touch-pad for scrolling, zooming in/out and brush control functions.
4000 LPI high accuracy and sensitivity for a highly reactive cursor.
1024-level pressure sensitivity for all shapes and thickness control.
Cordless mouse and pen give you the unlimited freedom.
● Chain store retail MSRP: US$149
● Non-chain store retail MSRP: US$169
Brilliant touch pad for Zoom in/Zoom Out,
Scrolling and brush control
Four express keys: Eraser
Undo, New layer and brush.
13 Office and
Internet shortcuts
Creative Paint
4:3 and 16:10
Ratio switch
Personal Sign
Blog Edit
Accurate Draw
Digital Write
Active area: 5” x 8”
Resolution: 4000 LPI
Report Rate: 200 PPS
Pen pressure: 1024 levels
Express keys: four
Programmable keys: 13
▼System Requirements:
• IBM PC/ Pentium 233 compatible or higher
• Windows 7/Vista/XP
• Mac OS 10.3.5 above
• Available USB port
• CD/DVD-ROM drive
• At least 4 MB hard disk drive
● At least 64 MB of RAM
▼Package Contents:
● MousePen M508 Tablet
● Cordless pen
● CD includes:
- Tablet driver (includes electronic user’s manual)
- Tablet Software
(Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Corel Painter X,
PenNotice, Annotate for word, Pen Commander,
Pen Mail, Pen Signer)
- Two pen tips and refill tweezer
- Three AAA batteries for the cordless pen and mouse
- Multi-language quick guide
WEEE data
1024 level sensitivity pen and
cordless mouse for complete
accurate control
Dimension (W*H*D mm)
255x297x23.2 mm
Body weight (g)
Gift box size (mm)
350x314x67 mm
UPC code
0911632 231356
EAN code
4710268 231356
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