HP 23 Large Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge

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hp no.23 tri-colour inkjet print cartridge
The HP No.23 (c1823de) Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridge is designed for HP Deskjet or HP Officejet users
who are looking for an outstanding combination of productivity, photo quality colour printing and a
competitive cost-per-page.
This is the colour cartridge used on most HP Deskjet 700 and 800 series printers, both of which feature
improved driver efficiencies to deliver substantially improved pages-per-cartridge performance. The large
volume No.23 cartridge delivers an average of 690 pages at 15% density.
true-to-life vibrant colours
Proprietary HP inks are designed to deliver the best possible print quality – every time – and the
extremely small ink drops delivered by this cartridge ensure smooth skin tones and colour gradients,
better image resolution, sharper edges and smoother colour transitions. This makes the No.23 cartridge
an excellent choice for printing photographs with vibrant colour and true-to-life images.
low cost option for low volume users
In addition to the standard c1823de cartridge, which has a 30 ml ink capacity, there is also a light user
option (c1823ge)* which has a 15 ml capacity. This product is designed to appeal to low volume or
infrequent users, for whom a low cartridge price is often a key purchasing decision.
* Available in the UK, Ireland and France only
30 ml cartridge to complement hp deskjet
driver efficiencies
ideal for volume printing;
printer advance means even more pages
per cartridge
designed for use with most hp deskjet 700
and 800 series colour printers
purpose designed for these highly popular and
widely used printers
very small ink drops (10pl)
photo quality images with smooth tones and
colour gradients, better image resolution and
sharper images
genuine hp ink
designed to work with hp printers and media to
deliver outstanding print quality every time
reduced volume option (c1823ge)
attractive low cost option of infrequent users
hp no.23 tri-colour inkjet print cartridge
frequently asked questions
who will this product appeal
to most?
The HP No.23 Tri-colour Inkjet
Print Cartridge will appeal to
high volume users of HP Deskjet
(700 and 800 series) and
HP Officejet printers. These
customers will be looking
for photo quality output at a
competitive cost per page, and
will also want the convenience
of a high yield cartridge.
This cartridge has been
specifically designed for use
with the HP Deskjets 710, 720c,
722c, 815c, 880c, 890c,
895cxi and 1120c. It is also
compatible with HP Officejets
1170c and 1175c.
what’s the benefit of printing
with very small ink drops?
More ink drops per dot allows
smoother colour transitions and
better image resolution. This in
turn results in true-to-life, photo
quality colour images. The
No.23 cartridge is therefore
ideal for creating business
reports, newsletters, design
ideas, presentations and
special projects.
can this cartridge be used with
all hp media?
While the No.23 cartridge will
deliver great results on standard
office paper, it is specially
engineered to work with HP
papers and films. This cartridge
is compatible with our full media
range, from photo papers to
transparency films.
do the printers themselves affect
cartridge yield?
HP Deskjet 700 and 800 series
printers have all benefited from
advances in HP’s inkjet printer
technologies and the enhanced
printer driver efficiencies means
that customers can now produce
more pages for the same
amount of ink… without
affecting print quality.
product specifications
hp selection no.
hp tri-colour inkjet print cartridge
hp tri-colour inkjet print cartridge
ink volume
690 pages at 15% density
325 pages at 15% density
no. of nozzles
192 (64 per colour)
192 (64 per colour)
dimensions (l x w x d)
155 x 119 x 40 mm
155 x 119 x 40 mm
179 g
154 g
*Available only in UK, Ireland and France.
©2001 Hewlett-Packard
Printed in the Netherlands 10/01
5981-1132 EEE