BakkerElkhuizen FlexDesk 630

document holder and writing slope
FlexDesk 630
Multifunctional: document holder and writing slope
Creates an in-line workstation: document holder is placed
between screen and keyboard, that prevents undue head and
neck movements
Height adjustable (120 - 185 mm): good alignment to the
Improves efficiency and comfort: working simultaneously
with documents and computer
Space under front side: 55 mm
Material: Clear and white Acrylic
485 x 120 x 370 mm (W x D x H)
2450 g
Product code:
Most desktop users work with their computer and documents at
the same time. Commonly these papers are on the left or the
right of the computer user, whereby the neck strain
increases.The "in-line" document holder increases
the productivity, working simultaneously with the monitor and
the document. The document holder enables the user to create
extra workspace to organize documents, notes, mobile phone,
PDA, post-it Notes just right in front of the user.
1. "in-line" working
Health & Safety Regulations
Council Directive 90/270/E The minimum safety and health
2. Writing position
requirements for work with display screen equipment. The document
holder shall be stable and adjustable and shall be positioned so as to
minimize the need for uncomfortable head and eye movements.
2 -