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The ISDN card is ideally suited to give your PC access to the world of the Integrated Services Digital
Network. It is easy to install, and easy to configure because it is fully Plug and Play compatible. The
Windows 95, OSR2, 98, NT4.0, Me, 2000 or XP operating system will automatically install and
configure the ISDN card. With the ISDN card, you can have an ISDN telephone, answering machine,
file transfer, videotex, G3/G4 Fax functions, and Internet access. This will bring you more versatility
and efficiency in the ISDN era.
Fully Plug and Play compatible.
Provides telephony functions with a headset (optional).
Supports both 16-bit and 32-bit CAPI drivers for Windows 95/OSR2/98/NT/ Me/2000 and XP.
Supports TAPI and NDIS WAN miniport drivers for Windows 95/OSR2/98/NT/Me/2000 and XP.
Supports Multilink PPP (MP) for 128Kbps (two B channels) internet access and data transfer.
Supports X.75, T.70NL, ISO8208, T.90, and HDLC transparent protocols on the B channel for TOnline, AOL,
CompuServe, BTX, BBS, Eurofile transfer, and G4 Fax.
Has support for a bit-transparent driver on the B channel for answering machine and G3 Fax
Supports both V.110 and V.120 rate adaptation.
Supports COM port simulation for modem-based application programs.
Cologne HFC-S PCI A Chipset
1. An IBM compatible PC with Pentium 166MHz or above with at least 32MB of RAM.
2. One free interrupt (IRQ).
3. Microsoft Windows 95/OSR2/98/NT/Me/2000 or XP.
4. At least 30MB of free disk space for the driver and software.
5. A VGA compatible monitor.
6. An IBM or Microsoft compatible mouse.
7. An ISDN basic rate S0 line released by PTT (Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration).
If you want to send and receive the Group 3 (G3) fax at 14.4Kbps, you should have a
Pentium processor.
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ISDN-PCI-Card, Kabel, Manual, Driver/Manual-CD, CD with RVSCOM Software
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