Entrance foyers
Corporate video
Industrial DVD-Video Player
Industrial DVD-Video Player
The DVD-V8000: The DVD player for Professionals
Professional DVD players must deliver exceptional
Fit for purpose: By virtue of design, some industrial
picture performance. They should be robust and highly
A/V systems just look fit for the job. It’s certainly the case
durable while offering wide-ranging connectivity. And
with the DVD-V8000. Its solid frame (420mm wide and
performance with a range of
their features should be easily controlled through
86.2mm high) fits neatly into a 19-inch EIA rack, the
an intuitive interface. These qualities and more are
operating buttons are large and sensibly laid out (with a
features to extend reliability
immediately apparent when casting a professional’s
cross-shaped cursor providing controls familiar to users
and durability in even the most
eye over Pioneer’s DVD-V8000. The company’s new
of consumer players), and the clear back-lit LCD display
DVD player perfectly fuses form and function to
further enhances ease of use, while an impressive
demanding environments - the
provide a flexible system with uncompromising video
array of connectors (including DVI-D) underlines the
DVD-V8000 is an outstanding
performance for industrial applications including: video
system’s professional credentials; credentials enhanced
exhibits in museums and art galleries, video display
by key technical design touches. The drive mechanism
DVD player for virtually any
in bars and clubs, sales promotions in showrooms
is specially constructed to be impregnable to dust, while
and stores, information displays in shopping centres,
the superlative picture performance is achieved by a
offices and airports, and for training and education in
high performance video DAC, digital noise reduction
companies and schools.
technology and digital filters.
Combining ease of use
and high quality video
industrial application.
Packed with Features that Make Operation Ultra-Convenient for Any Type of Application
Successor to the widely popular DVD-V7300,
the DVD-V8000 offers an even more impressive
array of useful functions and new design features;
improvements that provide exceptional levels of
durability and image quality in a system that’s
simplicity itself to operate and maintain.
Industrial DVD-Video Player
High Durability
and Reliability
Command Stack with new GUI:
A convenient tool for demonstrations and
display presentations, the feature enables
Durability is a major consideration for
video playlists to be saved and playback
industrial users and the DVD-V8000 is a
controlled via stacks of linked commands,
very robust system. High quality drive
so automatic switching is performed
components are sealed to prevent dust
as desired. In tandem with a new GUI
ingress, while a brushless spindle motor has
on the DVD-V8000, all Command Stack
been designed for the disc drive together
operations are quick and easy to perform.
with a new stepping motor for the optical
drive – design features that extend reliability.
Frame Search: Enables users to search and cue playback points in more precise
units than using chapter and time searches. Search times are extremely fast, and
Superior Image Quality
by using frame-segment playback, playback can be defined between two specific
Pioneer’s video expertise ensures high-quality image reproduction through
points followed by an automatic stop. The capability is ideal for video production
the combination of a 12-bit/216 MHz video DAC, digital filters and digital
applications and the content can be reviewed and controlled via a PC.
noise reduction technologies. DVI-D digital video connectors (compliant with
HDCP Version 1.0) allow the output of high-quality digital video images; so
External Sync Playback: A professional feature that enables a black burst sync
from signal input handling to output, the process is completely digital.
signal to be looped through the External Sync terminals for clean switching with
other video sources. It supports frame synchronization when using multiple players.
Easy operation
For easy operation, the DVD-V8000 features Frame Search, Power on
Convenient Timer/Power On/Off Functions: The timer function can set the
Start, RS-232C Control, MOUSE/MEMORY interface jacks and External Sync,
player for power on, standby/off, and disc playback at designated times or on
as well as user-friendly new features such as Output, Pass Through and
designated days of the week. Programmed playback of certain video segments is
a Command Stack GUI. The system can be easily connected into virtually
also supported in conjunction with the Command Stack. The weekly timer function
any industrial environment and programmed and controlled either directly
enables up to 24 power on/off times to be set on any single day, and settings can
from the player and remote control unit or via PC and mouse.
be saved and accessed through a memory stick for added convenience.
The DVD Logo is a registered trademark of DVD Format/
SRS TruSurround, SRS and the
Logo Corporation.
trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc.
symbol are
This label indicates playback compatibility with DVD-RW
DTS and DTS Digital Out are registered trademarks of Digital
discs recorded in VR mode (Video Recording format).
Theater Systems, Inc.
Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered
NSV® (Noise Shaped Video) is a registered trademark
trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
of Analog Devices, Inc.
This indicates compatibility with Pioneer systems remote control.
With a wide range of connectivity, the DVD-V8000 can be set up exactly as you require; so along side
performance and ease of use, the system is also extremely flexible – extending investment returns.
Multi-functional MOUSE/MEMORY Interfaces
Three MOUSE/MEMORY interfaces are available so that player settings and Command Stack information
can be conveniently stored and accessed via a USB mouse or memory device. A USB touchscreen device
can also be connected to transform video presentations from a static to interactive medium enabling users
to draw directly onto the on-screen image; an application that enriches education, corporate training and
sports tuition environments.
USB Tablet
USB Touchscreen
USB Memory Device
Industrial DVD-Video Player
USB Mouse
RS-232C Interfaces:
Monitor Output
Pass Through
A monitor connector is provided supporting output to a control monitor
The DVD-V8000 is equipped with input connectors for composite video
used to display the main image with superimposed control data. This
and analogue audio inputs; so it’s possible to switch through DVD images
means that the composite, components, S-Video and DVI-D connectors can
and video/audio inputs from external sources using either the front panel
be used to output the main video without OSD data.
buttons, RS-232C commands or the Command Stack function.
The DVD-V8000 has two RS-232C
connectors, a 15-pin and a 9-pin.
Commands from a computer
or custom controller input via
RS-232C (or EXT terminal) can
be used to control playback of
DVD-Video, Video CD and Audio
CD. The RS-232C also enables a PC
or switch pad to be connected so
that customers can interact with
content – a facility of particular
use for retail, point of sale and
exhibition environments.
Extend Terminal:
Video Switch
The 15-pin connector also serves
as an Extend Terminal, with pins
allocated for use as optional
external switch functions. By
Main Video
DVD Player or Video Player,
TV Tuner, etc
Control using the front
panel buttons, RS-232C
or Command Stack
connecting switches to these pins,
DVD-Video menus can be selected
and command stacks loaded, and
operations performed similarly to
the remote control unit.
DVD-V8000 Specifications
Playable Discs
Safety Standards
Video Signal
DVD-Video (Video, VR), Video-CD and CD-DA
650nm wave length semiconductor laser for DVD media
780nm wave length semiconductor laser for CD media
AC 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
23W (Playback), 0.8W (Standby)
420 x 86.2 x 309.2 mm
5˚C ~ 35˚C
Less than 85% (no condensation)
DVD-Video (NTSC/PAL), Video-CD (NTSC/PAL),
3.5 inch CD single
FCC (Class B)
Output Level
Video Output Terminal
S Output
DVI-D 24pin
1 volt p-p (75 ohms load, synchronous load)
1 volt p-p (75 ohms load, synchronous load)
286mVp-p (75ohms load)
1 volt p-p (75 ohms load) BNC
0.7 volt p-p (75 ohms load) BNC
0.7 volt p-p (75 ohms load) BNC
73dB or more
500 lines or more
200 mVrms (1KHz,-20dB)
4Hz ~44kHz (DVD fs : 96kHz), 4Hz ~ 20kHz (CDfs: 44.1)
Black burst
0.3 volt p-p (75 ohms load) BNC x2 (loop-through)
(AC-3/PCM/MPEG/DTS) RCA x1, Optical x1
D-sub 15-pin
USB (TYPE-A) Front x2, Rear x1
D-sub 15-pin x1, 9-Pin x1, Baud rate 4800/9600/19200 bps
16 charactor, 2 rows
Composite Video Input BNC, Analog Audio L/R RCA
Wireless SR Type
Black burst
Power Requirement
Power Consumption
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Disc Type
Component Video Output
Audio Output
External Sync. Input
Signal to Noise Ratio
Horizontal Resolution
Audio Output Terminal
Digital Audio Specifications
Y Output Level
C Output Level
Y Output Level
Pb Output Level
Pr Output Level
Frequency Response
Signal to Noise Ratio
Dynamic Range
Input Level
Other Terminal
Digital Output
Communication Interface
RS-232C Serial I/F
Pass Through
External Sync Lock
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Pioneer Europe N.V
Multimedia Division
Brackets x2, Screw x8
Rear Panel
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