PrintCryptionTM Card
PrintCryptionTM Card
for the C91x color
printer, Lexmark T
network printers is
designed to provide
security for proprietary
and confidential
Secured and protected
printing data stream
from a variety of
■ Provides a higher level of security with minimal administrator support
■ Strengthens security for proprietary and confidential information
when transmitted over a TCP/IP network
■ Supports secure key management protocols with session keys or
persistent keys
■ Ideal for businesses handling sensitive or personal information,
such as financial institutions, government agencies and healthcare
■ AES encryption meets FIPS-197 requirements
(Federal Information Processing Standard)
• Lexmark PrintCryptionTM Card
• Installation instruction sheet (French, German, Italian,
Spanish, English and Portugese)
• CD-ROM with the license agreement, README in PDF
format and encryption software. Use selected UNIX and
Windows system environments
• Lexmark T520n*, T520dn*, T522n, T522dn
• Lexmark T620n, T620dn, T622n, T622dn
• Lexmark X620e MFP
• Lexmark T630n, T630dn, T632n, T630dn, T634n,
• Lexmark X63x MFP’s
• W820n, W820dn, X820eMFP and W812n
* A minimum of 32MB of printer RAM memory is required.
Note: Only n or dn printers with standard Ethernet
connections are supported. The MarkNetTM X2000 and
MarkNet N2000 Print Servers do not support the
Lexmark PrintCryptionTM card.
These products have been classified by the US Bureau
of Industry and Security under ECCN 5D002 (c.1) as
retail PrintCryption items exportable to certain
countries under License Exception ENC, Section 740.17 (b)
(3) of the Export Administration Regulations.
These products are subject to U.S. export control laws
and may be subject to export or import regulations in
other countries.
Licenses and approvals to export, re-export, or import
this product may be required after delivery.
These products may not be exported or re-exported to
any countries (or any nationals of such countries) that
support international terrorism, including, but not
limited to, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan
and Syria.
These products may not be exported for use in the
design, development, production or use of nuclear,
biological or chemical weapons.
Lexmark has extended its technology leadership
with the introduction of the Lexmark
PrintCryptionTM Card, designed to protect
sensitive information as it is printed. The new
Lexmark PrintCryptionTM Card delivers encryption
and decryption capabilities for secure printing to
Lexmark network printers. This new level of
printing security is ideal for many industries,
including those that are commonly handling
sensitive or personal information, such as
financial institutions, government agencies and
healthcare organisations.
Sun Solaris (7, 8, 9), Linux (Red Hat 7, 8, Caldera
3.1, SuSE 8), Microsoft Windows (98, Me, NT 4.0,
2000 and XP), *Apple Mac OS X, HP-UX 10, 11,
and *IBM AIX 4.3, 5.0.
A command line utility (DCP) is used to encrypt
print jobs for Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX and IBM AIX.
Product overview
The PrintCryptionTM Card provides corporate
environments with strengthened printing
security. A May 2002 survey conducted by CIO
Magazine underscores the importance of IT
security. In fact, survey respondents recommend
a 77 percent increase in security spending in
2003 compared to current levels.
The new Lexmark PrintCryptionTM Card works
with software from Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.
(LRS), VPS/TCPIP 8.0 or later and VPS/Secure 8.0
or later, to provide encrypted, end-to-end print
job security between common mainframe and
Windows systems and wired or wireless
Lexmark network printers.
This solution generates random and unique
session keys for each print job. Similar offerings
on the market today use a persistent key for
each printer.This new Lexmark technology offers
a level of security that eliminates the worry of a
"key" being compromised and used to intercept
future confidential print jobs.
As an added layer of security, this new offering
also permits only the specified printer to decrypt
and print the data. If information is
inappropriately intercepted, it remains
encrypted. The Lexmark PrintCryptionTM Card
works when installed in the Lexmark T family, W
family or C91x color laser printers to receive the
encrypted data stream, decrypt it and produce
the confidential document.
Encryption software is included to secure and
support print data sent from supported systems
The Lexmark PrintCryptionTM Card provides
support for the Advanced Encryption Standard
(Rijndael algorithm). The printer must be
connected to the TCP/IP network using the
standard Ethernet connection in the network
printer models. Unique TCP/IP port numbers are
used for the encrypted print information. The
card decrypts and prints the information
appropriate for the port.
• Port 9150 - persistent key management and
control for RSA public and private key pairs
• Port 9151 - used for data encrypted with an AES
persistent key
• Port 9152 - used for data encrypted with an AES
session key
Ordering information
W820 PrintCryption Card
W812 PrintCryption Card
T52x, T62x PrintCryption Card
T63x PrintCryption Card
See links for detailed information
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom
United States
Australia and New Zealand
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