Kodak Digital Science Scanner 2500
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Kodak Digital Science Roller Exchange Kit / for Scanner 2500D
Includes: feed roller assembly, retard roller, 1 package of 3 roller cleaning pads
Usage: replacement at approximately 300,000 pages.
General Consumables for ALL Kodak Scanners
The consumables listed below are for use with all Kodak Scanners.
Please see individual scanners for consumables and accessories specific to your model.
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Kodak Digital Science Roller Cleaning Pads (24 per package)
Usage: approximately one pad per day or more frequently if required.
169 0783
Kodak Digital Science Transport Cleaning Sheets (50 sheets per package)
Usage: 2 to 4 sheets per 8-hour shift/machine.
896 5519
Staticide Wipes / for Kodak Scanners (6 boxes of 24)
Usage: approximately 1 per day.
826 6488
Brillianize Detailer Wipes / for Kodak Scanners
Includes: 12 dual packets with a microfiber cloth
Usage: these cleaning pads are an alternative to the Staticide wipes for cleaning and
polishing of the scanner's image guides when scanning in color. Do not use this wipes on the
feeding or transport rollers.
The following parts can be ordered from Parts Service
Round Cleaning Brush (Natural bristle) – 1 per package
TL 2253
TL 2156
Flat Cleaning Brush (Natural bristle) – 1 per package
September 2011