SMP data sheet final Rev2

SMP data sheet final Rev2
System Management Portfolio
System Management Portfolio
Simplified System Configuration and Management
with Remote Monitoring and Updating
The Thinklogical System Management Portfolio helps users easily manage and maintain Thinklogical KVM deployments of
any size. Encompassing four specialized software packages and a hardware interface, the Thinklogical System Management
Portfolio provides powerful remote management and maintenance capabilities, making it easier for users to set up,
configure, operate and update a Thinklogical signal extension and switching system.
A standard software package included with every Thinklogical MX and VX router and matrix switch, the Configurator’s
intuitive graphical user interface enables faster set-up and helps simplify defining users, groups, stations and macros.
Premium Configurator
Offers all the capabilities of the Configurator, plus:
· Synchronized system management for use with redundant
routing systems, enabling automatic configuration synchronization.
· Premium tie-line management for bidirectional tie lines, with no
restrictions for video path direction over tie lines.
· Drag-and-drop graphical user interface, which allows users to
easily model their physical system layout on-screen and quickly
switch sources and destinations by simply moving the content
source icon to the desired destination.
Easy-to-use, drag and drop user interface
Hot-Key Manager
Provides control access from workstations, granting any authorized receiver on the router the ability to make a switch with a
simple keystroke or movement of the mouse. Users define a set of keystrokes to deliver routing control to the desktop, all
managed through an easy-to-understand on-screen display.
System Management Interface
Introduces system diagnostics, remote monitoring and software updating capabilities to Thinklogical system administration.
· The Interface monitors the connection and system hardware and software providing various details such as product
type, serial number, power supply status, board temperature, optical module status DDC mode, and software version,
among other parameters.
· The included System Update software allows users to remotely update their KVM system hardware over a fiber
connection up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) away.
Detailed System Monitoring and Diagnostics
The new System Management Portfolio from Thinklogical improves overall system performance and value by
reducing support effort, lowering total cost of ownership, enhancing productivity and maximizing system uptime.
System Management Portfolio
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Typical System Management Portfolio Application
System Management Interface Technical Specficiations
AC/DC Power Supply Voltage
Rear Panel Connectors
System Management Interface
Operating Temp
and Humidity
Shipping Weight
100 – 240 VAC at a frequency of 50 - 60Hz.
Height: 1.72” (43.69 mm)
8.70” (220.88 mm)
17.49" (444.29 mm)
Width (with mounting brackets): 19.03" (483.46 mm)
(Tolerances: ± .039"; 1 mm)
Four LC-Type fiber-optic connectors
One USB-B connector for CTRL updates
Linux Debian
2x24 character LCD with navigation buttons
0° to 50°C (32° to 122 °F), 5% to 95% RH, non-condensing
4.06 lb (1.842 kg)
15 lb (6.8 kg)
Approvals for US, Canada, and European Union
12 months from date of purchase. Extended warranties available.
Ordering Information
Part Number
SMP Configurator
SMP Premium Configurator
SMP Hot-Key Manager
System Management Interface, Multi-Mode
System Management Interface, Single Mode 10km
System Management Interface Monitoring
System Management Interface Monitoring and Updates
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