Touch Screen Water Control System for Concrete Production

Touch Screen Water Control System for Concrete Production
Touch Screen Water Control System
for Concrete Production
Hydro-Control VI
Hydro-Control VI
Intuitive Touch Screen Water Control System
The Hydro-Control VI is a stand alone unit designed for moisture control in concrete production.
It can be connected to a control system via an RS232 serial link to allow the transfer of mix cycle
information and remote recipe selection. A USB memory stick can be used to update the unit.
Designed for simplicity of use and integration, the colour display clearly indicates the mix cycle
status with a continuous graphical display of moisture content. The touch screen interface
completes the intuitive look and feel of the unit.
A choice of water addition modes ensure optimum performance is achieved for all recipes.
Compact and powerful - suitable for all mixer
Intuitive 8.4” LCD colour display touch screen
Remote connection for diagnostics and support
Direct replacement for Hydro-Control V units
Easy to read display provides continuous graphical
display of moisture and mix cycle status. Mix log,
sensor diagnostics and many other selectable
Versatile with selectable control modes for controlling
water addition into the mixer. Enables the most
suitable mode to be selected for any given mix recipe
Enhanced mix information enabling detailed mix
Direct communication - links to the Hydronix moisture
sensors for mixers
System integration - RS232 communication allows
setting and reading of recipe number and data from
the main control system, or simple installation using
the inputs/outputs included in the unit
Supports addition of weighed water
Easy Data Management
Upgrade, Backup and Restore via USB
Typical Installation
RS232 Recipe Selection (or by digital I/O)
Water Meter
Digital Outputs
Counts Litres / Gallons
Digital Inputs
Hydro-Control VI
Batch Controller
Hydro-Mix or
Hydro-Probe Orbiter Sensor
Digital Inputs:
Start/Resume, Cement In, Pause/Reset, Water Meter Pulse Input, Water Tank Full, Optional 8 inputs for recipe selection
Digital Outputs:
Coarse Water (switches on the coarse valve), Fine Water (switches on the fine valve), Admix, Prewet Done, Mix Complete, Alarm, Water Tank Fill
Hydro-Control to Hydronix Sensor Connection
Provides a complete system to control moisture in a
mixing application
Modes of Operation
AUTO Mode:
This is the simplest operating mode and is designed to progressively add water until a target
moisture has been achieved. Intuitive and easy to configure parameters ensure that water is
added as required. Speed and accuracy of AUTO Mode are not affected by variable batch weights.
CALC Mode:
This mode calculates the water required to be added to a mixer based on a moisture value taken
from the dry materials in the mixer. CALC Mode enables water to be added in a “single shot” at
the maximum rate. CALC Mode offers complete flexibility in moisture and homogeneity control
even when the flow rate is variable.
AUTO Mode Function
CALC Mode Function
Progressive water addition
“Single shot” water addition
Technical Information
Sensor Connection
USB Connections
Body: Stainless Steel
A Hydro-Mix or Hydro-Probe Orbiter sensor
from Hydronix can be connected to the HydroControl by two twisted pairs (4 cores total)
screened (shielded) cable with 22 AWG,
0.35mm2 conductors suitable for up to 100m.
Connections for USB memory sticks to enable
recipe backup and restore and mix log data
Touch Screen: 8.4” LCD colour display
Computer Operating System
Windows XP Embedded
Input /Output Modules
7 digital output modules and 5 digital input
modules are provided. Standard configurations
for 110VAC or 24V DC units are available, or
these can be customised to your specification.
The unit can be installed in an operator panel or
in the Hydronix Steel Enclosure.
Power Supply
24V DC 1.25A (30W) to power the HydroControl and sensor if attached. Power for
field devices must be provided from a separate
Optional Expansion Board
Required for weighed water or non-RS232
remote recipe selection.
8 inputs for discrete, binary or BCD remote
recipe selection plus a further analogue input to
enable weighed water functionality.
RS232 connection to the batch control system
for recipe updates and control commands.
Up to 32,000
Backward Compatibility
The Hydro-Control VI is backward compatible
with Hydro-Control V (HC05) units.
Safety Certification
Meets the requirements of IEC/EN 61010-1 :
2001 and ANSI/UL 61010-1 Second Edition.
Operating Temperature
0-40 degrees C.
Additional analogue input and outputs
for future upgrade path.
RS485 communication with the mixer sensor.
Ethernet port.
84mm (3.54 inches)
(7.48 inches)
15.78 inches
Steel Enclosure (Optional)
15.78 inches
8 inches
Head Office - United Kingdom:
Tel: +44 (0)1483 468900
Fax: +44 (0)1483 468919
246mm (9.69 inches)
78mm (3.31 inches)
Part Number
Hydro-Control VI - 110V input/output configuration, requires 24VDC power
Hydro-Control VI - 24V input/output configuration, requires 24VDC power
Hydro-Control VI - Custom input/output configuration, requires 24VDC power
Power Supply 30 Watt (powers Hydro-Control and connected Hydronix sensor)
Hydro-Control VI Expansion Board (required for weighed water and digital recipe
Wall Mounting Enclosure for Hydro-Control Unit IP66 (NEMA4)
Panel Mount USB Socket
Replacement System CF Card
Replacement Data Storage Card
Additional Touchscreen Protective Layer
4 Year extended warranty option
Email: [email protected]
Central Europe & Southern Africa:
Tel: + 49 2563 4858
Tel: + 33 (0) 652 04 89 04
America, Spain & Portugal:
Tel: 888-887-4884 (toll free)
or +1 231-439-5000
SL0018 1.1.0
Information given is correct at the time of publication. Hydronix reserve the right to modify and change the specification as deemed appropriate without notification.
Hydronix, Hydro-View, Hydro-Probe, Hydro-Mix and Hydro-Control are Trade Marks of Hydronix Limited.
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