AITech | 06-070-002-58 | Datasheet | AITech PC-to-TV Video Converter

Output Connections
• VGA (Sub DB-15 port) pass-through
connector for PC monitor
• S-Video
• RCA Composite
• Multimedia teaching system
• Business demonstration and training
• Watch DVD-ROM movies, play PC-based
games, surf the Internet on big-screen TVs
• Video Conferencing
• Bowling video device
Web Cable Plus
The Most Convenient & Affordable Video
Web Cable Plus, a world patented cable-like video
converter, is the all-in-one video converter at the
most affordable price level. It is equipped with full
button control (Up/Down/Left/Right) and even zoom
function. It converts any incoming VGA, SVGA, or
XGA (1024×768) signal from a PC to a NTSC or
PAL compatible video signal for displaying on any
• Plug and Play with no software setup
• Full button mouse control:
• Up/Down/Left/Right
• Zoom
• NTSC/PAL switch
• Reset
• Supports VGA input resolutions at:
• 640×480, up to 85Hz refresh rate
• 800×600, up to 85Hz refresh rate
• 1024×768, up to 70Hz refresh rate
• Simultaneous Composite and S-Video outputs
• Advanced digital signal processing technology
(VSPro™) and FlicFree™ digital filter technology
providing the crispest and most stable video
• Power supply – PS/2 keyboard port, USB port or
5V DC Power Adapter
Input Connections
• VGA (Sub DB-15 port)
• PS/2 and USB connectors - power
• AC power adapter – 5V DC
System Requirements
• IBM Compatible PC with DOS or any
Windows O/S
• VGA output (640×480, 800×600, 1024×768)
• Available PS/2 or USB port for power, or
use included AC power adapter
• Sound card optional but required for sending
audio from computer to TV
• Video input device (TV, VCR, DVD) with
RCA composite or S-Video A/V input ports
Installation is as easy as 1-2-3
No software drivers
1. Connect one end of the Web Cable Plus to
the TV or display device
2. Connect the other end of the Web Cable
Plus to your computer and monitor
3. Connect the Web Cable Plus PS/2, USB or
AC power adapter and you are all ready to
view everything from your computer
screen on your TV. It’s that easy!
Limited Warranty: One year
MSRP: $84.95
P/N: 06-070-002-58
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