Sony DSR-PD175P Datasheet

Sony DSR-PD175P Datasheet
1/3-inch 3 Exmor CMOS Professional DVCAM
Class Leading Standard Definition Handheld
yours is repaired. Plus the peace of mind that Sony is
looking after your equipment – and your business.
The DSR-PD175P is simply the best standard definition handheld camcorder ever produced by Sony. It
uses the same chassis as the state-of-the-art HVRZ5E HDV Camcorder introduced in 2008 with many of
the same advanced features, including the all-new
high performance Sony G-Lens which combines a
ClearVid array and advanced Exmor image-processing
technology for class leading picture quality and low
light performance.
The weight distribution and control layout of this
chassis has set new ergonomic standards for handheld operation, while operational flexibility is further
enhanced by support for the HVR-MRC1K Compact
Flash Solid State recorder. In every respect, the DSRPD175P is a natural successor to the legendary DSRPD170P Camcorder for customers who need the
highest performance and latest technology but don’t
currently have a requirement for High Definition.
DVCAM is the global standard for professional Standard Definition acquisition introduced by Sony as a
higher performance, more reliable version of consumer DV while retaining full compatibility. Its advantages are further extended by a comprehensive
product range, including Master Series VTRs tailored
to broadcast requirements. Typical DVCAM applications range from wedding videography to corporate
video and broadcast television. It is the ultimate ubiquitous digital broadcast and professional tape
All Sony Professional DVCAM Camcorders come with 2
years PrimeSupport at no extra cost. This means
unique extra services - such an operational phone call
support, ’anywhere collection’ and 7-day repair - for
twice as long. If your equipment is mission critical, register with PrimeSupport to receive the support you
Sony’s Exclusive High-performance G Lens
Discover the exceptional optical performance of
Sony’s G Lens. This sophisticated lens incorporates
Sony’s unique optical technology and unparalleled
quality control. Moreover, it’s been optimised to perfectly complement the camcorder’s advanced image
sensor and image-processing technology, thus expanding your shooting possibilities.
Express yourself more fully with the utmost precision
of Sony’s G Lens.
Major ’G’ Lens Features on the DSR-PD175P
• The camcorder’s 29.5mm wide-angle, 20x optical
zoom ’G’ Lens offers a field of view that’s ideal for
many shooting situations, ranging from broad
landscape shots to close-up shots where it is difficult to obtain sufficient distance from the subject.
• Two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements reduce the chromatic aberrations caused by differences in light refraction to minimise colour
fringing. The advanced 10-group, 15-element lens
structure also includes three compound aspheric
lenses for images that are crisp and clear, even
when shooting at a high zooming ratio.
• Advanced optical lens technology enables Sony’s
Exmor Sensor system realise sharper images with
higher resolution and less noise, even when
shooting in very low light.
• The six-blade iris diaphragm is almost circular,
which allows operators to incorporate creative
background blur into their shots for beautiful visual effects.
Natural-touch Lens Operation
*PrimeSupport is included with all DVCAM camcorders
purchased in the EU, Norway and Switzerland.
The ergonomic layout of the zoom, focus and iris control rings makes operation of these three functions
possible with just one hand.
This product comes with the full PrimeSupport package. That’s fast, hassle-free repairs, a helpline offering expert technical advice, and a free loan unit while
The zoom function can be controlled by any of the
• The lens barrel ring
Picture Profile
• The lever at the lens grip
Up to six different picture set-ups, including gamma
and colour settings, can be registered in the memory
as a Picture Profile™. This labour-saving function allows operators to easily recall customised picture setups for various shooting conditions. It is also useful
for matching footage shot at different times or for
multi-camera operation.
• The lever on the camera handle
A high-speed zoom mode is also available. The
digital extender system increases the zoom ratio
to approximately 30x.
The iris control ring can be customised via the
menu to:
• Select and control the iris or the exposure
• Open and close iris direction
The exposure function is ideal for varied shooting environments that range from very dark to
very bright, allowing easy one-handed control
using single-ring operation.
Sony’s Super SteadyShot system (optical) helps
you achieve a stable picture, even when camera
handling is unsteady.
Three built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters - 1/4,
1/16 and 1/64 - help to vary the depth of field
with iris control.
Cutting-edge Imaging System With Exmor
The DSR-PD175P boasts cutting-edge features including unique Exmor technology which maximises the
potential of the camcorder’s imaging system. This includes the same column-parallel A/D conversion and
dual noise-cancelling method used in Sony’s top-ofthe-line camera models. Multiple A/D (analogue to digital) converters on each pixel row convert analogue
signals to digital as soon as they are generated, unlike traditional technology that only has one A/D converter on each chip.
Exmor technology helps eliminate the influence of external noise, which can often enter the signal chain
during transfer to the A/D converter. As a result, you
get high-quality digital signals with extremely low
By adopting this groundbreaking technology, the Exmor Sensor system enables the DSR-PD175P to
achieve a low light sensitivity of just 1.5 lux (At 1/25
shutter, auto iris and auto gain).
Progressive Scan Mode
The DSR-PD175P provides SD-quality 25p footage.
The 25p image captured by the sensor system is recorded as an interlaced signal by dividing each frame
into two fields. This enables compatibility with current
editing and monitoring equipment that only accept interlaced signals, while maintaining the quality of the
25p image.
Progressive scan mode is suitable for feature films,
documentaries and music videos, where the content is
required to have the filmic look.
Smooth Slow Rec
The Smooth Slow Rec function of the DSR-PD175P
enables smooth slow-motion playback by capturing
images 4x faster than normal (200 fields/s). In this
mode, quad-speed images are captured for six
seconds, stored in the built-in buffer memory, and
then recorded to tape (in either DVCAM or DV format)
as slow-motion pictures lasting 24 seconds.
This quad-speed image capture is the fastest speed
available on any compact handheld camcorder.
Smooth Slow Rec is ideal for sports or nature photography, where the action can be viewed more easily
in slow motion, and opens up many creative
Shot Transition Function
The Shot Transition™ function allows for smooth
automatic scene transitions. After you have programmed a shot’s START and END point settings
(e.g., for zoom, focus, iris, gain, shutter speed and
white balance) and pressed the start button, a
smooth picture transition takes place over the duration of the shot by automatically calculating the intermediate setting values.
Transition types can be selected from a choice of
LINEAR, SOFT STOP and SOFT TRANS, and transition
time can be set from 3 to 90 seconds.
DVCAM/DV Selectable Recording
The DSR-PD175P adopts the DVCAM format, which is
the worldwide standard SD format for professional
handheld camcorders.
If you require a longer recording time, the DSRPD175P is also capable of recording and playing back
DV format signals (SP mode only).
Assignable Features
The DSR-PD175P provides up to seven ASSIGN buttons for quick access to frequently used functions
suitable for variable shooting conditions. Some default
functions are pre-assigned by name.
The assignable functions are AE Shift, Back Light, Colour Bars, Digital Extender, End Search, Expanded Focus, Fader, Focus Macro, Hyper Gain, Index Mark,
Marker, Peaking, Photo, Picture Profile, Push Auto Iris,
REC Review, Ring Rotate Direction, Shot Transition,
Smooth Slow REC, Spot Light, Steady Shot, TC Reset
and Zebra.
XtraFine LCD Panel
The DSR-PD175P is equipped with a 3.2-inch-type widescreen XtraFine™ LCD panel on the front of its
handle. This has a high resolution of approximately
921,000 pixels, which allows for easier focus adjustments. It can also display virtually 100% of the recorded picture area at a colour temperature of approximately 6500K.
XtraFine EVF
The 0.45-inch-type XtraFine EVF (Electronic View
Finder) has approximately 1,227,000 pixels and three
independent LEDs for red, green and blue colours.
This technology allows users to monitor objects with
remarkable colour reproduction accuracy and high
The EVF has a choice of colour or black-and-white display modes. It also displays virtually 100% of the picture area at a colour temperature of approximately
* When the camcorder is panned quickly, or when an
object on the screen moves quickly, the R/G/B
primary colours may be seen on the object in the EVF
InfoLITHIUM L Series Battery Compatibility
The DSR-PD175P uses the same L series batteries as
the DSR-PD170P, so you can use your existing chargers and batteries
Versatile Audio Input Selection
The DSR-PD175P offers a versatile choice of audio inputs. It features a newly designed high-quality built-in
stereo microphone, as well as two XLR audio input
channels for connecting to either professional microphones or an external-line audio source. A 48V microphone power source can also be supplied.
By adjusting the INPUT ASSIGN switch located on the
side panel of the DSR-PD175P, you can easily assign
the two audio input channels to either the built-in stereo microphone or an external-line audio source, or
dedicate one channel to each and record them separately or mixed.
mode, zoom speed can be adjusted manually using
the zoom lever.
HYBRID Solution With HVR-MRC1K
The DSR-PD175P is ready for HYBRID DVCAM/DV operation, when connected to the optional HVR-MRC1K
Memory Recording Unit via an i.LINK connector. In
HYBRID operation, you can simultaneously record
video footage to both a tape and a standard CompactFlash (CF) card.
Three recording options:
• Synchronous recording
• Relay recording
• HVR-MRC1K-only recording
For user convenience, the DSR-PD175P can display status information of the HVR-MRC1K on its
LCD. This status information includes:
• Connection status
• REC status
• Remaining CF recording time
The recording time on a 16-GB CF card* in
DVCAM and DV format is approximately 72
* At least 133x speed and 2-GB capacity is
One-touch Clip-type Microphone Holder
A one-touch clip-type microphone holder makes it
easy to attach and remove the microphone for quick
Digital Still Camera Function With Memory Stick
The Memory Photo function allows the camera to be
switched to progressive scan mode for capturing still
images. Files can be recorded on Memory Stick Duo™
media in a choice of two sizes: 1080x810 pixels (4:3)
or 1440x810 pixels (16:9).
When assigned to one channel, the built-in stereo microphone acts as a wide-directional monaural
On-handle Zoom Lever and Rec. Start/Stop Button
In order to facilitate zoom control and recording operation during low-angle shooting, an additional zoom
lever and a rec. start/stop button have been added to
the carrying handle. The rec. start/stop button has a
hold function to prevent accidental operation.
The three-position slide switch located on the side of
the handle lets users select the zoom control type
from FIX, VAR and OFF. In FIX mode, zoom speed is
determined by the speed setting selected in the
menu, where eight speeds are available. In VAR
Class-leading picture quality
Sony’s ’G’ Lens features unique optical technology,
precisely optimised to complement the camcorder’s
advanced image-processing technology to deliver exceptional performance and expand your shooting possibilities. Set yourself apart from the competition with
this exceptional camcorder.
Enhanced Creativity
The DSR-PD175P sets new standards for Standard
Definition handheld camcorders with advanced
creative features including a 25p Progressive Scan
mode, Smooth Slow Recording and up to six independent Picture Profiles for a variety of different
camera set-ups.
Proven Workflow
DVCAM is the world’s leading professional standard
definition format - widely supported, easy to work
with and highly reliable. You don’t need the latest
generation software, computer or large amounts of
storage to work quickly and efficiently with the DSRPD175P.
Ideal Design for Handheld Operation
ergonomically designed body-weight balance and a
carefully planned button layout that reduces operator
fatigue. Improved protection for audio settings and
independent rings for zoom, focus and iris demonstrate this attention to detail.
DVCAM media is widely available and ideal not just for
acquisition but low cost archival purposes as well.
Sony DVCAM hardware also retains compatibility with
ubiquitous consumer DV media. In addition, despite a
wide range of advanced features, the DSR-PD175P
has been designed for the same entry-level price
range as its predecessor model - the DSR-PD170P.
Sony has responded to customer feedback to create
the ideal handheld camcorder chassis with an
Technical Specifications
Dimension (W x H x D)
Power requirements
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Battery operating time
Recording format
Recording frame rate
Recording/Playback time
2.2 kg (4 lb 14 oz) (with
Lens hood, Lens cover,large
2.7 kg (5 lb 15 oz) (with
Lens hood, Lens cover,large
eyecup, NP-F970 battery)
169 x 188 x 401 mm (6 3/4
x 7 1/2 x 15 3/4 inch)
(including protrusions w/o
gripbelt, w/ hood, w/ large
DC 8.4 V (Battery) / DC 7.2
V (AC adapter)
Approx. 6.0 W (LCD OFF and
LCD viewfinder ON)
0 to +40 °C (+32 to +104
-20 to +60 °C (-4 to +140
Approx. 475 min. (LCD OFF
and LCD viewfinder ON) with
NP-F970 battery
Audio: Linear PCM (2ch,
16-bit, 48-kHz / 2ch, 12-bit,
DVCAM/DV: 576/50i
DV (SP): Approx. 63 min.
with PHDVM-63DM DigitalMaster tape
DVCAM: Approx. 41min.
with PHDVM-63DM DigitalMaster tape
Focal length
Camera Section
Imaging device
Effective picture elements Approx.
Built-in optical filters
Minimum illumination
Shutter speed
Slow Shutter (SLS)
Slow & Quick Motion function
White balance
Sony G Lens, 20x (optical),
1.5x Digital Extender
f = 4.1 to 82.0 mm
(equivalent to f = 29.5 to
590 mm at 16:9 mode
f = 36.1 to 722 mm at 4:3
mode on 35 mm lens)
F1.6 to F3.4
3-chip 1/3-inch type Exmor
CMOS with ClearVid pixel
1,037,000 pixels with
ClearVid array
Clear, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64
1.5 lx (auto gain, auto iris,
1/25 shutter)
Auto, Manual 50i/25p: 1/3 1/10000 sec.
1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/25 sec.
200 fields/s (fixed) as improved Smooth Slow Rec
Auto, one-push auto (A/B
positions), indoor (3200 K),
outdoor (5800K)
AGC, -6, -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12,
15, 18, 21 dB
DC input
Audio input
Zoom ratio
Image stabilizer
Filter diameter
AF/MF selectable, 800 mm
to infinity (MACRO OFF), 10
mm to infinity (MACRO ON,
Wide), 800 mm to infinity
(MACRO ON, Tele)
ON/OFF selectable, shift lens
72 mm
Composite output
S-Video output
Audio output
Power code (DK-215)
LANC (Stereo mini-mini jack
(ø2.5 mm) (x 1))
XLR 3-pin (female) (x 2),
line/mic/mic +48 V
RCA Type (x 1) via A/V multi
Mini-Din 4-pin (x 1) via A/V
multi connector (optional
VMC-15FS is required.)
RCA type (CH-1,CH-2) via
A/V multi connector
IEEE1394, 4-pin (x 1), DV
stream input/output, S400
Stereo mini jack (ø3.5 mm)
(x 1)
Headphone output
Built-in LCD monitor
0.45 inch-type approx.
1,226,880 dots (852 x
3[RGB] x 480), 16:9 aspect
3.2 inch-type, XtraFine LCD,
approx. 921,600 dots, hybrid type, 16:9 aspect ratio
Built-in Microphone
Media Type
Stereo microphone
miniDV tape (x 1)
Supplied Accessories
Supplied Accessories
AC-L100 AC adaptor (x
A/V Composite Connecting Cable (x 1)
Lens hood with Lens
cover (x 1)
Large size eye-cup (x 1)
RMT-831 wireless remote commander (x 1)
Lithium battery
(CR2025) (x 1)
Operating instructions
(CD-ROM) (x 1)
Printed operating
Batteries and Power Supplies
2N P - F 970/ B
Info-Lithium Battery Twin Pack
LED Battery Video Light
LC S- B P 1B P
L C S - G 1 BP
Soft Backpack Style Carrying Case
Soft Carry Case
Support Plans
P r im eSu ppo r t P lu s B C 1
1-Year Additional Cover for Broadcast and
Pro A/V Products
Remote Controls
R M - 1000B P
RM- 1 BP
Remote Commander
LANC Remote Commander
SH - L32W B P
LCD Hood
Lenses and Lens Adaptors
VC L- H G 0872K
Wide Conversion Lens
Tripods and Supports
VC T- 1B P
V C T - S P 1 BP
Bracket For Camera Rear Mount
Extendable Monopod Camcorder Support
VC T- P G 11R M B
V C T - S P 2 BP
Multi-function Camcorder Shoulder Support
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