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Input Technologies
for Exceptional Comfort and Productivity
Building on over 20 years experience and industry-leading input technology,
Kensington has developed an extensive line of trackballs, mice and keyboards that
accommodate virtually any work style or workspace with an unrivaled level of
flexibility, freedom and ergonomic comfort.
Product Name
QuickRF™ Wireless Technology
Expert Mouse® Wireless
Provides users ‘unleashed’
performance within an operating
range of six feet from the receiver.
Higher report rates, sending data
from the device to the computer,
provide faster and smoother
operation. And extended battery
life ensures higher reliability.
Expert Mouse
Orbit® Optical
PocketMouse™ Mini
Refined Shapes and Grips
Kensington’s PilotMouse® line
features refined shapes that fit the
contours of the hand, and flexible
rubber grips for added comfort and
maximum control of
programmable buttons.
PocketMouse Pro Wireless
PocketMouse Mini
PocketMouse Bluetooth
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
For secure, interference-free
performance with Bluetooth®
enabled computers and up to seven
other Bluetooth devices, all within a
wireless range of up to 30 feet for
maximum freedom.
PilotMouse Wireless
PilotMouse Optical
PilotMouse Optical Pro
Scroll Ring®
Encircling the ball so that it remains
within fingertip range, the
innovative Scroll Ring™ moves at the
touch of a finger to scroll smoothly
in any document or Web page.
Trackball users have fluid, effortless
and precise fingertip scrolling and
the hand never has to leave the ball.
Comfort Type™ USB/PS2
Comfort Multimedia
Comfort Type Wireless
Optical Desktop
Keyboard for Life
Spill-Safe Feature
Sealed membrane design that lets
liquids run through without
damaging keyboard electronics.
Extends the life of the keyboard.
Multimedia Hot Keys
Intuitive multimedia hot keys
provide quick, one-button control of
popular audio/video and Internet
functions. Can be pre-set or
customizable by users to save time
and increase productivity.
DiamondEye™ Optical
MouseWorks® Software
This award-winning software saves
time and movement, allowing
programmable buttons and scroll
wheels to reduce complex, repetitive
tasks to a single click. Users can
customize the buttons to perform
hundreds of different functions at
the touch of a finger, while the hand
rests comfortably on the mouse or
The most accurate and precise
optical cursor control technology on
the market, adding proprietary
firmware to industry-leading optical
frame rates and resolution.
DiamondEye technology anticipates
every move and optimizes the cursor
speed for the task at hand, matching
pinpoint accuracy to even the fastest
movements. Provides trackball and
mouse users unmatched
smoothness and precision.
Mobile Mice
Comfort Type Design
Features angled keys that help to
guide wrists into a more relaxed
position for hours of comfortable
computing. Standard keyboard
layout eliminates the need to
relearn a new layout.
Optical Mice
Low Profile Designs
Style and convenience are
combined in smaller, sleeker, low
profile keyboards, designed to
complement the look of today’s
computer systems and save
valuable workspace.
Input Solutions
Optical Mice
Mobile Mice
The following is just a sampling of Kensington’s
extensive line of trackballs, mice and keyboards.
Product Name
Key Features/Benefits
Model #
Designed to help users
get more done with
less effort, more
• Optical technology
• Scroll buttons
• Wireless technology
• Pinpoint accuracy
Expert Mouse® Wireless
• RF & DiamondEye™ Optical Technology
• Award-winning Scroll Ring™
• Exceptional comfort/ultimate productivity
• Award-winning Scroll Ring™
• Mouse comfort with trackball control
• Less arm movement & desk space needed
Desktop productivity
in a convenient,
portable package
• Optical technology
• Wireless technology
• Retractable cords
• USB compatibility
PocketMouse™ Mini
Wireless 72214
• On/off switch extends battery life
• Ultra mobile, easy to use on the road
PocketMouse Optical
Wireless Pro 72117
• Reciever stores inside the mouse
• Wireless RF & power-saving technology
Expert Mouse®
Orbit® Optical
PocketMouse Optical Mini •Ultra-compact with retractable cord
• DiamondEye Optical Technology
Pocket Mouse Bluetooth
Optical 72104
• Works seamlessly up to 7 Bluetooth devices
• 30 feet wireless range
PocketMouse Optical
• Compact design plus travel bag
• DiamondEye Optical Technology
Comfortable shapes
and precision tracking
provide smoother
• Optical technology
• Scroll buttons
• Wireless Technology
• Rubber grips
PilotMouse Optical
Wireless 72216
• Unique shape provides control & comfort
• DiamondEye & QuickRF 6 ft wireless range
PilotMouse Optical
• Comfortable for both left- & right-hand
• Flexible rubber grips for superior control
• Customizable buttons & DiamondEye
• Flexible rubber grips for superior control
Innovative features
help users save time
and enhance
• Angled key layouts
• Multimedia hot
• Wireless technology
• Spill-safe design
• Slim profile
Keyboard in a Box®—PC
• 104-key with plug & play connectivity
• Backed by Kensington's 5-years warranty
Comfort Type™ USB/PS2
Keyboard 64338B
• Angled keys for comfortable typing
• Light touch
Comfort Type Multimedia
Keyboard 64333
• Angled keys for comfortable typing
• Hot keys manage multimedia tasks
Comfort Type Wireless
Optical Desktop 64355
• Multimedia keyboard & rechargable mouse
• Angled keys for comfortable typing
Keyboard for Life
• Spill-resistent keyboard, Lifetime Warranty
• Metal back plate provides added strength
PilotMouse Optical Pro
For more information about the complete line of Kensington input solutions, please contact
your Kensington sales representative, call 1-800-235-6708, or visit us at
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San Mateo, California 94403-1289
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