High-Speed Two-Color
Multifunction Printer
Multifunction Printer
There is only one printer that combines fast,
reliable printing with innovative, time-saving
features for retail and banking—Epson’s
TM-H6000III multifunction printer.
The TM-H6000III offers high-speed receipt and slip
printing, validation, advanced check processing and
a MICR accuracy of 99.9%, all in a compact design.
• Two-color receipt capability
• Fast 63 lps thermal monochrome receipt printing
• Exclusive QuickPass™ high-speed check processing
• 99.9% MICR accuracy for ECC
• Easy drop-in validation
• High-resolution graphics printing with no
processing delay
• Superior slip handling with built-in forms stopper
• Drop-in paper loading
•Compact, durable design with the highest reliability
in its class
Quick check processing
Crisp two-color printing
The ultra-reliable, ultra-fast
TM-H6000III multifunction printer
is the ideal printer for grocery, general
merchandise and banking. With its
innovative QuickPass™ technology,
the TM-H6000III reads MICR
and prints and endorses a check in
a single pass. This shortens check
printing time up to 50% over “check
flipping” options, which means faster
transaction and throughput times.
Epson’s exclusive two-color
technology prints crisp logos, coupons
and graphics. And with 384 KB of
non-volatile memory for the storage
of graphics, there is no processing
delay when printing in color.
High speed and reliability
With thermal receipt printing up to
63 lines per second, the TM-H6000III
is the fastest multifunction POS printer
available. And with an MCBF of
72 million lines, the TM-H6000III
is rugged enough for even the most
demanding retail and banking
Industry-leading MICR reader
Implementing ECC using Epson’s
MICR reader with 99.9% accuracy
eliminates misreads and substitution
errors and lowers returned check costs.
Fast and easy validation
The TM-H6000III features drop-in
validation which allows clerks and
tellers to rapidly validate a variety of
forms including checks, deposit slips
and batch tickets.
Simple to maintain
Epson’s ASB (Automatic Status Back)
function keeps operators informed
of printer status and the built-in
maintenance counter tells you when
to schedule routine maintenance.
Future-proof flexibility
By utilizing our unique Connect-It™
interface modules, the TM-H6000III
is compatible with IBM legacy and
component-based systems, so it won’t
become obsolete when you update
your POS systems.
High-Speed Two-Color
Multifunction Printer
TM-H6000III Multifunction Printer
TM-H6000III Specifications
Endorsement Printer1
8-pin shuttle impact dot matrix
Thermal line printing
9-pin serial impact dot matrix
Print font
9 x 17 / 12 x 24
5 x 9 / 7 x 9
Column capacity 56 / 42 columns
60 / 45 columns
40 columns
1.56 x 3.1mm (W x H){0.061 x 0.122"}
1.24 x 3.1mm (W x H){0.049 x 0.122"}
1.1 x 2.42mm (W x H)
{0.043 x 0.099"}
Character size 0.99 x 2.4mm (W x H){0.039 x 0.095"}
1.41 x 3.39mm (W x H){0.056 x 0.134"}
Character set
95 Alphanumeric, 37 International, 128 x 8 Graphic, Japanese or Taiwanese Kanji (factory option)
Print speed
(63 lps, 3.18mm {1/8"} conversion)
Two-color mode: 78mm/sec
(24.5 lps, 3.18mm {1/8"} conversion)
Approx. 5.7 lps
(40 columns, 17.8 cpi)
Data buffer
Paper dimensions
Approx. 1.9 lps
45 bytes or 4 KB (up to 384 KB for graphic files)
RS-232C / Bi-directional parallel / RS-485 / USB / IBM® P7 / Connect-It*
79.5 ± 0.5 x diameter 83.0mm
{3.13 ± 0.02 x diameter 3.27"}
70 to 148 x 150 to 210mm (W x L)
{2.76 to 5.82 x 5.91 to 8.27"}
Paper thickness
0.06 to 0.09mm {0.0024 to 0.0035"}
0.09 to 0.31mm {0.0035 to 0.012"}
Copy capacity
One original and three copies
Inked ribbon
ERC-32B (Black)
ERC-41B (Black)
Ribbon life
4,000,000 characters
800,000 characters
Supply voltage
24 VDC ± 10%
Current consumption
Approx. 1.8 A (mean)
D.K.D. function
Overall dimensions 2 drivers
360,000 hours
72,000,000 lines
180,000 hours
29,000,000 lines
186 x 298 x 185mm (W x D x H) {7.3 x 11.7 x 7.3"}
Approx. 5.3 kg (11.7 lbs)
Factory options
MICR device, endorsement printer, validation
Environmental standards
Control Board
EMI standards
Safety standards
WEEE, RoHS compliant
VCCI class A, FCC class A, CE marking, AS/NZS 3548 Class B
UL, CSA, TÜV (EN60950)
Inch values are approximate.
cpi: characters per 25.4mm (characters per inch)
lps: lines per second
*To find out more about our line of Connect-It interfaces, talk to your Epson Sales Representative.
1 Endorsement
printer not available on validation-enabled versions.
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0.09 to 0.2mm {0.0035 to 0.0079"}
One original single-ply