Epson TM-H6000III (023): Serial, w/o PS, ECW, MICR, E/P

Ultra-fast colour thermal receipt and cheque printer
Our TM-H6000III is not easy to describe in a single word.
But ‘ultimate’ springs to mind. To help you offer the best
customer experience, we have combined ultra-fast receipt
printing with single-pass cheque printing and validation,
to deliver the most advanced PoS printer in the world.
Exceptionally easy-to-maintain and
immensely flexible, the TM-H6000III is
capable of enhancing your point of sale
in ways you never thought possible. Its
staggering speed, for example, will take
your receipts into a new dimension,
while its revolutionary single-pass
cheque printing mechanism enables
you to handle cheques faster and easier
than ever before.
High-performance, incredible speed
We understand that your customers
don’t like to be kept waiting. Receipt
printing at an ultra-fast 63 lps, the
TM-H6000III provides highly
customised colour receipts in an
instant. With advanced graphic and
barcode capability, you can print, for
example, high-quality logos and
promotional messages which turn
your receipts into a powerful, “live”
medium for communicating with
customers and enhancing your brand.
The TM-H6000III has a large user
memory too, so if you use a particular
graphic regularly, it’s even faster.
Unique cheque-printing mechanism
For fast and simple cheque handling
we have equipped the TM-H6000III to
include a unique cheque-printing
mechanism. Not only does it double
processing speed, compared with
conventional mechanisms, but it also
virtually eliminates paper jams. This is
because it has two print-heads – not
one, as with traditional mechanisms –
to print on both sides of the cheque
within a single pass. In as little as 12
seconds, cheques can be printed and
endorsed. And because there’s no
need to flip the cheque, it’s virtually
error-free – it can even accept folded
or crumpled cheques.
Space-saving and reliable
Compact and elegant, we have not only
designed the TM-H6000III to make the
most of your available counter space,
but it’s also been built to last. Robust yet
elegant, its metal chassis protects
against mechanical wear and tear so you
can be assured of continuous service
and its low energy consumption adds to
the H6000III’s reliability. And we have
added unique maintenance counters
which automatically record usage in
terms of power-on hours, number of
characters printed and number of paper
cuts to enable you to put in place
preventative maintenance programmes.
Flexible and user-friendly
Fully Euro-ready, we have included a
number of features to make the
TM-H6000III simple to use with
functionality such as drop-in paper load,
flexible paper width options, selectable
auto-cutter and easy-access operator
covers. It’s truly open too, with support
for OPoS and JPoS, and offers a wide
range of interface options including
wireless, serial, parallel, USB, ethernet
and Power Plus USB.
Graphics / logo
Euro ready
Special offers
Customised receipt with advanced graphics
Thermal roll paper
Front of
Back of cheque printer
Three print-head design
• Instant delivery of customised receipts
• Fast, jam-free cheque printing
and authorisation
• Multi-part slip printing
• Drop-in paper load
• OPoS support
Easy drop-in paper load
Print method
Print font
Column capacity
Character size
Character set
Print speed
Paper dimensions
Paper thickness
Current consumption
Thermal line printing
9 x 17 / 12 x 24
56/42 columns
0.99mm (w) x 2.4mm (h) / 1.41mm (w) x 3.39mm (h)
95 Alphanumeric
37 International
128 x 8 Graphic
63 lps (200mm / sec)
Thermal roll paper 79.5 ± 0.5 dia 83.0mm
0.06 to 0.09mm
Approx 1.8A (mean)
MTBF 36 x 104 hours
MCBF 72 x 106 lines
185 mm
298 mm
Print method
Print font
Column capacity
Character size
Character set
Print speed
Paper dimensions
Paper thickness
Current consumption
Copy capability
Inked ribbon
Ribbon life
9-pin serial impact dot matrix
45 / 60 columns
1.24mm (w) x 3.1mm (h) / 1.56(w) x 3.1mm (h)
95 Alphanumeric
37 International
128 x 8 Graphic
5.14 lps (approx)
70mm (w) x 150mm (l) to 148mm (w) x 210mm (l)
0.09 to 0.31mm
1.8 A (mean)
MTBF 18 x 104 hours
MCBF 18 x 106 lines
One original and three copies
ERC-32 (purple)
6 x 106 characters (purple)
Endorsement printer
Print method
Print font
Column capacity
Character size
Character set
Print speed
Paper dimensions
Paper thickness
Current consumption
Copy capability
Inked ribbon
Ribbon life
8-pin shuttle impact dot matrix
40 columns
1.1mm (w) x 2.52mm (h)
95 Alphanumeric
37 International
1.9 lps (approx)
70mm (w) x 150mm (l) to 148mm (w) x 210mm (l)
0.09 to 0.2 mm
1.8 A (mean)
One original single-ply
ERC-41 (purple)
1 x 106 characters (purple)
D.K.D. function
Overall dimensions
EMI standards
Safety standards
Data buffer
Power supply
2 drivers
186mm (w) x 298mm (d) x 185mm (h)
Approx 5.8 kg
VCC1 class A, FCC class A, CE marking
4K bytes / 45 bytes
16mb RAM
RS-232C / IEEE 1284 parallel /
RS-485 / USB / Ethernet
Power Plus USB / IEEE 802.11b
24 VDC ± 10%
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