Energizer RCL1NM2WR flashlight

Rechargeable LED Light
• Bright white LED
provides 8 lumens of
• Turns on when the
power goes out
• Lasts 2 hours and 45
minutes in high mode
between charges
2 45
When the power goes out, the Energizer®
Weatheready™ Rechargeable LED Light
comes on automatically, making it easy to
find when needed the most. The bright
white LED never needs replacing and the
high capacity Energizer® Recharge™ NiMH
battery lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes
between charges in high mode. In
addition, available high and low beam
settings allow you to conserve battery
power if necessary.
126 mm
• Lifetime LED never
needs replacing
• Energizer® Recharge™
NiMH battery recharges
hundreds of times
• Easy slide switch selects
high or low mode
• Prongs fold in for a
comfortable grip
Form No. EBC 9360A
47 mm
Tested according to ANSI/NEMA FL 1 Standards.
Before Using Your Flashlight:
Please read all instructions and cautionary
markings on the package and light
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