The New Key to Smart Access Controls
Nuki turns a smartphone into a smart key in only a few
minutes. The Smart Lock is mounted on the inside of the
existing door lock and helps to optimize your own business
operations as well as those of your customers.
Nuki is the first Bluetooth Smart Lock for Europe with
permanent Internet access. By using Bluetooth, Nuki opens
the entrance door automatically as soon as an authorized
person approaches and closes the door at the push of a
button, when you leave the building. The Smart Lock is a
retrofit solution that is designed to be easily installed without
modifying the existing door lock. The physical key can still
be used to lock and unlock the door from the outside after
Nuki has been mounted. When the Nuki Bridge is installed
additionally, Nuki connects with the Internet. Thus, the Smart
Lock offers full remote control of the door lock via the Nuki
app on your smartphone from anywhere and anytime.
The Smart Lock serves as a new key for your customers
and integrates smoothly in existing business processes. You
can share up to 100 mobile access permissions per Smart
Lock that can also be limited by time and if required can
be withdrawn at any time. All permissions can be managed
centrally via the Nuki web interface or by using the app on
the smartphone. Nuki transforms buildings into smart homes
in no time, simplifies access and control in the field of elderly
care and supports the collective use of shared spaces.
Nuki Home Solutions GmbH
Martin Pansy, [email protected]
+43 316 22 84 09
Münzgrabenstraße 92/4, 8010 Graz, Austria
Your Benefits with Nuki
Your Smartphone is Key
Modern access solution, replaces the physical key
with an app on the smartphone (iOS & Android)
Auto Unlock
Door will open automatically as soon as an authorized
person approaches
Access Permissions
Easy sharing of mobile access codes that can be
limited by time or withdrawn completely
Central Management
Full control and simple management of all connected
Smart Locks via the Nuki web interface
Activity Log
Complete documentation and full control over all
locking operations
Smartwatch Integration
Compatible with the Apple Watch or an Android
Open API
Easy integration in various use cases by using Nuki’s
Bluetooth, web and app APIs
Hardware Specs
Weight & Product Dimensions
Suitable Environment
• Euro Profile Cylinder with
emergency function (key turns on
the inside when door lock is turned
manually on the outside)
• Compatible door handles:
Knob (outside), handle, bar (outside)
• Bluetooth-range:
≤10m, depending on your facility
• For remote access:
Nuki Bridge is installed in ≤5m
distance to the Smart Lock
• Operating temperature 10-40°C
• Maximum humidity 95% noncondensing
• German
• English
• Nuki app on smartphone: iOS 9.2 or
higher, Android 4.4 or higher
• Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
• For remote access: Wi-Fi connection
with Internet access
• Maximum of 100 permissions
per Smart Lock
• Invitations are shared by sending
an once only code
Mass: 460g
Height: 110mm
Length: 60mm
Width: 60mm
Functionality of fire-protection
doors are not affected due to
thermo protection (motor will be
deactivated >80°C)
• At 720° turn: 5.8 seconds
• At 360° turn: 4.0 seconds
Power Supply
4 exchangeable AA-batteries
Battery service life ≥6 months
for 8 locking cycles per day
Software Specs
• Low battery
• Leaving without locking the door
(only when Bridge is installed)
• Errors
Smart Locks per App
• Infinite
• End-to-End-Encryption with
Challenge-Response (equal to
Operating Options
Button on the Smart Lock
Nuki door knob to turn the lock by hand
Nuki app on smartphone: Controlled by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when Nuki Bridge is installed
Nuki Fob: A Bluetooth key fob that is the ideal companion for children and seniors
The physical key can still be used to lock and unlock the door from outside
Home door
Nuki Home Solutions GmbH
Martin Pansy, [email protected]
+43 316 22 84 09
Münzgrabenstraße 92/4, 8010 Graz, Austria
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