LightPulse LP101 and LPe111
Generations Ahead
Turn-key installation,
simplified management,
low-cost HBAs for SMB users
Simple installation and management with
optimized performance make the Emulex
LightPulse LP101 and LPe111 Host Bus Adapters
(HBAs) the ideal solution for small and mediumsized businesses (SMBs). The 2Gb/s PCI-X
LP101 and 4Gb/s PCI Express LPe111 have
a wizard-directed installation and intuitive
management tool designed for SMB users
without Storage Area Network (SAN) expertise.
Designed for first-time SAN users
The LP101 and LPe111 include SMB AutoPilot
Installer®, a wizard that steps through the
complete HBA installation for Windows with
just a few mouse clicks.  In addition, Emulex
AutoPilot Manager™ provides a simple
Windows and Linux management tool for the
LP101 and LPe111 that is tailored specifically
for SMB users. Users can easily monitor and
perform any necessary maintenance, including
updating firmware.
PCI-X and PCI Express
SMB Fibre Channel HBAs
Key benefits
Low-cost HBAs optimized for today’s SMB
SAN environments
First-time users can install an HBA in
a matter of minutes without any SAN
SAN performance and scalability without
any complexity
Robust interoperability ensured by testing
with best-in-class switches and arrays
from select storage partners
Key features
2Gb/s (LP101) and 4Gb/s (LPe111) Fibre
Channel link with auto speed negotiation
PCI-X (LP101) and PCI Express (LPe111)
SMB AutoPilot Installer simplifies the HBA
installation process to a few mouse clicks
AutoPilot Manager provides a single
management console for all installed SMB
Common driver model eases management
and enables upgrades independent of
Microsoft Simple SAN components
LightPulse LP101 and LPe111
PCI-X and PCI Express
SMB Fibre Channel HBAs
(Specifications apply to both the LP101 and LPe111
unless otherwise noted.)
Power & Environmental Requirements
Ordering Information
ANSI Fibre Channel
- FC-PH-3, FC-PI-2, FC-FS, FC-AL-2, FC-GS-4,
• Fibre Channel class 2 and 3
• PHP hot plug - hot swap
• LP101: PCI-X 1.0a and PCI 2.3
• LPe111: PCI Express base spec 1.0a
• PCI Express card electromechanical spec 1.0a
- LP101: +3.3 and +5V
- LPe111: +3.3
• Operating temperature
- LP101: 5° to 45°C (41° to 113°F)
- LPe111: 0° to 55°C (32° to 131°F)
• Airflow required
- LP101: 100 lf/m
- LPe111: Natural Convection
• Storage temperature: -40° to 70°C
(-40° to 158°F)
• Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Up to 16 total port logins available
• LP101: 2Gb/s or 1Gb/s FC Link speeds
automatically detected
• LPe111: 4Gb/s, 2Gb/s or 1Gb/s FC Link speeds
automatically detected
Comprehensive OS Support
Windows, Linux
Hardware Environments
x86 and x64 processor families
• Data rates
- LP101: 1.0625 and 2.125Gb/s auto-detected
- LPe111: 1.0625, 2.125 and 4.25Gb/s
• Optics
- Short wave lasers with LC type connector
• Cable
- 50/125µm, up to 300 meters at 2Gb/s;
150 meters at 4Gb/s
- 62.5/125µm, up to 150 meters at 2Gb/s;
70 meters at 4Gb/s
Physical Dimensions
Short, low-profile MD2 form factor card
167.64mm x 64.42mm (6.60" x 2.54")
• Standard bracket (low profile available)
Agency Approvals
Class 1 Laser Product per DHHS 21CFR (J)
and EN60825
• UL recognized to UL 60950-1
• CUR recognized to CSA22.2, No. 60950-1-03
• TUV certified to EN60950
• LP101
- FCC rules, Part 15, Class A
- ICES–003, Class A
- EMC Directive 2004/108/EEC (CE Mark)
· EN55022, Class A
· EN55024
- Australian EMC Framework (C–Tick Mark)
· AS/NZS CISPR22, Class A
- VCCI, Class A
- MIC (Korea), Class A
- BSMI (Taiwan), Class A
• LPe111
- FCC rules, Part 15, Class B
- ICES-003, Class B
- EMC Directive 2004/108/EEC (CE Mark)
· EN55022, Class B
· EN55024
- Australian EMC Framework (C–Tick Mark)
· AS/NZS CISPR22, Class B
- VCCI, Class B
- MIC (Korea), Class B
- BSMI (Taiwan), Class B
Available from select storage partners
Software Features
The Emulex feature-rich AutoPilot software
suite speeds and simplifies device
management, while reducing administration
costs and protecting your IT investment.
• For administrators of smaller Storage Area
Networks (SANs), Emulex AutoPilot Installer
and AutoPilot Manager simplify the installation
and management of HBAs for small and medium
businesses and departmental SANs. Packaged
with the Emulex LightPulse SMB HBAs and
delivered by our OEM partners, Emulex
AutoPilot Installer enables HBA installation
with just a few mouse clicks, while AutoPilot
Manager provides an easy-to-use interface
for HBA management and maintenance. When
combined with right-sized switches and arrays
from our storage partners, the performance
and reliability of SANs can be realized with a
minimum of complexity.
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