Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus

with MotionSense ™
Desktop Mouse
with Patented Gyroscopic MotionSense™ Technology
• Perfect desktop companion for computer users
• Operates on the desk or in the air
• In-air cursor control using natural hand motions
• Ergonomic ambidextrous design
• Wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz RF USB receiver
• Programmable buttons for customizable commands
• Up to 100’ (30m) range with no line of sight restrictions
with MotionSense ™
Model GYM1100NA
With Gyration’s intelligent Air Mouse GO Plus featuring MotionSense, the world just got
easier to navigate. No strings, no wires, no tricks, no gimmicks – just better technology
that allows you a more comfortable and versatile mouse to operate in the air or on the
desk. Take control of your presentations, entertainment, and Internet browsing with
natural hand movements. You’ll wonder how you ever did it any other way.
Experience the patented MotionSense technology inside the Air Mouse GO Plus that
delivers precise in-air cursor control and convenience. Ideal for any desktop computer
user, the Air Mouse GO Plus features an ergonomic ambidextrous design that is
comfortable to use.
Use natural and comfortable wrist movements to take in-air control of your computer.
Trigger activated MotionSense technology translates your hand movements into on
screen cursor motion for in-air operation.
Unleash yourself from strain-inducing surfaces. Interference free 2.4 GHz RF technology
allows you to take mouse control from up to 100 feet (30m) away with no line of sight
MotionSense™ In-Air Control
Perfect for delivering presentations, playing media,
and browsing the Internet in the air from anywhere
Initiate application commands with Gyration GyroTools software. Initiate features using
simple hand gestures, allowing you to skip tracks or control volume in media applications, highlight important points in presentations, and much more. The Gyration
GyroTools software for Windows features a wide range of dynamic tools including
freehand drawing, highlighter, special effects, dynamic zoom, multimedia player
controls, Internet hotkeys, Windows shortcuts, and PowerPoint and presentation tools.
Configurable hand gestures and three programmable buttons make all these features
available with a press of your finger or a flick of your wrist.
The Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus is simple to use and easy to install. Just plug in the
USB receiver into an available USB port, press the connect button on the USB receiver
and Air Mouse GO Plus, and your computer will automatically detect and configure the
Air Mouse GO Plus – there are no drivers to manually install. Place the Air Mouse GO
Plus on your desktop for use as a traditional mouse. Pick up the Air Mouse, press the
activation trigger, and enjoy amazing in-air cursor control from in front of your
computer or up to 100’ feet away.
Ergonomic Ambidextrous Design
Ideal for any desktop computer users at
home, in the office, or on the road
Gyration GyroTools
Gyration GyroTools allows users to do far
more than just give presentations. You can
highlight text, point out items, zoom in and
out and much more, just using gestures.
• Windows Media Center and Vista™ users
• Home entertainment and computer users
• Corporate business users
• Corporate presenters
Compact Keyboard suite version
• 88-key Compact keyboard with cover
• 15 hot keys for Internet, e-mail and
media access
• 4 AAA batteries
Full Sized Keyboard suite version
• 104-key Full Sized keyboard with
wrist rest
• 15 hot keys for Internet, e-mail
and media access
• 4 AA batteries
System Requirements
• Windows® XP or Windows Vista™
• Available USB port
• CD-ROM drive for installing software
• Internet connection for web updates
Gyration GyroTools Software
• Professional lecturers
• Trainers and instructors
• Teachers and professors
• High school and college students
Note: Other systems supporting USB 1.1 or higher may be
supported. Limited functionality with MAC OS X 10 or later
and Linux with operating system USB driver installed.
Package Contents
• Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus
with MotionSense™ and Optical
• 2.4 GHz USB Receiver
• GyroTools Software CD
• User Guide
• Warranty Card
Initiate popular application commands through
assignable in-air hand motions and gestures
North America
+ 33.438.02.37.21
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their respective owners. US Patent Numbers: 5,440,326 / 5,898,421 / 5,825,350.
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