For 2 or more players
(See variation for 1st and 2nd grades at the bottom of page)
Players take turns rolling two dice.
A turn consists of rolling the dice, adding the two dice together, and deciding whether to
risk the total number of points earned on that roll.
If a player rolls anything except a 1, she can choose to stop rolling and take the total
of the two dice as a score. Write the score on the score sheet.
If a player decides to risk the points earned from the first roll, she may roll again.
1. If the player rolls a 1, then she will lose the points accumulated in that turn, and
her turn is over.
2. If the player rolls two ones, then that player loses all the points accumulated in the
game thus far and returns to a score of zero.
3. If the player rolls anything except a 1, then add the two dice together and add it to
the first roll.
4. The player may choose to keep rolling or end her turn and write the total score on
the score sheet for that round.
A player may continue to risk her score and roll as many times as she would like, adding the
total number of points accumulated after each roll, as long as, she does not roll any ones.
The first player to 100 wins the game!
-Start with 100 and subtract the number of points rolled on the dice. The first person to
get to 0 wins the game.
1st & 2nd grades – may use a number grid and two counters to keep track of score.
For each round, the 1st counter rests on the beginning number (total from last
The 2nd counter is used to add the score for that turn, starting from the total
from the last round. If a 1 is rolled, the player’s score returns to the total from
last round (back to the 1st counter). Otherwise, keep adding the score.
When the player is finished rolling, the 2nd counter will be on the final score for
that round. That counter will become the first counter for the next round.
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