Quite simply
tiptel 114
The tiptel 114 is a compact telephone for
connected behind a telephone exchange,
Keypad built into the handset
use in places where there is not normally
you can transfer calls. To end one call
Optical indication of incoming calls
space for a telephone. For example, it is
and make another, you do not have to
Activation and deactivation
ideal for use in a production department,
hang up the handset first. Simply press
of the microphone during a call
in the health care sector (e.g. hospitals)
the switch that is close to the earpiece.
Last number redial
or in the retail sector (e.g. at a super-
Thanks to the ring tone, you can, of
Fitted with an induction coil for
market checkout). It is also popular since
course, hear incoming calls but they can
the convenience of hearing aid users
it can easily be fixed to the wall .
be displayed (via the call signal) on the
Can be wall mounted
The tiptel 114 is very easy to use with
optical display on the handset. When the
a keypad built into the handset.
telephone is connected to an exchange,
By pressing the Redial key once you
the ring tone differs depending on
can redial the last number called.
whether it is an internal or external call.
During a call, it is possible to mute
The handset is also fitted with an
the microphone – very convenient, if
induction coil and, therefore, is ideal for
you want to talk to your colleagues and
persons with hearing difficulties using
do not want to be overheard by your
an audio phone.
correspondent. If the tiptel 114 is
Analogue telephone
tiptel 114
Analogue telephone
tiptel 114
One-piece keypad and handset
Mutable microphone
Last number redial
Handset fitted with an induction
coil for compatibility with hearing aids
Can be wall mounted
A dialling pause can be inserted
Differentiation between internal and external
calls if the unit is connected to an exchange
Calls can be transferred if the tiptel 114 is
connected to an exchange
Use of services
Dimensions: 60 x 200 x 60 mm
Weight: 370 g
EDV-Nr. 4980478 05/2004
Programmable ring tone volume
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Optical display of incoming calls