DoubleSight DS-23T flat panel floorstand

DS-23T Triple Monitor Tier Extension
Product Description
Triple Monitor Tier Extension, up to 20” Monitors
DoubleSight’s unique Flex Stand design allows for easy expansion as your needs change. The Dual and Triple Models are
easily expanded with the additon our Tier Extensions to add a second or third row of monitors to your existing stand. Tier
Extensions are available in Dual and Triple models and adjust for Height, Tilt, Swivel and Pivot for a truly custom view. In
addition to height, users can also move monitors forward or backward on the stand for a better ergonomic fit. DoubleSight
Flex Stands ship preassembled and feature VESA mounting brackets to guarantee compatibility with LCD monitors.
Use the DS-23T to add 3 additional monitors in a second and/or third row to these Flex Stand
Models: DS-219STB, DS-224STA, DS-319STA or DS-424STA.
Product Information
The DS-23T can be used in conjunction with the DS-22T to create Multiple Monitor Stands from 4 to 9 Monitor Mounts on a
single base. Limit is 2 Tier Extension added to a Flex Stand Basic Model, regardless of configuration.
Triple Monitor Add On for Flex Stand
Features and Specs
Key Selling
Preassembled for Hassle Free Installation
45° each Monitor independently
90° each Monitor independently
Weight Capacity
LCD Capacity
45° each Monitor independently
LCD Width
VESA Mount
Pole Height
Base Requirements
20” Overall Width per Monitor(max)
Adjustable Height, Tilt, Swivel and Pivot Functions
For 20” LCD Monitors or smaller
2.75” up/down
Package Contents
DS-219STA Dual Monitor Flex Stand
Compatible Models
DS-224STA Dual Monitor Flex Stand
DS-319STA Triple Monitor Flex Stand
DS-424STA Quad Monitor Tier Extension
DS-22T Dual Monitor Tier Extension
DS-23T - Triple Monitor Tier Flex Extension
Full Length: 38”
Max Height: 14”
Min Height: 11”
Half Length: 19”
22 lbs per Monitor (max)
(3) 20” Monitors or smaller
75mm x 75mm; 100mm x 100mm
10.5” - 13.25” adjustable heigh range
Fits DS-224STA, DS-319STA, DS-424STA
15.5 lbs.
3 year limited warranty, parts and labor
Triple Arm Flex Stand - assembled
VESA Brackets (3)
Cable wraps
Users Guide