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Reliable HD Streaming over your home Coaxial Cable
HD MediaBridge ® Coax Network Starter Kit
Connect a PC to Your Network Using Your
Home’s Existing Coaxial (Cable) Wiring
Ideal for HD video streaming and compatible with
other Ethernet-ready devices and gaming consoles
Secure data encryption with password
The D-Link® HD MediaBridge® Coax Network Starter Kit (DXN-221) is a simple solution for enabling network access by utilizing your home’s existing coaxial
(cable) wiring. The HD MediaBridge kit includes two HD MediaBridge Coax Network Adapters (DXN-220), each with an Ethernet port and a coaxial connector
to easily connect to available coaxial outlets1.
The HD MediaBridge Coax Adapter is a Coax-to-Ethernet bridge and comes with one Coax F-type connector and one Ethernet RJ-45 connector. Simply connect
one HD MediaBridge Coax Adapter to a router using the provided Ethernet cable to establish a network connection and to an available coaxial outlet in the
room to access your home’s coaxial wiring. Then add the second HD MediaBridge Coax Adapter in another room to connect a PC or other Ethernet-ready
device (such as Game Consoles, Media Players, Blu-ray Disc Players, etc.) to the network.
For rooms with multiple Ethernet-devices, simply connect a switch to the HD MediaBridge Coax Adapter to network additional devices. If your router has
Internet access, then all devices connected using the HD MediaBridge Coax Adapter can share Internet access as well. Additional HD MediaBridge Coax
Adapters can be added to bridge additional rooms.
The HD MediaBridge Coax kit is designed to deliver a faster and more reliable stream of High-Definition quality entertainment seamlessly across your home.
Easily connect gaming consoles like Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3 to the Internet through the HD MediaBridge kit to enjoy intense online gaming.
The HD MediaBridge® Coax Network Starter Kit provides data encryption with password protection to establish a secure connection to help keep your data
safe from unauthorized access.
Reliable HD Streaming over your home Coaxial Cable
Easily create a high-speed network connection
through your home’s existing coaxial (cable) wiring
with the D-Link HD MediaBridge® Coax Network
Starter Kit. The adapters enable you to connect
your PC or Ethernet-ready gaming devices such as
Xbox 360® and PlayStaition® 3 to the Internet. Plus,
the HD MediaBridge Coax kit provides a faster and
more reliable delivery of HD quality entertainment
for intense online gaming.
Easy Network Setup
This kit includes two HD MediaBridge Coax
Network adapters that can be easily setup to
create a reliable high-speed connection to the
Internet throughout multiple rooms in your home.
The adapters utilize the unused bandwidth of your
Interface Type
+ Power
+ Ethernet
+ Coax
Diplexer Frequency Range
+ 5-3000 MHz
home’s existing coaxial wiring so no professional
Network Center Frequency Range
installation is required.
+ 800-1500 MHz
HD Mediabridge Setup
Network Size
+ Up to 8 HD MediaBridge Coax Adapters
+ Coaxial F-type Connector
+ 10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 Connector
Power Requirement
+ Power Consumption < 10 Watts
+ Input Range 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Network Frequency Range
+ 800-1500 MHz
Link Conditions
+ Minimum Attenuation (>225 Mbps) 10dB minimum
+ Maximum Attenuation (>225 Mbps) 50 dB maximum
+ Maximum Attenuation (>30 Mbps) 75 dB maximum
Network Channels
Environmental Conditions
+ Ambient Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
+ Storage Temperature Range: -5°C to 65°C
+ Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 95% Non-condensing
1-Year Limited2
+ 14
Network Channel Bandwidth
+ 50 MHz
+ Windows Vista® 4 or Windows® XP SP2, or
+ Internet Explorer® v6 or Mozilla® Firefox® v2.0
+ CD-ROM Drive
+ PC with 233 MHz Processor, 64MB Memory
+ Ethernet Adapter (100 MBit/s)
For Internet Access
+ Cable or DSL Modem
+ Router
+ Subscription with an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
+ 2 HD MediaBridge Coax Network Adapters
+ 2 CAT5 Ethernet Cables
+ 2 Power Adapters
+ CD-ROM with Installation Wizard3 and
Product Documentation
+ Quick Installation Guide
The HD MediaBridge Coax Adapter is designed for Cable TV subscribers. Satellite TV subscribers can use the HD MediaBridge kit, but require a
separate coaxial wiring system.
1-Year limited warranty available only in the USA and Canada
Latest software and documentation are available at http://support.dlink.com.
Computer must adhere to Microsoft’s recommended System Requirements. Please contact Microsoft for details.
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