SupraPlus Wideband USB
for Microsoft ® Office
Communicator 2007
Wideband Telephony Headset
with Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007 Call Control.
Headsets are the key to delivering a high quality Unified Communication solution.
They can significantly improve the user experience and overall system performance
with enhanced audio and integrated call control. The SupraPlus Wideband USB
headset is optimized to deliver the best audio quality and usability for your Office
Communicator 2007 deployment in a flexible, comfortable, over-the-head design.
This headset is optimized to support Office Communicator 2007 telephony functions
directly from the headset.
• Business-critical reliability. SupraPlus Wideband delivers superior all-day,
every-day comfort and reliability.
• Based on the gold standard for corded professional headsets, the SupraPlus
Wideband updates the classic SupraPlus to the new standards of computer
• Comfortable lightweight design. The light flexible cable and comfortable headband
design, as well as the bendable noise-canceling microphone boom, work to
enhance audio quality and the user experience.
>> SupraPlus Wideband
Monaural Headset.
>> SupraPlus Wideband
Binaural Headset.
SupraPlus Wideband USB
for Microsoft ® Office
Communicator 2007
Experience full wideband audio for
Microsoft® Office Communicator 2007
SupraPlus Wideband takes advantage of the latest wideband
VoIP technologies. The extended-boom noise-canceling model
features new wideband receivers to deliver improved speech
clarity and life-like fidelity—which helps to decrease listening
errors, repeats and listener fatigue.
Adjustable T-Pad
SupraPlus® Key Features and Benefits
• The gold standard in all-day comfort and reliability.
SupraPlus expands on the classic corded professional
headset style and functionality.
SupraPlus Wideband headset
• Improved receive-side audio quality. A greater receiveside frequency response improves listening intelligibility.
• Comfortable, lightweight design. Adjustable headband,
foam ear cushions and comfort T-Pad design create a
stable, comfortable fit.
• Bendable click-stop microphone boom. Stays in position
for clearer voice transmission.
Bendable click-stop
microphone boom
Smaller, lighter, more
flexible cable.
• Small, light, flexible cable. Designed for durability.
• Quick call feature. Headband twists out of the way for
convenient quick call pick up.
• Enhanced microphone design. Wideband models feature
an extended boom for improved noise-canceling and echo
Convenient Quick Disconnect
feature lets you walk away from
your phone while still wearing your
SupraPlus Wideband headset
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