Protecting your digital assets
DataPort 4-Bay Mini SAS/SATA Subsystem
High Capacity Storage in a Small Desktop Enclosure
• High-Performance Storage
• Digital Archiving
• Secure Backup
• SOHO JBOD Disk Farm
• RAID0 for Video Editing
• RAID5 for Business
Database Reliability
4-Bay MINI
u Small Footprint – BIG Appetite! Holds up to 4TB!
u High Performance Storage (Up to 3 Gb/s)
u Superior Cooling: 120mm Intake & 80mm Exhaust Fans
Holds (4) 3.5” HDDs
Holds up to (8) 2.5” HDDs
Each DP 25 can House (1) SAS
or (2) SATA HDDs
Use Any Capacity SAS or SATA Hard Drives*
Tons of Storage in the Space of a Toaster!
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
High-Speed, Point-to-Point, Full Duplex
Simplified External Host Connection
1-meter Multilane 4x SAS/SATA Shielded Bundled Cable (One cable supports four drives!)
SAS Dual-Port Functionality
Build High-Availability/ Ultra Reliable Systems
Serial ATA (SATA) 3Gb/s
High-Speed (3Gb/s) SATA Performance,
NCQ, Expanded CRC
*Hard Drives Not Included
u 1-800-260-9800
Protecting your digital assets
DataPort 4-Bay Mini SAS/SATA Subsystem
Key Advantages
• Speed: SAS and SATA both provide max transfer rates up to 3Gb/s.
• Size: Up to four Terabytes in the size of a Toaster!
DataPort 4-Bay Mini
Part Number
4 Bay Mini, (4) 3.5” SATA
3Gb/s HDD Storage
Subsystem (ML)
4 Bay Mini, (8) 2.5”
SATA 3Gb/s HDD, DP25
Storage Subsystem
4 Bay Mini, DataPort 25
Dual Port SAS Storage
4 Bay Mini, DataPort
25 SAS/SATA 3Gb/s
Storage Subsystem
4 Bay Mini, (4) 3.5”
Storage Subsystem (ML)
*See website for complete package contents
Cabling Options
• Cooling: Drives can overheat, so cooling has always been a key element in DataPort product design.
The new DataPort 4-Bay Mini enclosure features two low-noise cooling fans, a large 120mm intake
fan on the door and an 80mm exhaust fan in the rear, to help keep your hard drives and your data safe.
• Easy Host Connect Cabling Options: Connect up to four drives with a single 1 meter, Multilane 4x
SAS/SATA shielded bundled cable with thumbscrew interlocks.
Add these benefits to our industry leading warranties and customer support and we think this is one
great solution for adding lots of storage in a very small space.
• Holds up to four (4) fixed SAS/SATA 3.5” hard disk drives
• Holds up to four (4) SAS 2.5” hard disk drives or up to eight (8) 2.5” SATA hard disk drives using
DataPort 25 removable drive enclosures
• Connects to most SAS/SATA Storage adapters or RAID controller external ports via 1-meter Multilane eSATA cable(s)
• Ventilated swing-open front panel for easy drive access
• 150 watt switchable power supply
Part Number
SFF-8470 (InfiniBand) PCI
Host Kit w/4x Data & Ext.
SFF-8470 (InfiniBand) PCI
Host Kit w/4x Data
• SAS version provides dual port capability enabling shared storage and failover support
SFF-8470 (InfiniBand) to
SFF-8088 (Mini SAS)
• SAS version uses a unique over-molded cable
SFF-8470 (InfiniBand) to
SFF-8470 (InfiniBand)
• SAS provides full duplex performance, effectively providing 6.0 Gb/s total bandwith
*See website for complete package contents
Also available with hot-swap removable
hard drives, the 4-Bay Mini can be configured with four DataPort 25 removable drive
carriers, making up to eight 2.5” SATA HDDs
or four 2.5” SAS HDDs hot-swappable.
• OS independent
• SATA and SAS/SATA versions available
• Two low-noise cooling fans:
Large 120mm intake fan on the door
80mm exhaust fan in the rear
• Dimensions* - 5.4”W x 11.1”L x 7.3”H (inch), 138W x 282L x 186H (mm) * Dimensions are for reference only
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© Copyright 2009 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. All Products and specifications are subject to change without notice.
u 1-800-260-9800
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